Adhere to the miracle

This is happening in one thing during my college, the old professor of sociology of public lesson to us out of this one subject: the success rate if a matter is 1%, then try again 100 times, the probability of success at least once about how much?There are four alternative answers: 10%, 23%, 38%, 63%.    After ten minutes of heated discussion, most people chose 10%, 23% minority candidates, very few candidates by 38%, while the highest probability of 63% was left out, nobody cares.    After the old professor did not make any evaluation, silent for a moment, he smiled and announced the correct answer: If the success rate is 1%, it means that the failure rate is 99%.According to repeated attempts to calculate 100 times, and that the failure rate was 99% 100th, equal to about 37%, and finally our success rate should be 100% minus 37%, that is 63%.    Class uproar, almost shocked, one thing if repeated attempts, the success rate actually increased from 1% to miraculously incredible 63%.    As the saying goes like this: To succeed in this world, we must adhere to in the end, death can not off-hand sword.