But Napoleon also across the mountain

In 1800, Napoleon led forty thousand troops, over the Alps, raided the Austrian Army.Cross under Napoleon white horse, calm demeanor, his right hand pointing to the front of the mountain, to the world left a famous saying: No matter earlier greeted us with flowers or guns, we have to cross this mountain.Napoleon, but also across the mountains in dealing with the conflict between his wife Josephine and his family, this great man like us helpless.First, law relationship.Napoleon once said of his mother: between heaven and earth, as a mother, and her no one can be compared.Now, with Josephine, his wife replaced the mother, the same is true these words.The two women equally important for Napoleon, but situation with the fire.Napoleon’s mother from the beginning not like Josephine.In her view, the daughter covered in trouble: She is older than 6 years old son, a widow, mother of two children.The old lady most intolerable is that this woman as well as infertility.Therefore, every time the old lady came to Paris from his home, for this daughter will pick nose horizontal vertical hypercritical, then whispered behind her back with her son forever.Fortunately, on the surface of Josephine never cared about her mother’s accusations.But Napoleon knew, she was actually very uncomfortable.No one on Napoleon a Josephine has good intentions.His sisters personally called her sister-in-law, took a turn around the old woman called her, and the first opportunity to persuade his brother to divorce her.Napoleon tired.He can get the French, and even the whole of Europe, but they did not do anything.December 2, 1804, Napoleon held a grand coronation ceremony in Notre Dame, became emperor of the French Empire.In this ceremony, the contradiction between their families has reached its peak.At the coronation, the Empress Josephine behind the cloak has been mention of Napoleon’s sisters with, but Her Royal Highness are not afraid of skeleton in the closet, actually publicly out of the ugly sister-in-law: When on the steps, sisters deliberately let go ahead, make The Queen’s sister-in-law because of weight-bearing and almost fell backwards.To commemorate this historic event, Napoleon appointed painter David painted a large-scale painting of a “Coronation of Napoleon”.As a highlight of the Empress, Josephine became a screen, Napoleon’s mother sat in the middle position, both sides are three sisters, one sister, behind Napoleon’s brother and brother painting area of about 60 square meters, equivalent to we are a small two bedrooms-law, sister-in-law, sister-son, husband’s brother, dwelling on this historical picture, live in harmony and happy.In fact, Napoleon’s mother did not participate in the celebration, it said to be the reason she was being born the daughter is about to become queen of the gas.Napoleon do this very sad, so we added the command of David mother did not attend the coronation ceremony in paintings.In this matter, Napoleon suffered as much as Waterloo-like fiasco.But we do not have to laugh at him, because whether it is great or ordinary people on family issues, are equally helpless.For a man, every woman in the family is your flowers, but these flowers together, they will turn into a cannon, so you bruised and battered in the rumble of guns in.