Addressed to the “mobile control” little friends

Dear little friends: How are you!I am a sophomore.Freshman year, I also like to play phone, even when not playing, but also with a cell phone, pull out from time to time, the point to open to see, I think I will be able to state that time is now popular with a word to describe: a mobile control.This year, I come out from this state, because my personal experience to some of the bad effects of excessive use of mobile phones has brought me.Next, I told little friends talk about these bad effects, and share some experiences I have come out from this state to come with you.    I think the most direct impact of the excessive use of mobile phones has brought me is the vision loss.To graduate from high school when physical examination, my left eye vision was 5.3, while sophomore started school physical examination, my right eye vision are 5.1,5.0, that is, freshman year, I dropped a lot of vision.I think this and not reading, learning relationship, because learning is far less than the amount the University of junior high school, and while watching mobile phones, computers everyday relationship is great.    In addition to vision loss, my health has also been affected, which can be from two points is: Because everybody look, brush microblogging, chat QQ, I often stay up late (almost every night after 12:00), results is a very painful time to get up every morning (open eyes, do not want to sit up); get up, they feel the eyes, temple area are bloated, bitterly; sunny morning, went out to see the sun, there are eyes strong tingling (so I often tell friends joked: “I can not see the natural light”); the class was also very uncomfortable, always felt very sleepy, very tired, old distracted, can not concentrate.Second, because most of the time is spent on the phone, I will not do any exercise outside of physical education, The impact of this is very straightforward: the limbs become inflexible: occasionally casually Yang upward, shilly-neck, arm and his legs or something, there will be more intense pain.Fat: fat freshman year I was fifteen pounds (five years before I remained almost the same weight, will not fluctuate over 4 pounds), of course, and eating disorders have a certain relationship, but long-term and do not exercise the relationship is great.Decreased resistance: clearly feel easier than ever sick, such as colds, according to record my diary, two-semester freshman, I caught a cold a total of eight times, and before college, colds each year will not exceed 3- 4 times.    The excessive use of mobile phones, including the greatest impact is probably still interested in me, like aspects.In high school, I like to read, even when there is a lot to look back to look at textbooks, there are piles of homework to do, I will try to find time to look at extra-curricular book (there are classics, but also Some newspapers, magazines), then I think had a very full every day, of course, learned from, learned a lot; and freshman year, I read a total of only three classics (teacher courses is required reading and writing the final paper use), magazines and the like, but he did not see.I do not see something on the network Network to write handwritten, among which some are written very good, but overall, the network literature, after all, a mixed bag of things, beyond my QQ, everyone, microblogging addition to daily is to look at the Internet novel, but these networks novels made me remember something not many, or so to speak, I almost did not learn from the top to let me progress, let me get something better.I want to become a classic reason why classic, can be enduring, there must be reason they exist in today’s materialistic age, we can not even have to stop and carefully read every day classic, but leisure time to take a look at the savor, let it inspire, nourish their souls, which grow on their own mind, there is always some progress, large or small help.    Small partners might also have felt the same as I do some phones bring their own bad effects, but always get rid of some bad habits associated with this, then, I share with you some of my “coming out “the experience, the most important of these methods is to insist, persist after a period of time, it will become accustomed to the natural.They hope to have a little help small matter to you.    Timely phone zone.Only two sections (ie, a large section) classes, I generally do not carry a cell phone to the classroom, because the time is not long, probably no one to contact, even if it was contact, there is an emergency General Assembly does not matter, so go back after the first time to contact them just fine (some small partners might have served as important student leader, or serving in various associations, organizations, which would be, as the case may be, and as I have positions in the student union building and Exchange Commission, but encountered things are not urgent, do not hesitate to contact).When the two big lesson that I take the phone, but after a muted tone, then on the bag, it has not come out, look at the time when you watch (lot of small partners do not wear a watch, I want to see when the time when he took out his cell phone, not knowing at the time to play on after reading of it), or in the classroom clocks, watches to see.On the table in addition to textbooks, notebooks and stuff, but also put a word of this, research or other information, or a newspaper, magazine or something, when he did not want to look at these lectures, see more than to see, what to see does not matter, mainly distracting, do not concentrate on mobile phone.    Before going to sleep all the things that need to be addressed are using a mobile phone to get rid of, and then put the phone on the table and then go to sleep.In many cases, because we always have to fight to whom a phone call, send a message and the like, to hold the phone to bed, and after the bin, the ground began to endless variety of QQ, microblogging brush, brush all , that when there was sleepy at the time when it has one or two am!So we should strive to achieve determined not to go to bed with the phone.    Select a small gift card phone traffic.Less traffic, and will be with the province, when not even the beginning of the province, until the flow run out, they will know that saving, because no wireless network, then, is to spend money, distressed ah…    And friends, classmates play together, determined not to touch the phone, unless it is in shock, some contact.Many small partners might also have been found, and we all head down to play with their phones, will affect each other’s exchanges, over time, the feelings it may also fades.So do not look at mobile phones, both partners enjoy themselves and small, you can also cure their own “mobile control” of the “small problems”.    ”Control”, some “control” are good and some “control” is not necessarily good, I personally think that “mobile control” belongs to the latter, because very often, the phone for us was not that necessary.I also had this huge group of one, and now I come out, and he feels good.Even young people should not say “ambitious” or something, at least, should be perfectly healthy, full of energy, there is an air of youth, youth of positive energy, my dear little friends, do you think we should do so?    Your little friends: Yi Yi