Admire you “superfluous words”

Admire you “superfluous words” – on the eve of Mid-Autumn Festival, Qu read “superfluous words” felt fact, your words are not redundant, but too little, too little.If you, as leaders of political parties who are in high positions, who are the hope of the public social celebrity, so you can honestly say that out of your heart, it can be so bold to your inner truth thoroughly disclosed in this world on.Whether it is at the time, now or in the.How many people can you reach such a state?How many people dare to like you deeply analyze their own souls?I think, to borrow a ‘rare’ idiom to describe your noble conduct, it would not be too are.    Cheng Zai!Mr. Qu.Today, when I again read your article “excess,” and I think I should use language to express feelings of admiration for your reverence again!    I first read that you wrote this in mid-May in 1935 in Tingzhou Kuomintang prisons article, it is in the ‘Cultural Revolution’ during the mid-1973’s.But then, you this “superfluous words” is as you surrender to the Kuomintang counts to criticism.So, in the eyes of the people, just like you in the text foretold “..Now, I’ve been a prisoner of the Kuomintang.Strictly speaking, regardless of my freedom is not free, you have the right to think that I would have also a traitor.’Yes, people think you are a weak’ traitor ‘.    Likewise, I think you are ‘traitors’.But, somewhat vaguely, I understand, because you are Lu Xun ‘Life was a confidant enough, Sishi When pregnant with the same view of the’ best friend.Lu Xun is’.Chinese Cultural Revolution of the Lord.Lu Xun’s direction is the direction of a new culture of the Chinese nation.”This is how the two can be connected together?Yes, on this serious issue, let at the age of seventeen I came to realize that point, it is simply impossible.    However, there is a fact, but it is so large organization leaders criticism of the unexpected.That is criticizing you, “superfluous words” this day, I have to be completely frank and exhaustive your inner monologue, compassion can not speak sorrowful mood pain was so impressed.You with talented writers, the fighters of the Kun Tao, like thin has real Forbearance, like respect and justice thick hide, dipped in the blood of sincere and written this article, really be called, ‘called redundant, but really not redundant “the immortal.It is really filled with emotion!    I believe that those who can “superfluous words” HH same people, you will get a thorough understanding of the reason why you excerpts “I know who that my heart sick” Book of Songs “from; I do not know who said that I want anything else.”Poem to you as a word meaning where the article begins.    Is O thou Although the scholar, but without losing loyal Brave Heart.The courage to face death without fear because you have a firm faith and courage to honestly analyze their own, his own heart to tear open the world to see, too, because you are strong of faith.If you always adhere to this ideal, the courage to take, true inner, pure scholar.Really should always worth sincerely admire!    I should also tell you frankly; the reason I admire you, “superfluous words” not because you’re a politician, or a former leader of the party.Honestly, I have no interest in politics.I also do not appreciate your discourse on political aspects, or some political theme explicit poetry.Because in those chapters, in addition to your passion, I can not see your true inner world.    And you this “excess,” and never begins until the end, everywhere people feel there is a real honest, Mr. Qu, sitting on their side.You have no scruples open to people of your chest, let people see there is a sincere heart beating in a puff, quite moving, tear-jerking.Not to mention you, “Why say?(Preface) Cheng Yan “, do not you comment on Syrian tanks ‘historical mistake’ and ‘fragile binary characters’ in, regardless of you ‘and I Marxism’ and ‘putschist and Li Li’ the reflection and analysis, however, I want to say is that every read you this “excess,” and I can not suppress being moved by your article in the last two “civilian” and “farewell” in the text.    Frank admired your text; ‘.Of course, China’s books, thirteen classics, Twenty-Four Histories, child books, notes, books, poetry, song, etc., I have seen some, but I found it depends, it struck me to see, there is no research.Some scientific papers, non-Marxist Marxism, I have seen some, though rarely.So these new and old books new for me, not so much a source of knowledge, as it is idle tool.On where is a science, I’m a little real knowledge?I myself was not the answer.’You dare to admire so frankly;’ .It’s ridiculous, I did the so-called “murder and arson,” the leader of the Communist Party?However, I am indeed one of the most cowardly “sentimental” scholar, will not kill a mouse, and dare..But the real cowardice is not here.First, almost no self-confidence, every opinion is shaky, shaky on.Always want to have to rely on a.I remember the first time and at the right time I spoke to Bukharin, said such a quip: “how do you and miss the third floor of the same, always so polite and spoke, not ‘or’ that is ‘maybe’ ‘hard to say’ .Wait”.In fact, this is actually the truth.Unfortunately, people tend to my confession as a “polite” or “cunning”.I have always been not to his own views and the courage to struggle, but also a long time did not admit their mistakes courage.When a view was expressed, look no strong sponsorship, immediately suspected it; however, if there are no additional comments instead, it will only shining doubt that he is going to do views.We saw a modest one good sign, or incorrect opinions, but no one came out accusations, even by the bluster of people think this is a good thing, and I never had the courage to tell their own doubts.Indecisive, follow the crowd, this is the “literati” inevitable character.In fact, the ideal world is that we do not argue, “live harmoniously”.    