Adhere to self

Beethoven later become a master, stick to their innovative direction and goals.    While the song conquered many people have been Beethoven, there are a lot of people can not understand and accept the music he created, naturally, can not understand and accept his creative spirit.Some conservative colleagues began to attack or lay Beethoven.    Beethoven’s music is simply astonishing, he exhibited all esoteric stuff, I really do not know what he was thinking?Some people say.    Beethoven’s music, too artificial, and is not natural, melodic awkward, hard to keep up with the singer’s tune.Some people say.    For these attacks, he wrote to a music magazine, said: commentators ask you to be responsible for his own words, your words can have serious misleading.Some promising young musician you might be intimidated, thereby changing the direction of their art, as for me, I do not consider myself perfect and should not be subject to any comment, but your comment is really layman.So I would say that you simply do not know what is music.    He was not to be intimidated by outside criticism and attack, keep moving along the direction of their pursuit of the arts, and finally boarded the peak, a great success.    Thinker does not need applause or appreciation of others, as long as he was applauded for his confidence which is indispensable.