Adi, you run slowly

Adi, you slowly run text inside / road Adi called Wu Shuangfeng, born in 1985, was born that day, my dad work overtime in the factory, my grandparents play mahjong at home, because my mother did do b ultra She is a girl, Wu people that means nothing, I have a girl, and added a girl, and so was all wasted indicators of family planning.By the time Adi birth, Jesus was a boy!And there are neonatal pneumonia.My grandfather a phone call my father, my father dropped electrician go out into the hands of international maternal and child run and jump off the bus in Xujiahui Shihai ankle foot, when Adi has been sent to the intensive care unit, who also see him.  Adi is how it becomes a boy from a girl?This problem is very hard to understand.It seems to indicate, and Adi’s life is full of variables, full of difficult.Because my grandfather had proposed to Adi falling out, my father was neutral, but my maternal family of people refusing, so it saved his life a little.  Adi sickly childhood, and that a neonatal pneumonia seems to run out of all his resistance, he actually suffered a number of fluids in the intensive care ward, the number of antibiotics to fight, we do not know all.He came into the world the first paragraph of this history was hidden behind a white curtain.Grow up a little bit later, we can see that he is a hanging Yanshao, Alice lips boy, dark skin, and is the corpus callosum, left foot six toes.Adi child and I sat on the steps in front of the East China Normal University staff quarters, we count the toes, my feet have ten toes to count the number of Adi going to be eleven, his lips could not cover saliva Alice , all streams on toes.Adi then only four years old, he naively believed that people are born should be eleven toes, I told him, ten, a ten!Adi does not believe the two of us and helped hand to ask the grandmother, grandmother gloomily told Adi: people are ten toes, two peaks, you are a deformed child.  His grandfather gave him the name of my grandfather is a professor at East China Normal University.In his hometown, there is a river called the river bimonthly, I happen to be born in February, so my name is called Wu bimonthly.In his hometown as well as a mountain called Shuangfengshan, my grandfather thought, bimodal also very good, since bimonthly is a girl’s name, then the two peaks can be yielded to give the boy.This casual but deliberate idea ruined Adi, Twin Peaks, you can call him a camel, you can also add the word firm behind his name, plus he surnamed Wu, nicknamed can be described in terms of rhetoric multifarious.Anyway, I have not heard from small to large his friends call him Name.  Child, Adi much-loved home, Wu three generations of a single pass, only this one male, rightly so.And better conditions for my family, my father was promoted from electrical workshop director, mother works in an institution, popular hot drink is not a problem.However, at home, pampered, go no matter what he, the unit every time parents have the opportunity to travel and bring all of me, calling bimodal age is still small, in fact, he was too ashamed.In retrospect that we grew up, I traveled all over the mountains of the motherland, Adi but never stayed home with my grandparents, spent one after another boring boring summer vacation.Later Adi said, never mind, even the grandmother out to buy food, bring in possible are also bi-monthly, rather than bimodal.  Six toes run faster, move Adi five years old had a surgery, removal of the corpus callosum, the thought that he can run quickly, but, the doctor told my parents: Adi is not only a corpus callosum, or flat feet, even though he had surgery still run faster.From small to large, I have seen countless times to bully boys Adi, Adi waving his two flat feet have calluses always running legs, tears and saliva splash behind him.As his older sister five years, and each time I would stop those boys rushed to drink until my first day of that year, and a group of students after class to go home, see Adi grabbed four girls, who Jianxiao with pull his hair, pulling his bag, pulled his ears.Adi-year-old sitting on the ground crying, writhing and screaming and said: What are you doing?Yeah you let me go.I took out the steel tape from the bag, swelled to four small Rakshasa’s head turns to play in the past, they all run away.This time it was my turn to be classmates laughed: Wu bi-monthly, this is your brother Wu Shuangfeng it?  Come, let her sister to see Twin Peaks.  Wu bimonthly, bimodal brother looks ugly ah.  I said to Adi: Adi you how it can be bullied girl?Adi wiping away tears, said: many people they.I sighed, bid farewell to the students, holding the hand of Adi home.Road, Adi suddenly looked up and asked me: sister, your classmates know me?I say yes.Adi said: They know my name is Wu Shuangfeng it?I felt a shiver, yes, I once said in front of a few jokes Adi’s longtime friend, even though they had never seen Adi, but he already is the ugly name far and wide.  Adi see I do not speak, do not ask anymore, walked, he suddenly said: When I grow up they want to revenge.After a child and looked up, adding that revenge against those girls.  I looked at him, still hanging Yanshao, Alice lips, his eyes wet with tears hanging drop.I thought to myself, you look like in the future to have girls like you are good, you can get round it they retaliate?  Adi’s childhood was spent in the midst of misery, until the fifth grade, his lips Alice will still make the mouth water droplets on the exercise book.I was a kid hear the most is his family scold: Twin Peaks, the mouth together!Later, the family nanny dare even training him so I could not understand, Lai nanny stealing her to dismiss the.Because of inferiority and cowardice, Adi’s academic performance is not much better, of course, but why on several occasions managed to get pretty good, is rogue teacher cheating, reported to suffer a beaten at home.Adi wailing, useless anyway explanation, the explanation went on to be misread as a lie, so the poor academic performance, cheating, lying together these three sins imposed on him, and finally he said to me: my sister, my fate , and casual bar.At that time he was twelve years old.  