Cheng Zai!Mr. Qu.I should also admitted to you; ‘If it were me, I was absolutely awe-inspiring as you have not the courage to expose the truth inside me.”You point out that self unreservedly, to the world frank your soul.If all this is not dauntless courage.I do not understand, what kind of words and deeds can be called a ‘fearless spirit and noble conduct!    I have no words to express great emotion when you read affectionate farewell to the world that paragraph; yes ah, “Farewell, dear comrades!- This is my last call you “gay” once.I was then told that you do not deserve “comrades” of the..I leave these pages to you – my last confession of the most honest.farewell!Judge everything, of course, it is you, not me.I just want to rest.    Life, no friends, loved ones are very few.And apart from my outside of China, I told you not always entirely frank.That is, for the Chinese, I have only been seen a little tone.I am always with mask.I have already said: expose the mask is the most happy thing, not only for the hands to expose others happy, it is to be exposed is also very happy, especially that they can expose.Now I lost the last layer mask.You should be congratulated me.I went to rest permanently to rest, and you should congratulate me more.    What I yearn?My dear friend, I have to fall back on her life spent this decade.Yes, I can not fall back on.Not only in the political life, I actually have not done everything from pioneer struggle, each and every time he found some kind of fall back first.Not only so, in private life, I do not “struggle for existence” the courage, I will not organize their lives, I would not do a very simple and very common chores.I always fall back on me very uncomfortable, because many times I’m sorry my family, especially my spiritual cowardice, for me she was eventually not completely frank, I hope she never disgust me, forget me, I feel at ease strike.    What I also recall with nostalgia?Children this beautiful world of thriving, “my” daughter, and the happiness of all children.    I wish for them.    This world for me is still very beautiful.Everything new, struggle, brave in advance.So good flowers, fruits, so graceful mountains and water, the majestic factories and chimneys, the light of the moon seems to have a brighter than ever.    However, Farewell, beautiful world!At last.Russia Gorky’s “Forty Years”, “Keli Mo · Satsuma Beijing life,” Turgenev “Rudin,” Tolstoy’s “Anna Cary Ningnuo” China’s Lu Xun “Ah Q True Story, “Mao Dun’s” shaken “, Cao Xueqin’s” Dream of Red Mansions “, can be very re-read.    Chinese tofu is also good to eat, the world’s first.farewell!    Weizai!Mr. Qu.When people read your thorough “excess,” and who?You will not righteous spirit of loyalty unto death and awe!Who?Deep inside you will not miss their loved ones touched by tears and blessing!Who?And then you will not be moved by pulling on the beautiful world of infinite nostalgia feeling of farewell.After each Yanjuan, this scene will be presented tragic scene in my mind; “the morning after Qu get up, put on a clean black coat, white pants, black socks, black shoes.Then sit quietly at the table, wrote a brush “sunset winking chaos mountains fall Ye Hanquan not listen to the poor.Ling forlorn had to endure decades things, our hearts hold Banji Wan edge empty “swan song poem.At 0800 hours, the 36th Division Te Wulian long Liaoxiang Guang entered the room, said: “Congratulations to Qu Xiansheng, today is a good day.”Then we show the Chiang Kai-shek ‘order executions’.Qu air of calm to finish the poem, accompanied Postscript.Liaoxiang Guang came up with the Zhongshan Park to take pictures changting.Then he strolled to the front octagonal walking, sitting on the table stood a four-disc food and wine.Sitting alone helped himself, he Tanxiaoziruo said: “People of spare, a small happiness; sleep at night, for the big happiness; died happy death, true happiness.”Drink completed, he slowly out of Zhongshan Park, along the way sang” The Internationale “.Luohan Ling came down, he managed a piece of open space, facing north foot plate sat calmly watching the executioner said: “very good here.”Then he shouted” Long live the Communist Party of China!”” Long live Communism!”Calmly die a martyr.    Today, sincere person has to go, carrying his affection for beloved family blessing, carrying his unfinished dream of a better translation of literature, and even nostalgia for the world of Chinese tofu.Time goes by, I figure, Mr. Qu from leaving this precious “excess,” and has been seventy-eight Spring.    However, I am convinced that people will always remember, your sincere and upright magnanimous courage, your death-defying heroism.    Weizai!Mr. Qu.You will always admire each of you who are sincerely admire immortal life model!    September 18, 2013 in Xiaoshan Ya