Bar code technology in the new century, its three-part structure that you really know what?

In the mobile era, in the "material objects connected to" the system, as an important item identification, constitutes the most basic elements of mobile Internet of things, so it is necessary to understand something about the bar code related knowledge, in order to move objects in a networked era We can better grasp the opportunity to expand their business。 Now I put together the basics of barcode four aspects to share。 Details about barcode technology can be divided into the following four: 1 based bar code technology Connotation 2.The main categories of bar code technology 3.The main advantage of bar code technology 4.The limitations of the traditional bar code barcode market, also known as "bar code (bar code)", its main meaning is to focus on the 'strip' and 'code' word。
"Article" refers to the width of the black stripes, ranging, and these "article" according to certain encoding rules are arranged to form a certain icon identification number or letter symbols meaning, i.e. "barcode"。 For commodities, the bar code is their access to markets, to identify important graphic identifiers, which have such an important role in certain barcode must have its structure and composition。 Barcode structure is mainly composed of three parts, i.e., the auxiliary symbol blank area, information representative of the encoded data symbols and the encoded information does not represent。 The main contents shown in the following figure I order: after scanning the bar code is a bar code reader is required identifier data transmission and processing, and is based on the generation and formation of bar code is the bar code technology, which is produced with the development of society emerging technologies。 Barcode technology outlined below Figure finishing:。