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Three years ago, I was a big fat man, taught the students the time to write reviews of each will say, if you then thin point, to perfect.As everyone says I’m fat sound more and more, I finally understand that to lose weight without delay, not for others, but for themselves.Unable to control their weight, how to control your life?Are difficult to adhere to, for fear of not adhere to a few days to give up, I even made a circle of friends so, if not months to lose weight 20 pounds, red hair and I’ll give a thumbs up per person, instant results , full of praise.However, there is no detailed plan, only to be played with blood of man, excited time that is up to one week.A week later, when the chicken melt into the lazy, the excitement disappeared in comfort, like how or how, as if these chicken, there has never been.Interestingly, could not carry on in the fast time, multi-gym with a weight control.This is undoubtedly continue to light up my weight loss goals.When you are standing on the scales to see the weight, to stimulate me.Inter suddenly understood, you can not always get chicken eat, although difficult to swallow food, but nutritious.But since it is difficult to swallow, why not eat a bite?Naturally finished.I began to put his plan up to lose weight, down to I can see, every day can be detailed to.I told myself, this week, I want to subtract a couple of pounds of meat; next week, I want to subtract another couple of pounds of meat.On this day, I am going on a diet dinner the next day I’ll run enough 40 minutes.Each week or even every day, I have a clear mandate, small enough to see, rather than give the macro a goal to lose weight to 20 pounds.Way too far, do not see the end, no matter how hard, just not sure, naturally, could not get.But when the plan can be seen every day, not-so-great goal in sight, insist on the power of it a lot stronger.Three months later, I really lost 20 pounds.Many people will ask why I insisted on not down.The answer is simple: do not see the end of a long distance runner no matter how good physical fitness, will be timid heart, hard to stick with it.Marathon runners in long-distance running, when almost always go to see the site in advance, they will each kilometer knee down, this action is largely decided by their ranking.Only then will they be able to know how long to run, how long left, the kilometers to how to breathe, how much effort to use the next km.I am reminded of a story of a teacher when a student test four or five months in advance.He told me that he is art students, especially poor English, and now want to spend more time to prepare.He told me that he would insist on this for months, he was not afraid of hardship, they feared no good results.I told him, you go back the word, then the last five years Zhenti thoroughly understand, do not leave any doubt.Spend five hours a day reading articles in English back, understand each question, finally certainly no problem.I said this time very nervous, because almost everyone I have asked them to do this, but because of the heavy workload, few stick with it.The child nodded hard that he planned a list, from the beginning the devil training.Five months later, to finish the answer, he was a good test.Their art classes, only he passed the exam.His friends said he was like a madman, while many of our students start with him, only he can finally stuck with it, done all the questions, all the words back over.Then I asked him, do you think he has any tips yet?The man said, he is able to adhere to, it is estimated to do with character.That day I asked him to stick with it myself and friends that know-how, he took out a table, drew a mess, he said, I put down to the task every day, down to something every day to complete.Each solved a goal, are crossed out, you know, once wrote a paper target, I would earnestly implement.In fact, after the completion of goals every day, it is a sense of accomplishment enough, even look forward to the next day’s tasks.In fact, he did not say to understand, to make themselves stick with it, not only to have faith in the dark, but also need to refine their goals every day, to see the end of today.And dreams in life, step by step, even if left in the dark as long as a day to see the signs, the beam of bright light from the hole is not far away.