Adi’s another painful experience at school was forced to cut off the foreskin.It was in the second grade, when his elementary school, they went to several doctors for medical examination class, the whole class boys cross the border, is considered the only Adi prepuce, alone pulled the school infirmary rattle a little, painted point powder, take care of him not to drink water and do not pee, then towed back to the classroom to continue school.Adi also endured at first, then sit still in pain, cried in the classroom, the teacher snapped a pass.Finally Adi clutching his lower body on the ground hops, this called my mom, and bring him back trouble.Supper at Adi still crying, my father is very angry, saying that the school is too much, this kind of thing how telling their own stories on the hands, do not even notice what parents.I was still young, eat while grandmother asked, what is the foreskin ah.Grandma said gloomily: Do not ask this girl.Bimonthly, your brother probably be out geld.  I have to say, grandmother worry.Although I also think there is a problem on the physiological Adi, but after I read the university will understand, circumcision of boys is a good thing.But can not cut it was so tragic?  Adi junior high school, according to his own ideals, is to test a vocational school like cooking, you can cook on the future.This is for our family this scholarly family is a huge mental blow, my grandfather rolls of books, can recite poetry, hand written in Europe regular script body, how can tolerate only grandson go to a restaurant to go to work?Angry and could not eat for several days, the dinner table my dad was training there is no appetite, my dad go back to training Adi, the same table to eat like a fight.Finally, melancholy grandmother asked Adi: Twin Peaks, your lips Alice, ten thousand a water out, it will not stain Cook?Adi said bitterly: Grandma, I do not drool, do case you did not find it?This can not blame the grandmother, Adi’s lips is always tilted, so that he was fifteen, after twenty years of age, and even twenty-four, the family still stern, gentle in his trance, casual tone to remind him: Twin peaks, together mouth.  Adi in the end still read in high school, obsessed with the university entrance exam.Many people say that college entrance rate in Shanghai to other provinces, in my experience, in fact, in the test when there is two-thirds of the children were split into vocational and technical school.Of course, these people are not counted among the college entrance rate.To bad score Adi, had only to cook under pressure from a reading of the worst high school in Xuhui District, the University wanted to test prohibitively difficult, behold, the reform started.This is a boon Adi, this is the case, the first year of his college entrance exam out of two hundred seventeen minutes of excellent results, dumbfounded the whole family, the money did not go to university one gave him.The second year after ditch finally passed the Shanghai Institute of a rotten, most not the future of marketing professionals, consolation.  I read a university in Shanghai, East China Normal University ninety-eight.Let me commuting home, but I still insist on live on campus, it makes me quickly degenerated from a home is a good girl punk youth, scouting around Shanghai underground rock wherever he goes, smoking, drinking, swearing mouth running, could not understand the curse sucker, are accustomed to see call Niubi.It’s the rise of the Internet after ninety-eight years ago, I sat in cafes all day, wrote novels, bubble forum, users all over the world, and also a Beijing during which young artists open house, be a sentimental farewell to girlhood.Adi came home to find dull look, can not help but feel further away from each other, and my heart is very powerful, but Adi has sail away in a sea of sucker.  Adi development in high school became a fat man, but also myopia, wearing a pair of gold-rimmed glasses stained patina, looks very dwarfish.Someone’s home boys, there is always a little after-school hobby, even to see cartoons, playing video games too.Adi is a standard no love, he did not love reading love sports, do not even touch the TV as a eighty, he does not know what is the new concept of composition, confuse Adidas and Nike the difference, has never been to the people’s Square alone.I do not know what the fun of his life, until one night, I saw a group of boys and girls around the village, around a person fall to the ground, shouted: tea!Tea!I know that tea is Adi nickname, but I do not believe Adi will be lying on the ground, I went over to see that he has a drunken stupor.I grabbed him and took him wanted to, but he was too heavy, and finally the four boys helped carry him back home, they were high school classmates Adi.Along the way I have called them in, what wine to drink young age.The boy said that a few: Liza, we really did not drink much, drink a person is Wu Shuangfeng eighteen bottles of beer!I was shocked.There is a girl with big eyes looked beautiful, she was pulling my sleeve and said: Liza, you must not blame bimodal home, his heart is very distressing.  He does what is distressed?The next day he woke up, because I have my grandfather educator demeanor, actually no one at home training him, visible got into big trouble but easy to handle.They asked him to talk, talk for a long time, Adi vowed never to drink.A few days later another drunk being carried back.So toss seven or eight times, I found that wine is a hobby Adi.I can not believe a boy at the age of eighteen to become an alcoholic, that should be the only novel thing, but it does on my younger brother happened in the.  