But for the heart, Mowen position

Great Masters to a group of college students in class, spoke of the success factors, and he asked everyone to do a little game together.The game is this: send each person a piece of paper, write their names, and then moved to the trash in front of the classroom podium, asking everyone balled the paper, in his position on the ball of paper thrown into the garbage barrel.    Someone said this is not fair, because everyone’s position are far and near.The result was that although the previous close, but still there are quite a few did not make it; though far behind, there are several very serious, throw ball of paper falls firmly in the trash.    Master laughed and said: Why Can someone dropped it back the same?Because they carefully.If one carefully together, all had adverse conditions will cease to exist.Those who count on the innate good condition but do not know to cherish, in a sense, they are one step away from the back on the road to success, but you are constantly close to continue beyond, to change all this, it is the state of mind you seriously.