But failure slippery tumble

Watch sports, I found one thing lingering, it is a failure!This reminds me of a man destined to failure and Abraham Lincoln.    Someone Lincoln made a roughly Statistics: his life only three were successful, but it has failed 35 times, his resume was almost filled with failure.The age of 22, he and a partner opened a grocery store, and soon went bankrupt due to poor management.Again lending business, bad business not only makes shops close down, so he also owed a debt ass, full repayment of 16 years!At age 23 he ran for state senator, 13 candidates, he ranked eighth, losing for granted.Two years later, he gradually developed the habit of observing political developments in research and social issues, with no long-winded, but with short and powerful, vivid and humorous way of speaking, was moved up to No. 2, became a state legislator to do so, and a second term, during which he became a member state of the spokesman for encounter failure.At the age of 34, he participated in the parliamentary elections failed, until 3 years later to do so, but when he failed to seek re-election.45 years old, he ran for senator failure; the age of 47, he sought the vice presidential nomination of the Republican Party has failed.Until the age of 51, he ran for president to succeed, and was re-elected.He eventually led the Civil War, the United States maintained a unified, complete liberation of black slaves, the government of the people, by the people, for the people three words written to the highest ideal of Americans, so that he eventually became part of the character of all time!    Multiple failure is not unusual, valuable is held by optimism and open-minded mind when he treated failed.Lincoln had to defeat a well-known example: my foot slipped, the other foot and thus stand firm.But I told myself slow breath, but this is slipped, it is not dead and can not pick back up.Life’s journey all the failures, all but slipped just.If you are alive, what else can not overcome and conquer it?He also said: I am a slow learner, but learned not easy to forget.My mind is like a steel plate, is difficult to carve something on it, but once the engraved, erase and make it almost impossible.  Some people commented: Lincoln’s life, every year than the year before he got smarter, calmer, better.That he is good at learning Following the defeat, diligent summary, the final success.