I was at a fashion magazine university after graduation to work, punk youth do not become a face-lift, to purchase their own brand-name clothes and bags, fashion spirit of learning, understanding seasonal fashion.During this period Adi admitted to the university, as too arrogant during my university, Li had a very bad role model at home in any case refused to give Adi live on campus, he was like high school students as eating a soup in the morning to go to school in the afternoon on bike home from school.One day he asked me, what measures can be lifted in prison for his home, I then said: newspaper like a school class, go home late at night just fine.A few days later he told me that he attended the school’s football team.This is another unexpected thing, really I can not imagine him flying on the pitch like.Later learned, he put the value of their more than two thousand Samsung ANYCALL gave football captain, then he used his pocket money to buy a used Motorola two hundred.He also boasted that football captain: My sister interviewed certain big stars, the next can help you put forward a signature.Football captain really like the star, also like Samsung, put Adi stayed close.  Later, I went to see them play, completely rotten rotten school playground, a group of boys in a random drawing near to play.I gave him wearing Adi VII Manchester United shirt, Nike soccer shoes, his front suspension Giant ten speed bicycle parked on the sidelines, I gave him the car wearing Levi’s jeans and JANSPORT shoulder bag.He strangely striking.There will always be some girls act as cheerleaders on the edge of this rotten playground, I heard them say: quite the seventh to pull the wind.  I silently said: Adi, you can finally take revenge against those girls, and I wish you a pleasant stay revenge.  It was Adi’s golden age, he lost, out of a training muscle, put on after I gave him the white-framed glasses, hanging Yanshao not so obvious, even Alice his lips, he told me: everyone else said my lips and a bit like Baros.I asked him who Baros, he said: the Czech team’s first-choice striker, playing in Liverpool.  At that time I had a boyfriend and cohabitation, usually do not live at home.My mother told me, Adi practicing physical training crazy, you can now do more than one hundred push-ups, running every morning, though flatfoot run is not fast, but endurance amazing, you can even run one hour without a break.Most importantly, he seems to have a girlfriend.More important than this, he still bursts came home drunk, and now has nobody got him.  One night I was at my parents house for dinner, bed side came downstairs to hear a woman crying, followed by men Hema.The man said: Do not call!Called’ll kill you!The woman said: I beg you to let me.I went to the balcony to see.Dark outside, see anything, hear very crisp crackling, as if slapping, screaming and crying woman.I’m afraid of what crime, the police evidently too late, on the front downstairs to say: fuck you very self assertive ah, the police came.Unexpectedly, the man and not afraid of the police, shouted to me: Believe it or not I am coming to kill you!Then I dragged my mom to come, saying: What are you rolling Naomeng, moved to the new outsiders beat his wife it.Drunk, playing every week.The stairs came the sound of footsteps, this actually really bum rushed up and kicked our door.Then I felt a little scared.  Adi house came out, he just do fifty push-ups, there are fifty was interrupted.His bare upper body, pull the door open, according to outsiders face a punch in the past, bum screams from my house fell down the stairs straight.Over, Adi cool to twisted twisted neck, said to me: a drunk.This is the first time I saw Adi hit others.  Adi wait his girlfriend made public.It was a girl from Sichuan, called Lu Qin Qin, higher than his term, also called the quasi-school beauty school.Naturally, I was able to find a beauty Adi happy, but, Adi told me: her reputation is not good, there are a lot of men chasing her.After a child said, and the family was poor.I said: It is also poor it does not matter, anyway, is love Well.I asked him, how taking a dip in the girl.Adi said: ah she often came to see us play, we all know her, and one day the team said, Wu Shuangfeng you can go try taking a dip in her.I’ll wait for her at the school gate, she came out, I bought an ice cream went over very Bird said to her: “Hey, woman, you eat cold?’She said:’ You people how so rude.’I said:’ What is a man to be a little rough.”She told me to go out Wanla.  I said: In the past there was a girl in high school, big eyes, good for you.Adi said: that I have been abandoned.I have a cold heart, think of him as a child, then the original revenge started early.  Before 2004 Shanghai house prices have soared, my parents bought a new house, rent out the old house.After the move, Adi came home with Lu Qin Qin.This is a skinny, pale girl, looks pretty nice, very polite, a little silence.I do not know why, I saw this girl always feel a little uncomfortable, that she had a sort of desolate melancholy taste, and do not fit her age.Sichuan girls often very precocious, hard-working, competent, good fool, Adi clearly not her opponent, two or three sentences to see that he is dominated by Lu Qin Qin.Of course, my mother saw it, the future of Shanghai mother how can accommodate this, turned and said to me, this girl is not suitable for bimodal.  