But is never short

Sometimes, Nung not everyone’s desire; sometimes, the most beautiful fireworks perishable Not everyone’s expectations; sometimes, a brief flash in the pan is everyone’s deepest memory.    At that time, laugh often envious of others, and often envy other people’s cry, but often the envy of their snuggle until Cupid come quietly, quietly hit the hearts of two people, it seems like I had a dream of.    Two days and nights gradually from a stranger to familiar people, to know each other dependent, and ultimately hurt each other, separated from the Jedi.He began with a confused smile sinking lonely and disturbed heart, with passion and later I removed the last layer of armor, I know I fall, as he traveled along, if you know the ending of travel, I will not do him of a toy; if you know his warmth just short, I would not mind secretly gave him; if you know that he always wore a mask, I will not easily give him my love.Use both hands, with both hands touched, he is gone, without a cloud to go two days short of coexistence Mi leaving only the final out: “Goodbye, my 100 yuan!”The most short time, most short-term memory, the most profound $ 100 left in my eternal memories slowly deep.So there is no one person or one animal and plant, and you get along with the time, however, and they only give you eternal feelings?