Actors DEATH

Many rich families of the capital, which is one of Langkawi.  Langkawi two young master Aventurine wind, became apparent, jade tree, plus a distinguished lineage, it became the capital of the daughter of the lady admirers objects.But Ling Yu wind happens to have a disdain, actually an actor with a good friend.  Saying that the actor is not an ordinary actor, but Tai Zhuzi Hong Xiu classes, the capital of famed children Kyi red makeup!This Kyi red makeup but amazing woman, a year ago turned out, not only good singing, poetry, poetry and painting, but also through both, and both dawn, it is notoriously great beauty.Others had to compete for her fight wherever he goes, theater tickets and more to come up with huge sums of money to buy out the rich red makeup Kyi.This woman endowed with both well-known moment, within a year out of the limelight.  Then how can be endowed with both, after all, just an actor.In that time, the woman’s beauty and talent is not the most important, it is important that the German word.The so-called morality, nothing more than kept in purdah, the door is not no second door step, you can not not see the strange man before Chuge.But this Ji red makeup on stage to entertain the crowd, she saw a number of men are also countless.This woman, although commendable sound good, but after all those noble family of the scorn.  Ling Yu Ji wind and red makeup, the door is a young master, one is stabbed actor, the door properly, not households, nature was against the old couple Langkawi.  Langkawi lords and the old lady could not force the young master and Ji Ling separate red makeup, even bribe the official, slander Ji Chen classic red makeup and adultery.Later, Ji red makeup at the prison, being tortured Debu adult form, also paraded through the streets.Aventurine has a face and the wind ruin actors, he knows he and Ji red makeup impossible, he no longer sees a red makeup Kyi.All men and more fickle, and of course from past lives.  Finally, Ji red makeup unbearable abuse, bite the tongue suicide.Poor roots of this masterpiece was shortlived, though bright moment, suddenly but certain death.And Ling Yu wind but a year later married the daughter of a prefect, followed by another high official to do, it really Hilltop.He had the heart of a little guilty of that red makeup Ji, now has forgotten.  You say this world, money and power are never married, working hand in glove together.Rich and powerful people, no matter what you do, of course, the fate of people at the bottom are also pinch in their hands.This wind Ling Yu is the case, if it feels good enough for their own red makeup Ji, then why bother to provoke people?Because of his stubborn young and impulsive, vain to catch people a life, then married a princess, the official transport Hengtong.Troubled world is really unfair, but there is Heaven, his retribution has come.  Every night recently, Ling Yu wind will be faintly heard a voice.At first he did not care, but clear voice every day, intermittent seems to be: do not be reborn, who is often in the back of who came back empty-lit stage do not love the love Aventurine wind was surprised he remembered it was Ji red makeup ever heard him sing.Sound sincere at the time, but now it has become mildly sad, plangent sad, and finally become dense sneer, hear Ling Yu wind creeps.Then around his wife woke up, Ling Yu wind relieved, so as to embolden his wife was about to hold, only to find that your eyes are a peerless face, Ji was actually red makeup face.  Ling Yu wind as people think, but opened his mouth to speak.I saw red makeup Ji opening laughed: Ling Master, you suffer harm undefined status and other well?Senleng smile, faint voice, as if the speaker is not present, but in a very far away.Ling Yu wind because of fear of a hard push red makeup Ji, Ji red makeup on the head hit the wall, bloody.  Then Ji red makeup and from the distance came the sound, Senleng smile unabated: Do you think you can hurt me the second time?Oh Oh?Ling Yu wind turned around and saw that it was against the wall of his wife, this time Qijueshenwang, he yelled out he fainted.  The next day, Ling Yu wind killing his wife the news will spread throughout the capital.  The official prefect not angry, Langkawi to send a punitive expedition, Ling master before they ask to see Ling Yu wind knife rushed out from the inside.People immediately pull up next, Ling Yu did not realize the wind strength is amazing, the people can not hold on, and finally prefect was stabbed several times Aventurine wind down in a pool of blood.Ling classic angry, anxious, pitched down in the ground, the wind easily and Ling Yu Ling master who stabbed several times.Just listen to people cry at Shengjing Hu, Ling Yu wind wake up, take a look at his hand, looking at the blood of the underground, crazy ran out.  Ling prefect and master all he died because of excessive bleeding, people have become crazy old lady Langkawi.Then Ling Yu wind is hiding its own woodshed, mouth muffled remembered: Give me a break, give me a break, you have to borrow my hand and killed three people, you are not satisfied with it?  The original had possessed red makeup Ji Ling Yu in the wind on his wife, Ling Yu Ji wind pushing red makeup, the results of the manslaughter of his wife.The next day it possessed red makeup Ji Ling Yu wind in the body, by the wind Ling Yu’s hand and killed the prefect master Ling.  Then woodshed sounded muffled chuckle, Ji red makeup voice said: If it were not that your father and prefect collusion, bad things, even if I killed them, I’m afraid have their own may not bounce back, but now I can go reincarnated.Again after a few chuckle, it would not be a movement.  Ling Yu Ji wind that red makeup let himself think that, with way out, but do not own it who was also carrying three lives!  This Langkawi mighty, and ultimately the decline.  Turns out to be: unjust, doomed to destruction!