Actor blind eye

I will always remember the Friday afternoon class, I accidentally found a movie ticket in the book.When I open book, which is floating to fly down, looming back words written with a ballpoint pen.I picked up a look, there or be square four graceful small print and it would thrill me up.  I try not to leave the words and want your handwriting on it you will not know I had secretly you write an essay collection.But I am not entirely sure.The more things clear, I take it more complicated to imagine directions.I thought he was unconscious to a large extent influenced by love.God knows how long I secretly love you, but I never dared to show signs in front of you.I do not know what I fear, I never thought you were turned down what will happen, but I do not even have to love the courage to say no.The sudden appearance of the afternoon movie tickets if you really give, then I would happen then?  The teacher in a timely manner on my forehead gently took two, I looked up and found you indistinct encouragement eyes, but I’ll lower his head down, pretending to read a serious look.That makes me look increasingly indistinct doubt, and suddenly I became very low self-esteem.I think a lot of other possible outcomes.What if this little movie tickets than you gave me, how do I go to face another girl and you do not like it?This is entirely possible that those of my lively buddies who gave me a set of specialized bureau.They may have made an appointment to look at my jokes in the movie theater.I do not care fool in front of them, but I was afraid I expose my feelings for you in front of them, that one day you will know about it, how can I face it?  I fell into one kind of nondescript anxiety.I hope you see my anxiety, then give me a little more explicit hint.But until after school, I still feel hot as the source for movie tickets.There or be square opposite word printed in block letters: thirteen rows of five, × month × day (Saturday) afternoon 19:00; title “can not not believe in fate”.Tomorrow night’s the beauty of a wealthy South Korean romance, plus step aside quiet position, if you put aside all the troubles, I am actually very willing to look at a person’s.  Saturday morning and afternoon go away.Go and do not have two thoughts in my mind turns to the emergence of more than twenty times.I think ultimately a risky approach: I go late, first observed in the dark, if you see your shadow in the direction of the thirteen rows of five, I came to him.  Night I dressed up a new, specially to change the timetable had a bath, and turn in front of the mirror for a long time, put on a very casual look to.At the cinema door, I specifically looked at time 19:06.But I entered the cinema when the heart is anxious, as if it could not get out opinions foot forward.But once I saw you in the thirteenth row still calm back.I know I can not be wrong.So I am full of joy and excitement crept towards you walked, And I was afraid you’ll look back to see my excitement I walked in the process towards you in.But finally I put the cover down and rapid heartbeat went thirteen row aisle.  You looked up at me to squeeze past five, as usual, I avoid your eyes.Finally, I think.Before I sat down, I do not wait for a good look at your dress, you said something very suddenly, the tone is very calm: how do you come?  Joy and passion crashing collapse.I think the language level again poor people can understand this sentence, should come to the people, the people have not come to.So you do about people, but about people who are not me.So this is to say there or be square to another person.Originally, I just received a movie ticket in error, or that you put a movie ticket in the wrong place.I can forgive you, because I firmly believe you about the good people more than a hundred times better than I, the only way my heart can feel better.  But I’ve been too busy to think who you like, I found my situation is not in my expectations.No one around me, and no one playing me.I’m ready for the consequences to be expected every good escape route, but it ran into unexpected difficulties.But I soon adjusted over.I remember a fortune teller told me that I would big business success in the critical.Now is a critical moment, I thought I would cover up all of the past.  I said: how you were here?  Then I pulled out a movie ticket, back over his words, but also to pretend I’m a bit behind the seat number: five, I think I can remember that seat life.