That year my father was promoted to a medium-sized state-owned enterprise leaders, was thriving.Dinner, a few drinks, my father asked Lu Qin Qin: small Lu, think how well our home decoration?Pretty little taste of it?Obviously drunk with a point of showing off means.Lu Qin Qin said: uncle, was well decorated.Ah, the future I have to take my parents to the Shanghai to live in this house.My father said: Twin Peaks still has many drawbacks, especially drink more, you have to supervise him.Then my mother had stared at my father.Lu Qin Qin said: Twin Peaks good, sometimes very innocent, like a child.My mother overturned rolled his eyes, I feel a bit uncomfortable, obviously, so many years, my mother and I to Adi as a treasure, it is always need for care of seedlings, and now all of a sudden came a woman, holding and we like the emotional approach, he will inevitably make our home jealous woman.  Since then, Lu Qin Qin has come to my house, I sometimes and sometimes not, do not know exactly what happened.Adi went to my house one day, very distressed and said: parents do not agree with me and Lu Qin Qin love!I asked why, Adi said: They say, Lu Qin Qin family is too poor, and a stranger, she took a fancy to our family money.I laugh: Our family has a fart money, with the two houses so what?Really I have not seen the rich ah.Adi said: Mom and Dad says so!  I asked him very seriously: If Lu Qin Qin is really for the money and you love it?Adi said: impossible, what I have money, plenty of money out.I say: when people love, can really ignore the money, in fact, very little.Maybe she has a love of people, but that person was poor, there may be a lot of big shots in the pursuit of her, but she did not love that person, maybe you just weigh the pros and cons of her, resulting in a compromise in love and money answer it?Adi said: if she had a Shanghai woman, so you will not doubt her!  Of course, love is to spend money, Adi grew recklessly, but also to university after I support him, did not mind the economic accounts.It took more than a thousand a month, my parents began to control his pocket money, in order to let him know, in the end who only has dominated his rights.One day he and Lu Qin Qin spend money naked, Lu Qin Qin sigh, he said: We were too.Adi heart bleak, after the People’s Square and saw a blood collection vehicle when home alone.Adi think, today sold their blood to fight.He got into the car, said to the doctor: pumping two hundred.The doctor helped him smoked, Adi said: money.The doctor looked at him like watching a madman, pointed to the car close to the slogan, blood donation glory.  Adi holding a can of milk returned to school, he said Qin Qin Lu: This is what I earned selling blood milk, I was expecting the money, the result is a car donation.Lu Qin Qin told him that now has no place to sell blood of the.She said to him, I will love you forever bimodal.  Thing is, after two weeks of school organization to donate blood, Adi did not know to explain, the result has been deprived of two hundred.Frequently eyes are straight, have to lose good health, or have any death.  Lu Qin Qin university after graduation as an assistant in a company, a monthly salary of fifteen hundred, in Shanghai, this girl everywhere.Adi lower than her term, began looking for work.I am most worried about things finally happened Adi inevitably have to go to work holding a resume, Adi society to such a person may not even bully no interest, directly put him out of office.My boyfriend is the marketing manager of a foreign company, I was invited to teach interviewing skills Adi, two men talked for an hour.Over, boyfriend secretly said to me: your brother is even marketing 4P do not know anything, even the PPT will not use, where to find work ah?This shit is what schools teach the junk ah?I sighed and said: shit school a semester more than ten thousand.  Initially the problem is not large, only to find internships, I Adi arranged in a company of girlfriends, no wages, tube meal lunch.Adi sitting at the desk every day, have a computer so that he can break up the monotony, but Adi this person is not interested in the computer completely, then sat on the ass like thorns just as bad.My girlfriends that happens very tricky, because it has long been recognized Adi, when his younger brother as his beck and call, quit down to business, often sent him to a convenience store to buy snacks downstairs.That company management is very loose, a group of woman, are still crazy, everyone sent him to buy chewing gum to buy soft drinks to buy cigarettes.Finally, even the napkins are poor to buy him, so he bought the wrong also enchant.Adi did four months, nothing to learn, in the case of sanitary napkins is definitely clear the door children, Sophie Carefree daily night with thin wings, which the woman with which one, what brand do promotions, who’s who long holiday vacation short.One day he said at the dinner table this thing out, my father was furious, scolding my meal, ordered him to leave the company.  Adi myself have does not matter, do not think to buy sanitary napkins what a shame, just a bunch of companies that woman, let Adi bored, could not begin to work.Girlfriends called me and said: Twin Peaks too squeamish, like this, how could the future be based in the workplace?I said: You Save it, do it, he can go to the wholesale sanitary napkins.Girlfriends say: In fact, we are also look on my face before going to his poor, of course, he is more lovely, focusing instead stuffy brain.General interns How can this treatment?  Since then, Adi just wander between the various companies, the process is nothing more than an interview, internships, mixed a few months, home.Initially several companies, is still introduced me to him, I have one to two to bother him, too lazy to stop him any thing, by his own right to Xiazhuang.He finally come to understand, buy sanitary napkins is actually a bad fat, but he has no luck this.Home to him should not have held out little hope, after this year is quickly despair.  One day I asked him: What do you want to do in the end?Adi then said: It is best not to take the office, not at the computer, it is best to walk around the streets every day.I Zuifan front of the computer.My eyes opened wide, can only say: Twin Peaks, as you say the job, or do couriers.  