But around that person — fifty-eight Guangzhou Impression

First Park, where the locals do not know the meaning.Renamed many times, so that the original name, become a distant memory An Irresolvable, forget it altogether a.I have thought about that person had started the trend of building it, how much it will have to leave a trace.But I am disappointed, looked in every corner of the park, we just did not find a proof that he existed.I’m on the quaint old banyan tree, found a parasitic Monstera; I’m dancing in the shadows of the woods, I heard a lot of unknown birds chirp; but I opaque clouds of history, saw the busily engaged in warfare of shadow.Two generations regime once common enemy, it was ten years discredit indiscriminate number, if there were still clues, it would mean that questioned their ability to.    Open modern history, he is around, but the characters.    In the turbulent era of early Republican, that person twice main Guangdong, advocates protectors of the public interest, federalist.Leaving aside this idea can make the trip, that time various ideas emerging, mostly short-lived.But he built in Guangdong province as a national model, let people benefit greatly from Guangdong.Formed the country’s first city, the province’s county elected, smoking prohibition of gambling, open exchanges, wantonly set up municipal facilities, all become a model of that era.This park is that he advocated the construction of the abandoned palace, became Huaxiangniaoyu park, stay far Ze.    I have every galaxy and politics, I do not want to characterize celebrity merits and demerits.But I know that in the animal kingdom between similar, there a tacit agreement: the loser as long as the belly up, then ferocious opponents will stop attacks.This rule only we humans broke.Should be left to recover tottering foe yong, the losers are not allowed to stand up for life hat man.In fact, the Chinese culture is not always the case.Ancient battlefield two-meet, when to kill each other, but also with enough courtesy to the deceased.    The park was renamed several times, is situated in the area of the city, compared with the possession of a few hills of Baiyun Mountain Park, can only count Pocket.I Yam stepping predecessors, an endless stream of people walking.When I went to, is the fourth day of the first month.New Year’s a lot of flowers fade, employees are by E pack up, ready for the Lantern Festival not had time to put out flowers.Filled with tourists on a trail covered with cement deep forest leaves, roadside benches.Raising the music on the small square, surrounded by a dozen elderly banyan slowly turning circle.Another small square is the fans of the world, high-pitched excitement of opera singing resounded Linshao.    These people, including scraping me, are enjoying the personal benefits of more than.    Not all.A corner of the park, a few people are spread out endlessly poker battle.People take political interest is our common, not to mention a few decades ago the old regime.During lived through the New Life Movement, as well as the four olds storm, do not change people’s gambling.Heavy penalties in times of trouble the man, put an end to gambling.However, after only a couple of years, everything remains the same.    Nothing is more difficult than changing the habits of citizens, let alone in our country boss.