Adhere to the story

Adhere to the story of the creation of the heliocentric theory of Copernicus, that the earth around the sun, the sun is the center.This doctrine overturned the ruling in 1500 in the Western-old geocentric, he has shaken the myth of the creation of God fundamentally.It abolished the special status of the Earth in the universe, prove the Earth is just an ordinary planet.As a result, saying that the earth was created by God, chosen by God as the center of the universe will be untenable argument.Copernicus knew the significance of his anti-theological doctrine, he put the manuscript collection of 36 years, had agreed to his death on the eve of the publication of his “celestial bodies” a book.  Bruno access to a “celestial bodies”, it finds that it is scientific truth, and is determined to fight for life.He Copernican theory propaganda, persecution of the Church, has fled to Switzerland, France, Britain, Germany and other places.Was later arrested by the Roman Inquisition, he endured seven years imprisoned, tortured and tortured, never give in.February 17, 1600, fire burned on a pile of Rome, Italy Campo de ‘Fiori, the Inquisition announced Bruno burned at the stake.Bruno bravely said: You read my judgment, than I heard the verdict also feel fear.He is the truth and gave their lives.  Bruno fight for the truth of heroic deeds in the history of science development wrote a magnificent poem!  However, the courage to uphold the truth, dare to struggle against falsehood even greater than the one Bruno.  Just 30 years after the heroic devotion Bruno, Galileo also because the publicity heliocentric and was summoned to the Vatican to be tried.Inquisition forced him to deny the Copernican theory, but also forced the 70-year-old to write the word repentance.When Galileo out of the Holy See, he murmured his mouth: you allow me to say that the earth is moving, but the earth is still moving ah!  English country doctor Jenner learned during the practice of milking women infected with vaccinia immune to smallpox, on successive years of observation and experiment.May 14, 1796, he gave a year-old boy vaccinia success, when people skeptical, the church is against him, spread rumors that the children face planted vaccinia grown ox hair, eyes like bulls Man, even cough the sound seems to be a cow mooing.He has also received many letters of defamation and threatening letters, he said: I like riding a boat, going to the shore, but being affected by storms.Later, vaccinia inoculation to promote open, the British government recognized the results of his research.After his death, people erected a statue for him to express his memory of the people.  Northern and Southern Dynasties, Korean prime minister in the Qi Jingling Wang Xiao Ziliang palace, celebrities gathered, monks sold-out.They superstitious Buddhism, talk about reincarnation, karma, to promote the spirit of eternal after death.At this time, a general officer to come forward and refute their arguments monks.He believes that the role of the spirit is nothing but a human body, attachment and belonging to the deposit of the body, physical presence of spirit that exists, physical death is the spirit extinguished.  This person is the materialist philosopher and Southern Dynasties name of the town of Van.I saw him talk, no one else, to Xiao Ziliang so a bunch of kings and celebrities soundly speechless.Xiao Ziliang several debates organized troops with him, every time he refuted.Xiao Ziliang helpless, sent to him: like you have to, not afraid to get in the book Lang senior officials, why go against the trend of the discussion of this issue, I am sorry for you.You should quickly give up your talk.  Fan Zhen hear, he laughed and said: I am the town of Van to ‘sell on Officials’, that I have now is more ‘Book of Order’ and ‘Pushe’ No, not only ‘in the book Lang’ ah!  Fan Zhen to uphold the truth is not moved by the power of.  Also in Northern and Southern Dynasties, there was a man named Don gift, more than 20 insects spit out due to illness, dying, he asked his wife to study anatomy of his body.Wife made shining testament of her husband, son nothing to stop.Reactionary feudal rule was thus sentenced the female anatomist no road, her filial son.Mother and son were brutally murdered for the development of medical science.  There in the history of Western philosophy in this one thing: Hegel and Feuerbach are two very famous German philosopher, Hegel, Feuerbach was once a student, he was in earnest and respectful Berlin listened to Hegel’s lectures, I was thinking that he was the father of the man known as regeneration.He is the only thing that I appreciate and understand the definition of ‘teacher’ of the people, therefore I am the only person shall extend my sincere gratitude.However, Feuerbach is a materialist he does not agree with Hegel’s idealist philosophical system, it is also dared to suggest criticism of Hegel’s philosophy of religion and theology, why would he do that, in his own words is this: I love my teacher, but I love truth.  