For a long time, I always thought that Adi was a mediocre and incompetent children, the ideal or, behavior or whatever, should go with the flow.How could I want, he who actually have a strange temperament it?  Adi said: I want to test the NPA, the future civil servants.I say: it is difficult to test police?To pass it through the back door relationship?Adi said: Shanghai is a good case that our former football captain passed the police academy, completely on their own ability.I said: Then you can try it.To be honest, I did not take it seriously, because Adi terrible life, no ideals and goals, as long as he says it, it will have come to nothing, just like suffer the same curse.  Compared with Adi, Lu Qin Qin is a very motivated girl.After graduation, she has proposed, would like to live in the old house our family, my parents were refused.This is mainly involved in the rental housing issues, also it means that she did not recognize my parents to.The Sichuan girl students and sharing in a combination of small coal guard house, life is very hard, but she soon established a foothold in the company, wages also rose.Girls quite some vision, at the University of Reading and they had to go through a training course to learn yoga, yoga a few years coincided with those prevalent in Shanghai, she went to a gym to start a personal trainer, this month’s income add up to as much as seven eight thousand soon rented a two-bedroom apartment in the old.She was I to my house for dinner, has been wearing H & M and its clothes, and I gave her a set of Estee Lauder cosmetics, she obviously know what’s what, thank me several times.  My mother is still the lukewarm attitude, privately said to me: so expensive cosmetics, why give small Lu?He spoiled her every day to make money, right along with bimodal.I smiled and said: you misjudge people, and the little girl more than capable Adi, a few years she will be able to gain a foothold in Shanghai,.My mother sighed: waiting for her foothold, and despise myself bimodal.I said: You have pretty self-knowledge, that he is not a son.I look at this little girl very good, do you have any prejudice against her yet?My mother said: after all, girls from poor families, to Shanghai, without a foundation, and then to make money is nothing but the surface of scenery to a man’s bill, she immediately defeat.I think she is a great heart, you simply could not support her brother.I say: if the idea is that you have some truth, look at it for a while.  Lu Qin Qin rented a house, Adi good day comes, do not go to work during the day, lying drunk girl home to sleep, we all thought his internship at a company.Until he graduated from college, my father asked him to positive not, he said: I would not work during the day and I’ll stay at home Qin Qin Lu.My dad sometimes chest, he gave the responsibility to blame the head of Lu Qin Qin, she said the girl seduce Adi complacency.I said: Dad, you still blame his son to blame it.Go out to do hard labor, you said that the people forced the girl, sleep at home, you say people are seduced girl.That girl is a bad bad not the point, right?In that period I changed boyfriend, who is the field to Shanghai, my mother was an angry, he broke in: You are right to look for those foreigners!I said: what is wrong field, Shanghai also buried the dead go to the field.  Adi shouting: Do not force me, OK!  I was furious, pointing to his nose and scolded: is drinking all day long, I do not know they have become big eater yet?Home conditions are not bad, your children are poorer than cattle and horses on the outside, you lying old parents who chew it.Bailian You have all these muscles unpromising things!  Adi continued shouting: my life is to live in your shadow!  I have not had time to ridicule him, my father jumped up, he picked up a chair in a scream in shining Adi throwing in the past.Adi has left branch constraints, blocking my father’s fist.When he was young my father had been a soldier in Tibet, although fifty years old, playing Adi be no mercy but this is really the first time he beat Adi.Five-year-old father teaching his son to also rely on fists, This is the scene to see, I have tears streaming down.  Adi face swollen the next day to interview a company, not two words were invited out.  Lu Qin Qin’s parents came to Shanghai.Lu Qin Qin day to go to work, to save face, Adi I drove with him to the train station access.Dinner wives and families, know that they are laid-off workers in Sichuan, his family was very poor, in order for her daughter to college in Shanghai, not only spent all their savings, but also owed a debt of tens of thousands.Elderly couple in the city opened a food stand, a month before being chased overcome, only to take refuge in Shanghai Lu Qin Qin.  Master Lu is a stiff middle-aged man, hardly speaking, and only Adi dry white wine.Lu relatively talkative wife, he said a moment, then it is smiling glance Adi, apparently very fond of him.Lu wife said: Xiao Wu, Sichuan eat it?Adi nodded, Lu wife and said: aunt give you cook it, you eat often.Do not worry, aunt does not live in the white house, I immediately went to the supermarket to get a job.I hasten to say: You do not say that Lu wife, after all, is the home of Lu Qin Qin, and Wu Shuangfeng nothing of what his qualifications to manage you?Lu wife said: I like Xiao Wu, very honest, before coming to Shanghai I was a little worried about.I ridicule them together and Adi.  