Amazing 100 beautiful sentences

Amazing 100 beautiful sentence 1.Around the front of the leaves, listening to the rain outside the window, ford the voice sounded, the rain of your heart, whether still.2.Standing in the cold winter, filled the snow were numerous positive wrapped this cold city.Thinking gone priceless share of sincere friendship, I could not help sorrowful tears.3.You walk in the rain, you never umbrella; you have your own sky, it never rains.4.Those days, no matter what point of view you read, you are perfect, you are missing parts, have long been filled with the brush I used to imagine.Fives.Looking back, actually all day in gorgeous light barrier, in memory, once the heart of the sound has died away.6.The past is gathering dust in the memory of the dream, you are my only vivid memory of that water droplets on the leaves, is missing teardrop. 7.I believe a beautiful life, is a wordless dirge, swept over the heart of the occasion lonely, long Ran into ice, and you, is this season’s most beautiful notes.8.Wine-like thoughts, a drink drunk, with all the enthusiasm to read this sad moonlight when drunk.Thus, the month drunk, drunk the night, I have drunk.9.Who I am drunk with the moon, worry in the sunset.10.Melt into the Milky Way, it is peaceful and the moon is lit with long days; not into the wilderness, they smiled and together with the wind stained green earth.In this way, it can only be counted on to treat life and live for Love.11.She sad and beautiful face, is not tired I’ll never read poetry.12.Love is a kind of care, regardless of where the step trace, but their hearts are in the hair department which hair shawl.13.Life is not lack of a rainy night – pattering, a rainy night alone.This rainy night, the days of tears, tears candle.Days tears sound, Zhulei tangible, he died only rustled shed surface, little is invisible silent tears.14.A cloud of thoughts, drifting and floating past, eventually fell on my palm.Brilliant as Ni Xia, sad as the morning mist.I see clearly you, I see it clearly, we are in the same horizon, doing a different dream, my dream as white flowers, red as the sunset of your dreams.15.That one day childhood chasing laughing, like flowing in to fill the gap in the journey of my life.16.I had imagined in the sun at Tamkang University, wandering.17.Do not let other people wandering footsteps crush your dream of a better tomorrow, the world is not ending feast.Perhaps this world is really only a hazy true.18.Miss, is a happy sadness, is a sweet melancholy, is a warm pain.Missing is the long yearning for yesterday and precipitation for the future bright.It is also because the thoughts, have a joyous reunion, only to encounter an unexpected surprise, have a toast when friends and relatives gather to celebrate.19.I often thought, memory is most likely to blur things in the passage of time there, it will fade a round of.The reversal day day high school life boring, but also fade away.Deep-seated, only a few look back, unbreakable to stick in the memory.20.In the torrent of life and the world, he is bound to be like falling down from the trees in early winter last piece of dead leaves, westerly sunset glow in the flying aimlessly alone.twenty one.A bleak autumn cold night, the same day that the curved edge of the lonely wandering monthly child gently tell me how to depict the most beautiful scenery in the hearts after, I will not complain about why there are always too many regrets in life, no longer sigh of life smoke always end.twenty two.A person walking in the city at dusk, the setting sun was lonely drag into a fluttering flag, swagger around in the Muyun.Walking in the crowd in a hurry, suddenly he found himself losing its way.In the streets of a foreign land, I suddenly desire so strong that you can inadvertently walking, holding my hand, with me, walk a dark road.twenty three.In this world, some roads have to be a man to face alone a person to journey.twenty four.Who’s fingers glide who asked a thousand times in the back and forth in ever forget I’ll wait for you exhausted all my sadness in your eyes and I do not understand there are bleak 25.Our lives, white clouds, float away how much things vicissitudes and tears; life is short, do sweat, precipitation and how much past and memories.26.Monotonous and dull air choking with my young mind, haunted me wings to fly.27.My teenage days are lonely, lonely so I think of it now cold heart, only the monotonous flow shadow with me to see Lan, hear wind in the pines, smell the flowers.28.In the hope that a soap bubble in a colorful wasted years, wasted youth.29.The next round solitary one lonely tree, which is a charming unattainable.thirty.Sleep every night, every day of tears, tears flooded sun and the moon, confusing universe, we can not restore the lost years, to return to the initial net Park.31.I think I will stand a fishing rod, fishing alone the years that side of the story.32.Loneliness is no choice, because there is no loneliness to find a suitable companion, loneliness behind to escape loneliness.Lonely process is a process of seeking true love.33.Plain and not mediocre, ordinary and can be calm, to think in solitude, unaccompanied alone in the pursuit of creativity, vision, caves candle Micro.34.That love bloom again after a field come to an end.(Like Baby Anne) 35.Like the kind of precipitated after years of silence and depression.36.I can only do it is to pay homage to some bad words to me that part of the passing years.(Previous text, with these words many times, ha ha) 37.He is blue, the music is melodious, the mood is transparent, the soul is flying.38.To see what they have so earnest, so sincere, but they were very sad trail, all the way so expect to trek thousands of miles to come at someone else’s track, I want to cry.(GJM, sweat!) 39.Years of flood, swept away the youth, Love swept away, leaving only a deep impression of years to be carved scarred body, and the vicissitudes of a heart.40.The sun’s rays far better than the moon, but the sun can only ever rambled alone, there are the stars and the moon accompanied.Things in the world, the sun is actually the most lonely.41.Eternal beauty, the Netherlands Li sun, but eventually the old roots of despair, Castle go far.It really beautiful in the eternal mind, the only deep-seated memories of the moment.