To lay the foundation for modernization of national governance system for the new era of China

March 20, 2018, the just-concluded meeting of the Thirteenth National People's Congress through the "People's Republic of China Amendment to the Constitution", the "State Council institutional reform program", the "People's Republic of China Supervision Law," the addition of the National Commission, the new state leaders took the lead in accordance with the new constitutional oath confirmed after election。 Legislative changes and restructuring of this series is to implement nineteen large determine the party's major policies, advancing According to the Constitution, the rule of law, governance according to law, political reform, a new era for China to promote the national governance system and governance the ability to build a modern framework play a major foundation。
"With a model rule, Ampang by the yardstick。 "National revival, can not do without good laws, people's happiness, can not do without good governance。 Since the party's 18, with Xi Jinping at the core of the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee, focus on "building a socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics, building a socialist country ruled by law," the overall goal, the rule of law in China opened a new journey。
The rule of law, government by law, the process of building the rule of law, the Constitution as the fundamental law of the country, is the country and bringing peace of general rules, is always based on the party and the government in managing state affairs。 2018, "Government Work Report" also clearly stated: "According to the Constitution comprehensively promote governance, administration。 Strict compliance with constitutional law, accelerate the construction of government by law, the rule of law in government activities are fully integrated into orbit, "he will rule according to the Constitution, the rule of law, in accordance with the Constitution governance, the rule of law embodied in the government-building process in accordance with the law。
From the "rule of man" to "rule of law" to "rule of law", from "rule by law" to "rule of law" of the Constitution and then to "the rule of law in China", from 2014, set up the first national Constitution Day, to the General Assembly established the oath system, according to a new era of new ideas from the revised "constitutional amendment", according to the new situation and new tasks of anti-corruption developed "supervision law", the concept of the rule of law is gaining in popularity, the rule of law system after a lapse of 14 years more full complete。
Under the new amendments to constitutional norms, Chinese legislation more scientific and democratic level rising, the seriousness of law enforcement, continuously improve the timeliness in order to advance forward to further improve China's socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics。 "Ming by change over time, with the things known to be prepared by。
"According to the new requirements of the new era and new tasks proposed institutional system of socialism with Chinese characteristics we need to constantly improve the party and state agencies need to set up and configure the functions 'four comprehensive' strategic layout and the 'five in one' timely adjustment of the overall layout。 Thirteenth National People's Congress through the "State Council institutional reform program", opened a new round of reform of the party and state institutions。 And institutional reform before 7 times since mid-1982 mainly related to different government agencies and administrative system, the institutional reform is comprehensive reform, "it is the reform of beating"。
It includes the party, the government, the NPC and CPPCC, judicial, mass organizations, social organizations, institutions and individual institutions to consider the military across the central and local governments at all levels, adhere to the direction of the large department made to solve the department is unclear cross the problem of fragmentation, reflecting the realistic, scientific and rational, more efficient requirements to achieve a profound institutional mechanisms for remodeling and reconstruction。 Thirteenth National People's Congress meeting of the National Commission and additional written "Constitution"。
This is a major political reform concerning the overall situation, is a national system of innovation governance system。 The Commission and the State Council, the Supreme People's Court, Supreme People's Procuratorate, "government houses" tied by the National People's Congress elected and responsible for, the effectiveness of supervision reflects the party and the country to the highest level of national public officials; the Commission for Discipline Inspection and JISC under one roof, the Ministry of supervision and the State Anti-corruption Agency and incorporated into the newly established national Commission to construct a national monitoring and supervision within the Party, the national Party's discipline inspection and supervision of the organic unity of the institutional system。
In this way, the new two sessions set the reform and adjustment and configuration functions through the party and state agencies to address long-term institutional issues trouble off mechanism, in order to advance forward to further improve the socialist system with Chinese Characteristics。 "To run things in China, lies in the party," Xi Jinping stressed in an important speech at the closing ceremony of the National People's Congress meeting thirteenth: "The Chinese Communist Party leadership is the most essential features of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the Chinese Communist Party is the highest national political leadership is the fundamental guarantee to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation。 "Therefore, configuration settings and functions in the party and state agencies and profound reform behind the sharp correction, runs through uphold and strengthen the party's overall leadership of the main line, fully embodies the party's leadership into effect, build a comprehensive and effective leadership of the party system and national governance system tasks。
After the reform and opening up, there have been theoretical study and practical exploration separate party。 Practice shows that the party although each division, but in the objectives and tasks, both of which are united in the great practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics, reform and adjustment regardless of party and government relations, uphold and improve the Party's leadership principles and are premise。 The adjustment can be seen that the reform of the State Council from optimization to adjust and optimize the Reform Party and the state institutions, primarily the integration of a number of institutional settings too small, overlapping functions overlap of party and government institutions, and thus not only help improve the implementation of the government, and it helps strengthen the party's leadership。
Construction and improvement of the Party's leadership system, the state governance system, must uphold the authority of the Party Central Committee and the centralized and unified leadership as a fundamental point, which is the highest principle of the party's leadership and the most fundamental political rules。 The Party and the state power system reform and mechanism innovation, and reflects the political will guarantee the implementation of the party's leadership, the implementation of ideas, the organization and the security and reflects both the national political parties, groups, all nationalities, all classes, all walks of life people more closely unite around the CPC Central Committee, unite as one to advance。 In short, reform and adjustment of the party and state institutions to optimize further the establishment of a centralized and unified leadership of the CPC Central Committee and institutional mechanisms to promote the party's leadership, people are the masters, the organic unity of the rule of law in order to advance the party's leadership system, further improve the state governance system for the new era of China continue to promote national governance systems and governance modernization of the foundation, we set a pillar, set the framework。 (Sun should be handsome, CASS researcher at the Institute of Marxism) More Chinese theory authoritative interpretation, all in China Forum Network。 Editor: Introduction Jin, Ning cattle。