Lu Jiafu wife when to Shanghai, coincided with my father study abroad, both sides have not been able to get together for dinner.Adi has been planning the meal, my mother maintain sufficient vigilance.Adi No way, the grandparents cheated out and met each other once a grandfather eighty years old, older people will not think the worse thing, of course things are good.Adi seized the opportunity to put forward: he wants to get married and Lu Qin Qin.After listening to my grandfather is also a little daunting, to say: You’re getting married only twenty-three?Adi said: In the past eighteen years of age can marry Well.Grandfather squinting his eyes, said: In the past the parents Meishuozhiyan, or you go home and your parents to discuss it.Adi’s wishful thinking but in vain.Grandma said gloomily: Twin Peaks, you did not even work to marry his wife, in the country are not working ah.  In that period Adi things at home began to move toward Lou, initially unobtainable steel bed, cupboard and then the excess quilt pillow, then one should Youyanjiangcu, even bicycles are given to Lu Qin Qin’s father, lied stolen.One day my mother cooking can not find the knife, and asked to know is to go along to Adi.My mother cursed: If that the knife still, I will chop you every hand!  I looked at the developments, it is estimated Adi’s wedding day is not far off, Well done deal.Adi is a good man of uncooked rice boiled cooked rice.  A few days later, Adi disgraced in front of me, he said: Lu Qin Qin had the other men.I’m a little surprised, but also do not think there’s a good surprise, to comfort Adi, I will make a very surprised look and asked him how matter in the end.  Adi said Lu Qin Qin done very subtle, he did not find.This I have to admit to emotional intelligence Adi, to a third party aware of the difficulty is indeed high.Lu said that things are out of my wife, Lu wife seems to genuinely like Adi, secretly told him that recently there was a man often send Lu Qin Qin home, she taught in private at night to do yoga studio, probably know there’s.Adi temporary gas hard, went to lie in ambush yoga studio door, I saw a man come out accompanied Lu Qin Qin.  Adi could not courage crash rushed to his bike home, finish it, my father’s collection of more than a decade opened special for Maotai, he helped himself to drink his shirt, also not drunk, again drank half a bottle of wine at home, fell asleep on the couch.  Then late at night, my mother would have to sleep, do not know anything about it.I looked at it for a long time the body of Adi drunk, I thought, and so this guy to wake up, afraid to give is to make home demolished.I decided to go to Lu Qin Qin.She came to the door, the door was Lu wife, she saw me so late, naturally understand the meaning, let me very apologetic door.Lu Qin Qin was on the phone, I saw in the house of our family spring bed, bedding, calendar, alarm clock, slippers, kitchen knife Lu Qin Qin hung up the phone, let Lu wife go back to sleep, give me a cup of tea, we talked Adi thing.  Lu Qin Qin said: sister, the man’s just my general friends.I said: Do not misunderstand, I did not mean punitive expedition.Lu Qin Qin explained to me, the man is her co-workers, in charge of the sales department, usually practicing taekwondo at this gym, see Lu Qin Qin teaching yoga, natural wonder, come and pick up on her.She did not want to let the company know they are doing personal training, helpless, accompanied the man drink coffee twice, then he made her home, she did not oppose.In this way two to go, they also cooked.Men naturally pursue her little meaning, to pick out just yet.Finally she said: I think he is doing a bit too much.  I said: can not say, who will encounter this kind of thing.I just hope, if one day you give up my brother, please do not hurt him too much.Lu Qin Qin said: I love bimodal, is that he is too naive, do not rely on anything.I looked at her house those items, sigh, said: He has been working very hard to make you rely on the.Lu Qin Qin shook his head, said: I do not want these.I pressure is really big, the family owed a lot of money had I also, I hope he can have a future, rather than on their own home.Women want their men promising, motivated, always nothing wrong with it?  She has been at the head, saying: He is difficult to rely on, it has been like a child.Maybe he really only looking for a Shanghai girl, his family was also good, life is nothing difficult.She added, however strange, I like him is childish.This is how to do it, these contradictions ah.  I asked Lu Qin Qin: Well, in the end you decide how to do it?  Lu Qin Qin said: Twin Peaks said he was going to test the NPA, I think, in any case and so he will test it before making a decision.  The relationship between Adi and Lu Qin Qin, was it to maintain living.Lu Qin Qin said she did not want to test the feelings of the impact of Adi, Adi actually want to see in the end can not be able to rely, after all police officers are civil servants are treated, the police can do, so for people who already Adi is future a bright.However, in such emotional intelligence Adi, I find it difficult to believe that he can go catch the bad guy, he will not accidentally injure the good thankful.  Adi said: I have to obtain police academy!  In his test high school, the university entrance exam, test four have a similar oath, the outcome is not very wonderful.My parents actually excited and think this the son finally live up to expectations.My father said: If you are enrolled in the police academy, I put my collection of ten years to come up with special for Maotai drink!Open the cabinet look, hey?Maotai it?  That year the police academy enrollment, there are two hundred places, the highest ever, but only recruit fresh graduates, that Adi this time if the test does not take, since there is no chance.Police Academy exam is divided into cultural test, physical examination and interview three, Adi’s task is to try to homework hard, train the body, the other gave himself with a pair of contact lenses, his head shaved become a board-inch.Adi muscles and inflation up, and I went out together a few times, my girlfriends can see it a little envious.  But he get the job.  