(From “martial arts”) 42.Youth go hand in hand, I have had, is Thanksgiving, is satisfied, no regrets.43.Life, sometimes light like the wind, weak as water, sometimes as thick oil, strong as wine.44.When one day you get out of the confusion of life, looking back at sunset, behind you thankful crooked, stumbling gait, they constitute the ring of your life in a very precious glimpse, always in retrospect will make their own unlimited unlimited moved and gratified , engraved haunts.45.Mediocre, people go a long way.(Like) 46.Far from me Acacia ashes, yin and yang intervals me in tears.47.There is no perfect article, as there is no such outright despair.(A unit of Haruki Murakami novel first sentence) 48.Thank God I’m alone, endure suffering soul.(Zero band a sentence lyrics) 49.Maybe later come to an end, leaving the left, forget forget, however melody best of times, thank God we’re together.50.With the time of the siege, I am more and more plodding pace, time seems to put me into a corner, so I bravely, something I could not save, only endured the pain, struggling to move forward step by step.51.At a certain time, the people around me have to leave.When a familiar and faster time to leave, I found a long time have not met the person before gazing up.(Like Han) 52.In fact, when someone plays others, unconsciously reveal exactly what their own.53.I remember the sun has sunk from childhood memories of caves and valleys.(Remember correctly, from Qingdong “28th Floor 407”) 54.Spring is the season of high incidence of death, but immortality of the soul can always swim under water over the tide of time, standing in the eternal life of the other side.(Also Qingdong, also quoted the last part, the specific see “is destined to pass by earth”, ha ha) 55.Those makeup of the city, those Xijinqianhua face.56.Always in the old songs, I will be fully aware of their warmth.Golden years, coupled with a simple old songs, it will be accompanied by a real joys and sorrows.57.I was so religiously like the travel, she is so dedicated to the disgust captivity.58.Decadent city of neon reflected in my gray pupil, the even more decadent.(It should be in the bud) 59.We think that those things will never forget, in the course of our mid-catching in, we were forgotten.(Bud, Lina) 60.Our hearts, had died in the most flowers Hang time (like the GJM’s style) 61.Forgive me messy text, forgive my broken time.62.Between the street and I, Who is wrong passer, who is who embellishment of life.63.I crawl a hundred years, smiled and burned a hundred years, just waiting for the reunion wiped out with you because you are happy, my life is full of faith.64.People should be a little foresight, so as to save themselves, so that my mind, serene presence.65.Life makes you such joy and despair.66.Because the word love, so laissez-faire, laissez-faire because so fulfill. 67.When you think of a particular trip amazing, that in fact already turned away the old woman.Only memories remain the same as the fog, and the passage of time, is that woman away.(Like) 68.He turned, I saw an old man’s back, I know, in the old time.69.River is a sad symbol in my memory.( “Prose”) 70.For some time, I have been drifting in the story, like a grass clippings.71.Like a black and white background of the river stood next time.72.You see a kind of light and fall from her eyes, saw time in flashback, like a butterfly ice.73.The journey back through countless seasons, many fall experience.74.I grew up to see deviate from the true trajectory, was first lie from the beginning.75.In fact, every flower has its own life.When the flowers wither, that is the end of its life time, and its seeds, it is the continuation of life, in this world continue to bear the wind, withstand rain, face another cycle.76.A man early proclivity, even let the years of dust cover another cover, but also show it from time to time or else.77.Quietly flowing youth will also hurts you?78.I felt something in my life, but also quietly running along the track.79.Surrounded by darkness.Honey, I have nothing.(Top) 80.Night with the wind candle, how can we wait until sunrise.81.We fear the cemetery, although we have day and night.82.Occasionally, I am a person standing in the wilderness dusk, sunset funeral instead of your presidency,.83.For humans, friendship is an exchange behavior.There is no next exchange, friendship will not continue.(Certain master said, under reflect, it is agreed, some people may disagree) 84.Childhood, when the show again only memories, only the achievements of the share perfect.85.Remember to stay away from dull, dull days had to make do a reality beyond betrayal flight.86.Night city will soon wither like a flower, and efforts to open the last ray of bright.87.Away from the familiar city and the crowd, the soul is no longer bound by any.88.When a person like a child, he already no longer a child.89.Life, there will always be some very blank Review.90.The train is so close to us, but also very far away from us, in the middle like looking left, doomed to remain there for some time in life need.91.On the same day of the cycle, where if not leave the crease, and could produce the illusion.92.I think, no matter how old he is always a sentimental man, a song, a leaf, a pool of water, all my sad fragments of other people’s every move, smile a frown, so I will not help to sink in the vast ideological journey.93.But youth is a splurge, we are together, we seem timeless camel together.94.Youth is the occasional slip array of wind, inadvertently, have blown me burst into tears.(GJM or style) 95.I guess I will not be alone, because I have music.I think I will always be lonely, because I only have music.96.I put down the pen, gently close my diary, so throughout the year in one afternoon was I gently close, ending.(Diary used twice, it means the end of two years time) 97.Loneliness is destined to take a lifetime to take from the beginning, no one can understand.98.I do not know express the feelings of people, only to walk a long long way.(Maybe that’s why I walked thousands of miles of it) 99.From the fall of raindrops on glass look, it turned out to be traceable.(Annie) 100.In time there, we did not stay.Including pain, happiness, and life.