Throughout the ages, there are a lot of courage to uphold the truth, scientists struggle for truth, the revolutionaries and thinkers, precisely because of their exploration and struggle, truth be able to overcome the fallacy of continuous development.  Truth and falsehood struggle is very complex, only by adhering to the truth to win, have the courage to sacrifice for the truth to overcome falsehood; otherwise you will be fooled by false, but can not insist on the truth and Development.  Scientists Newton, who break the shackles of religious thought, the courage to explore, practice.Rely on accurate and rigorous quantitative relationship based on conclusive and reliable experiments, found the law of gravity and the basic laws of mechanics, established the basic architecture of classical mechanics, we have made great achievements.However, in his later life, due to the impact of theology at that time, but instead they began to believe in God, prevented him from continuing to explore the truth, actually took 25 years to write theological writings focus, also reached the celestial God absurd conclusion first impetus running, completely reduced to slaves theology.His scientific life is over.  In the revolutionary struggle, because there are a lot of people could not withstand the money, fame, status of the temptation, he betrayed the truth, be condemned by history.Visible, and struggle, the struggle between good and evil falsehood truth is long-term, complex.  In today’s world, the theory of evolution has been more and more people accept the.However, the struggle of the theory of evolution and creationism God still did not stop.  June 1925, a young teacher of Dayton Tennessee United States since about the Darwinian evolution in the classroom, charged with violation of the theory of God made man “Bible”.The case caused a sensation, after another few days, many people went to court to be heard, as well as the courtroom packed.In the end God made humans, apes or change, this is the content of the trial.So this trial is called an ape case.The results of the trial, the court sentenced the convicted teachers.This is the struggle of evolution and creationism God.  However, Aoyama not cover the river from flowing eastward.Truth is irrepressible, can not extinguish.100 years of the development of science, the evolution of a new breakthrough, with sufficient scientific evidence, and being more and more scientific evidence.  Copernicus’s theory has been repeatedly confirmed and the development of science, the Holy See had announced the lifting of the ban on “Celestial Bodies,” a book in 1757.By 1882, even the Pope had no alternative but to admit the heliocentric.Anatomy nor any ruler can stifle, and now the knowledge of anatomy has become common sense.  Truth in the struggle against falsehood of development, we uphold the truth, we must dare to struggle against falsehood, convinced that Truth will prevail.At the same time, since it is difficult to completely avoid the error, so we have to be modest and prudent, to detect errors and correct mistakes, do not make yourself or someone else had committed mistakes, do not make the effects of global, long-term harmful error.  Although the fallacy of human cognitive disorders truth, but the truth of the struggle against falsehood but also promote the development of human knowledge, truth is in the process of overcoming the fallacy developed.This is because the comparison is not afraid of the truth, afraid of debate, not afraid of the test of practice.But so, in order to show the splendor of truth and greatness, expose wrong, people know right from wrong, to distinguish between the boundaries; also deeply rooted truth is grasped by the masses.Meanwhile, the fallacy sometimes can ask questions, to inspire people to explore the truth from the reverse side.In order to refute the fallacy that people often have in-depth study, the formation of new ideas, thus promoting the development of truth.  Today, in our new era of reform and opening up there, there is still truth and falsehood of confrontation and struggle.To be able to influence the lives of people for the just cause of mankind, we must establish the truth will to win and the courage to uphold the truth, no matter under what circumstances did not want to give in error.At the same time, we have the courage to correct his own mistakes in practice, constantly improve and enhance themselves.For the future interests of the motherland and the people, we should strive to explore the truth, to find the truth, the development of the truth, fight for the truth.