It is said that Adi reason exam focusing on anaerobic exercise, the muscles of the whole body of people can certainly do push-ups pull-ups, but the police academy’s physical exam happens is a five-meter race, than the endurance.Adi knew it, strange that he had run out of practice in the preparation phase, inexplicably obsessed with muscle training.This is really freak him as yet another proof.  From the bright lights of the world attributed to black and white.I would have expected this result, but the heart still can not help but hope.Now I know, this black and white world, but also will not be long before the collapse of the.Lu Qin Qin and between Adi will not last long.  Adi is hurt Lu Qin Qin.One day they are together, a trivial matter quarrel, Adi yelled: You go to that bar sales director!Adi street girl dumped a slap in the face, he jumped into a cab disappeared.  Adi has a bunch of college football era Hupenggouyou, basically some simple-minded brawn stuff.These people give Adi a bad idea: give you a massage Lu Qin Qin, he said he has a new girlfriend, and if she ask you back, it means she loves you, if she does not look back, and it shows her on a good sales executive.Adi fool, did not understand the girl’s mind, according to their text messages sent in the past to say.A long while, a girl back: then we break up.  Break up the day, Lu Qin Qin requirements Adi bring her to see the new girlfriend.Adi Mei Zhe, only called me on the go.Breaking up the stage is a little middle of the street park, Feishi a variety of vehicles on the viaduct, stained with dust on the leaves in the park, what people do not.Lu Qin Qin’s side stood a tall man wearing a tracksuit, looks very mediocre, but look at his face, as if since that is Johnny Depp.I secretly asked Adi, is not that sales director.Adi scratching their heads, he said: I have forgotten that person look like a.  Lu Qin Qin said: Wu Shuangfeng, how did you come with the new girlfriend.Adi said: I do not have a new girlfriend, I lie to you.I was a cool, know Adi again fatuous, this time how can it admit to lying.Sure enough, Lu Qin Qin made the disappointment, saying: What do we do today?Adi said: the words make it clear that you first find another man.Lu Qin Qin said: Wu Shuangfeng, and now you make me feel a bit sick of.  Adi also began to fight back, he said: This is your new boyfriend?So much for Well.The man looked away in the past, looking at the smile on elevated car.Lu Qin Qin said: we do not hurt each other, Wu Shuangfeng, rest there, you just never know when I.Okay?Adi said: Good.  Even on such flat land, Lu Qin Qin Adi let go.The two men went to the exit of the garden, Adi suddenly said: Hey, man, or else fight a?The men back to see Lu Qin Qin, looking at me, and said slowly: there are ladies here, fighting a very uneducated.I waved his hand and said: I do not care, and if you can fight, you come to play chant.The man said: I do not want to fight, very hurt.By the way, you do not want to test police?If the fight was detained because, how can you test?Adi said: I did not plan.  The man said: Well, kids, by fighting can not solve the problem, as you will know.I laughed and said: He is not to solve the problem, played to know there is no problem to be solved.The man looked at me, in the end I still have not been to arouse, Lu Lan Zhao Qin Qin gone.  On the way home, Adi said: Sister, I thought you’d tried to mediate it.I said fiercely: I’m looking forward to you being taekwondo Tisi.  That night Adi suddenly burst into tears.Family woke up, he climbs to persuade.Advised in the end, all barely old couple at home, to call me home.I came, Adi said to find me alone talk.I thought he was going to reflect on life, but, he said: my sister, my sad heart is dead.A week before the break, I went to Lu Qin Qin home, we did that day six.I was shocked, to say: there really six?Adi said: She hugged me, and I want to do in this life are done.I sighed and said: you really know what it was thinking Lu Qin Qin?Adi said: I do not know.After a child, I could not help but ask: Damn, you really do six one day?Did not take medicine?Adi said: Why should I take medicine ah, my body is very good.I shouted: really do die!I thought in the end is too small to cut the foreskin, the gifted ah, no shortage of women after.  Adi said Lu Qin Qin took her first to him, so far, come to think she would marry him, only half-way through changes, very sad heart.I advised him: Actually no, your first time also gave her, what does not owe each other.Adi said: my first time, not to her, the big eyes girls high school.I almost fainted gas again past him, and asked him: What time?Adi said: a high summer.I forget what in my heart, my sophomore year, also had for the first time in the summer, I’m five years older than Adi, even with in the same year for the first time.I grew more and more gas, then shouted: how do you do this young age,?you deserve it!Kusi You fool it.  Lu Qin Qin and after breaking up, Adi are several egg on the football team, intends to open a shop.That the boys did not find a decent job, every day hanging out together.One of them, know a tea shop to open so-called joined the chain, the owner to go overseas development, trying to dish out the tea shop, the group will pick up the pan.  Adi home and talk a bit.My father felt, so diving again, the child can scrap it, so that the original capital Adi bigger shareholders, investors eighty thousand dollars, set down less than a meter of a small facade width.The original owner is gone, Adi them to purchase only to find that the owner still owes tens of thousands of head office money, this money must be also by the Adi, or to cancel his right to join, my parents again vomiting blood, business is not done yet, it now lost tens of thousands of dollars.  