How sprained wrist aid of these methods to know

How sprained wrist aid?Life sometimes accidentally sprained, especially the wrists and ankles, wrist sprain that you know how to do first aid?Following small to talk with you exactly how wrist sprained wrist sprain how to do first aid emergency 1, when people can not just wiggle sprained limbs, often involuntarily rotation or massage, but often just wiggle it will make parts of symptoms before the injury worse, especially in no definite diagnosis, but should not be casually activity has sprained site。 If it is, then the limbs, wrists should raise, raise, so his blood can flow。
The correct way is this: If the upper arm fractures is the best location and your arms at your heart level on, if it is carried to the lower limbs will have legs above the knee level position。 2, we can not hot to cold a lot of people after the fall sprain, take a hot towel at the site of pain, it will feel a little more comfortable, but this approach is wrong, because the capillary bleeding, hot words made him after further expansion of blood vessels, more severe hematoma, after healing is slow, and if he is a fracture, then it is not to hot up。
Cold compress can control the amount of capillary bleeding。 So hot compress to the injury site is wholly unacceptable, if that pain can be ice cold。
3, how to apply first aid safflower sprained wrist after broken capillaries, safflower oil painting will lead it to speed up blood flow, the increased swelling。 That is, within 24 hours, if using safflower oil painting rub in the acute phase of injury, it will aggravate the injury site of blood oozing, increased swelling, so be sure to use safflower oil in the 24 hours after the injury occurred, while for patients with skin ulceration or allergies should not use。 4, paste stickers bruises bruises cream allows rapid penetration of the drug through the skin, resulting in blood circulation of qi, getting Sanjie role。
However, if at sprain fracture has occurred, apply a plaster will only temporarily relieve the symptoms, the site of the fracture will not grow well, but also prone to dislocation, the final result in skeletal deformities。