Adhere to the dream, is also a pleasure

Socrates once said: the happiest thing in their ideals.A person lacks the dream of this guiding light, it is easy to get lost, life will become dull.Only people who can adhere to the dream, in order to experience the best course in life share.    Adhere to the dream, no amount of suffering can not stop the pace of progress.Dream trip will not be easy, Dream of the road there will be many difficulties and challenges, only meet the difficulties, insist on not giving up, the effort could only get due returns.    Joy stick dream, a chance to enjoy a dream come true.As we all know, science is a very tedious and a long period of hard work.However, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and his team Xue Qikun, immersed in the quantum world more than ten years, the pursuit of big dreams of a small house.They perseverance and pursuit of the ultimate, discovered the anomalous quantum Hall effect.It is their day and night of hard work and dedication to the pursuit of dreams, so that they overcome the difficulties in the study, and ultimately the dream, tasted life in the best taste.    Adhere to the dream, you can make a person will get temper, stronger.Realize their dreams for people with disabilities require more effort, at the same time, the process also makes way for the church to their tenacious struggle with fate, so they have the willpower beyond the ordinary.At the just-concluded mid-2015 entrance examination, the armless candidates from Sichuan Panzhihua Chao Peng answer with both feet, test out the 603 points, good results.Destiny will keep her 6-year-old lost both arms, imagine how hard it was his life, but he did not give up on themselves, but began to learn their feet instead of hands, by virtue of their strong will to struggle with fate.To dream, he took part in the college entrance examination, spent more sweat than others hand in their own satisfactory answer.Adhere to the dream, everyone will benefit for life on the road Dream.    There is a need to adhere to dream the dream persistent pursuit of the heart, adhere to the dream of the need for a sense of spirit, more importantly, adhere to the dream process, we must learn to suffer for the music, everything suffering as a pleasure, optimistic view of life, of dreams as the driving force, and constantly improve their ability to realize their dreams, rather than the wasted life.In this way, adhere to the dream do not feel particularly tired.    The dream is a desire, a want of action, the dream is a dream and want to crystallization.Carries the dream is the beginning of success, adhere to the dream to be successful channel, realize the dream of a successful outcome.    Let us take their dreams, stick together to enjoy the dream of a happy journey!