Adi nickname tea is now selling milk tea, we all feel very good fit.After the opening I went once, Adi impressive shop, directly opposite a bus stop, traffic is not a problem, Adi personally gave me tea tastes better than the street.He looked forward to skillfully operate behind the counter, collection, find the money, I finally have some comfort, Adi Adi ah, I hope this is a good start it.I drove home, it is natural a look and found that there are at least ten tea shop in one kilometer streets, my heart thud and fell into the sea floor.  There is no doubt that the store lost money, but not too much loss of five thousand a month.Although Adi work seriously, even though he sent tea in the pouring rain the day smash a bicycle, even though he did not use the best raw material costs, even though he was nine in the morning to ten at night every day waited at the store, however, a competitive world (or just the streets), all this is not enough to let him get ahead, to success does not depend on whether you work.Was I the stock rose, my mother had a chance to throwing money into the stock market, fell to a month to lose Adi five thousand already gone temper.  Adi sat alone in the store one day, the evening sunshine in the street, he saw in the eyes of Lu Qin Qin.Lu Qin Qin said: a cup of tea, do not add pearl.She recognized him.Lu Qin Qin said: Wu Shuangfeng, you are now working in the tea shop right?Adi said: my own boss.Lu Qin Qin saw he was wearing a violet radiation suit.  Lu Qin Qin said: I’m pregnant friends.  Adi said: you married yet and Sales Director?  Lu Qin Qin said: Not really, I have resigned, and a Taiwanese together.I live in this neighborhood, I do not even know you were here.  Adi said: you are pregnant, do not drink milk tea, to poor health.  Adi day riding a bicycle to Lu Qin Qin back home, really far, after Lu Qin Qin can often see him.Pro breaking up, Lu Qin Qin said: Twin Peaks, I know you’re in the wrong most of your life, really rotten luck.Adi silence, Lu Qin Qin sad to say: Do you remember, I’m the best girl you meet, you are the worst man I met.In this way, Adi Wang Ran looked at her and slowly walked into the building.He returned to riding a bike tea shop, thought, unplug all the power, pull down the shutter doors, declared bankruptcy tea shop.  Adi never saw Lu Qin Qin.  Since then, the family asked a relationship, let Adi doing logistical support in an attic, the job is relatively easy, they do not at the computer, just in front of the competent stink face on it.There are a few girls in the pursuit of Adi, are the Shanghai local.I said to Adi, you can also find a proper, after all, he is also a twenty-four.Adi said: When I was admitted to the police academy to say it.I wonder, how can there NPA test, Adi said the World Expo held soon, this time not only to recruit fresh graduates, but also recruit graduates last year.Places are more opportunities for just this once.Dinner, the grandmother said gloomily: Twin Peaks, this time put his mouth close together, ah, because the last time you mouth is not so close together to be eliminated.  For this test, Adi made full preparations, quit drinking, review homework every day, running fitness, and Eye Hospital moved a surgery, completely solved the problem of myopia.He is already home to no hope, the spirit of the dead horse a living horse medicine mentality to him by the.I can feel it touches, Adi bad luck seems to come to an end.  He successfully passed a medical examination and culture interview, the final hurdle is running, is still five thousand meters.Adi was horizontal, five thousand meters relaxed standards, not a problem.  That day I went to stay with Adi examination room, he was a little nervous, I said: tell you one thing, I just broke up with her boyfriend.Adi said: ah, you almost thirty and go on like this becomes a woman left.I said: So you see, this world is not fair, I like such a good woman to marry, you’re that guy fared so badly, you still have pretty girls.Adi said: What is the popular Shanghai men.  In preparation time, Adi took out a pair of running shoes Condition is very old.I said: I do not wear good shoes give you so much.Adi said: This is Lu Qin Qin gave me before, I had never worn after breaking up, and they will not wear it again.I said: Well, you have a good run, this is mainly lost no next time, you can go to test urban management.Adi said: I do not want to do urban management.I ran a first place for you to see.I said: you just enough standard, careful not to throw himself.  He took to the starting line, he then turned to me and said: I really look to you first run.  The sky began to drizzle.Twenty of them moving on the runway.Adi in the crowd, sometimes visible, sometimes invisible.The leader is a tall slender boy, look at the body of material is obviously running, well-balanced and nimble than that bloated muscular Adi.There is a middle-aged couple standing next to me, the boy’s parents, their country accent, speaking in Shanghai Nanhui area, very excited to say: the founding of the first to bring the!  Nanhui boy ran like an antelope, in the rain, he gradually pulling away from behind, his posture is very nice, we ran around the time, do not forget waved at his parents.And Adi looked serious, his face covered with rain, he did not even look at me.  After the half, I found ADI behind Nanhui boy five meters, while the rest have been left out of the small half circle.I could not help but shouted: you have to keep running!Refuel!Adi shadow crossed my eyes.Rained too little too big.I watched him run in the rain, like putting all the regret in life are thrown away.I shouted back at him: Adi, you give me a first run out!  Dear brother, the world is very simple, as long as you run far enough fast enough, right?  Sprint, Adi followed behind the boy’s Nanhui.We are waiting for the final time.In the distance there is the end of ten meters, Nanhui boy scream: mama!TRINITY passed the!TRINITY first test!At the same time, Adi over him.  I have not see Adi face.