Adhere to dream, to pay what price

Half past four in the morning, even the snack stalls are beginning scoured, put out the stove, turn the stool on a small cart, turn off the lights to shut the shop.    Still work, not sleep.    Think of his father is still stuck in his arms, waiting for me moaning and groaning, waiting can gloat triumphantly say: Look, why did you not listen when I arranged to go to a company’s accounting firm and secure.The thought of this, and even did not dare complain about the last part of export.    But this is not a choice for me.    There are stories of two girls.    A girl named Wang Ruohui, who is Jacky Cheung’s musical “Snow Wolf Lake,” the actress.    Three years ago, she had hyperthyroidism, a way to let her heart beat twice as fast as the disease than others.The doctor announced: you can not sing, can not dance.    No, she did not believe.Even a day can only jump two hours, even if it can only jump one hour, we must stick to it.Single mother borrowed a small room, arranged in a martial arts room, let her practice.    But the body deformation, deformation face.A young and beautiful girl, seeing himself in the mirror becomes a little bit ugly, becomes a little bit bloated.    Why give up?never.She just drew the curtain.From then on she became a dancer in the dark.Only own one audience dancer.    Three years later she again on stage, singing a song, “I used to repay all the love.”.    From the first note she sang first, I thought my heart would break.    Fiona Fung, a girl grew up in housing estates, most ordinary Hong Kong family, noisy bustling, brothers and sisters a lot of family.She is the eldest daughter, the most common kind of very polite, use the service at home busy in busy outside the eldest daughter of a sensible boy.    Because it is a good boy, to be sensible, not to mention too unreasonable demands, so the high school graduation to work out supplement the family income.    However, she loves to sing it.    What with singing?Singing can fill his stomach it?Sing to the Conservatory of Music, have taught, there must be packaged in short, it is a very expensive thing to sing.    It does not matter, it began to start from the studio assistant Well.In this way, she was 16 years old and became a recording assistant.    Then one day, suddenly I found someone she can sing.Do you want to sing and look?really?Well!Then there is the “I suffered from cold in that corner,” and “Infernal Affairs” in the “Police Goodbye”.    But the competition is so fierce in Hong Kong, you are still not a pretty image, this is a problem eh?    Later, she was to attend the show voice-activated in Asia, crying on stage.She cried and said: Hong Kong very rarely have the opportunity to board the stage, but I really, really like to sing.    I could not help crying whispered, her mouth not want people to find.Boy in the world, the one that helped her mother bake muffins, but the mother was awarded to eat the naughty brother.Boy in the world, is stripped of cake, but the cake for my mother will only comparison that will be crying sister.    Boy often no gifts, but this time, I saw she had.It was her dream to own, get in return.    A child asked me: Yue sister, you say, adhere to the dream, what price to pay for it?    I then said: it comes at a price?    When one thing, when you think must be done, we will do that regardless of.Can not be directly dry, it will be twists and turns to do it.    Many a night, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, like fire burning with five internal organs: write well enough to accumulate too weak, not enough doing things mellow, too careless work on the pillow full of hair off.However, there are still a lot of work, insomnia also found guilty.    Because I was looking forward to be able to work independently, because someone holding my chest waiting to see a joke, but also because there is a most demanding of themselves can not back half a step behind spur.So biting breath, grow like mad, to do better, a little better.    The only difficulty is only the first step, then, will force all sides to push you to go forward.    But I still do not think this is the price, but rather in addition to love, the evidence can prove that we really live it.