But some passers-love

■ recognize a busy Lin Chen, 10 years ago, things.  Time so far away, as if separated by layers of fog, like thousands of miles off the mountain.At that time they were still small, teenagers, learn to dance together at the Children’s Palace, dancing Chen conditions are not good, with the teacher’s words are back too hard, but I’m busy, the arm is not long enough, the teacher said your voice are pretty good, others also can learn the.So two teenagers went on a drama class together.  It was a particularly frustrating day, few teenagers willing to learn drama, Chen and Lin idle no exception.Other children green snake, white snake, France and Haiti put on a show, two teenagers in the audience to see.They also libretto for a few paragraphs, but God knows it is not because too hard, and say a few words on the halfway.  Later, I really did not learn anything, but mixed with the Children’s Palace in the day, two teenagers became very good friends together to do the homework to school, on weekends to eat breakfast together.Children’s Palace when his parents to pick them up separately to say goodbye.  That year, Chen is 16 years old, my father is sick.The father is the main labor force at home, is the only source of income, the cost of the Children’s Palace, while not high, but Chen did not go.  That’s when I’m busy for the first time went to Chen’s home, Chen’s home in suburban square room, there is a small courtyard full of hibiscus surrounded by a wooden fence, those flowers are pink shallow , and the light purple, very nice, like painting landscapes, like, there are smart wind, blowing slightly.Chen Lin busy shouting the name on the outside courtyard, Chen promised ran out, I’m busy, said: Chen, Children’s Palace to ask the teacher how you can not get out?  In fact, the Children’s Palace and the teacher did not ask, they pay money once a month, Chen was not good students, do not, no one will care about.  Chen blushed said: My dad is sick, the family will not let go.  Two teenagers, ask and answer are absent-minded, I’m busy nodded, very serious and said OK, I’ll tell the teacher.Just walked away very seriously Fangbu.  The day after returning home he think I was doing good, very calm.Lin later admitted to a good university idle, whenever recalls his teenage years, he recalls that called Chen’s life, often in front of large windows and their own Children’s Palace of trance girl, inexplicably always affects the heart, he knows his Fangbu his daze, because like, he likes to Chen is built up little by little, she was his first love, was his first love.  ■ Second Lin graduated from the University of leisure, work in the city of Shanghai.  The city is too modern, so have found their own place to live in the field to show team.  That night, they were disgusting, and Liu said: go to the show now, 30 per ticket, super cheap.Stand up to Liu’s persuasion, but soon went to regret.That is what the show ah, foreign troupes, performing acrobatics, popular songs, drama, song and dance duet and rock, eclectic actors have names, small Man Yu, a small Qing Xia, Deng mountain a whole hodgepodge, theaters are the district where the elderly.In this way, there are people continue to leave.  A woman singing pop songs, did not step down, sang opera, which is the White Snake episodes, she does not sing well, the audience was applauded, some boos.Lin idle originally going to sleep, and those lyrics so familiar, somewhat familiar voices, opened his eyes.Stage Meimuqingxiu woman with bright makeup, but then the familiar voice and face.Lin Chen blurted out the name of leisure, what Liu said, ah, people called the Little Man Yu.  Man Yu went backstage to meet a small.I’m busy so anxious, he is almost certainly that Chen.  But are too thick stage makeup, lighting and weird to flash to flash.The show is not over, not allowed to enter backstage, the show is over, or not allowed to enter.Small touches Man Yu heard the audience find themselves out.  Her makeup has not unload, his face is full-bodied red rouge, hair from the high beam, low-cost long robe style quite a bit, did not notice that I’m busy and Liu, straight man who will stop asking to see their , it is to tip it?Lin and Liu glimpse idle.Embarrassed, lowered his head slightly.  She really is Chen.Chen, Chen Xiao, I’m busy ah, you remember?I’m busy, your childhood friend Lin busy ah.  Chen raised his head, stared.  ■ Third night free on about Lin Chen to eat.Chen said: too late, another day it.  The next morning went to the theater, he’s not wait.Chen came out yesterday is not the way, she no makeup, very white skin.Looks a lot younger, wearing a plain skirt, worn to a university student.  Lin Chen asked leisure things, why moved out?Chen said that she was home in the country, because there are some skills father moved to town, and later my father was sick, and then went back.  Did not finish high school drop out, the good news came to the village a performance team, I heard that she stayed at the Children’s Palace, his voice is not bad, just bring her up.  I’m nothing more than free to study and work, a few words on the end, Chen said it takes a lot of.They idly walking in the streets, Chen kept his head down, broken pieces of hair floating over her shoulders, just as when they come together many years ago.  Next, is the happiest time I’m busy, he took leave of absence.Every day to look for Chen, and Chen went shopping together, they go to Pudong play, came back late, through the Shikumen house when Chen Lin idle pull the hand, has been so holding, reluctant to put open.I’m busy heart shivering slightly, like many years ago, Chen went home to visit, obviously very nervous, but make yourself calm as.He thought he should and Chen together.He loved her, was in love with.And she?There should also be a little like yourself.He said Chen you know?A long time ago I wanted to like this with you through every street.Go very far.  Chen laughed, a child, we all want it so a person.Chen sent back when it is already a little midnight, Chen knocked on the door of a small theater, leaning against the door to say goodbye to Lin idle.  Lin idle reluctant to leave, waving reluctant to say: See you tomorrow.Chen nodded: Yes, see you tomorrow.  ■ four tomorrow, there is really no tomorrow.  At daybreak forest leisure had a bath, some thought Chen was still sleeping, and just chat with Liu, Liu said: for her annual leave all your holiday is over.How to do?Hugh went to work over chanting.  Chen does?Her to stay, and with me.Liu said you’re crazy, she did not afford the diploma.Stay, you keep her ah.I’m busy, I said: Yes, ah, I keep her.In this way my whole life, and somehow crazy for once.  At noon, went crazy busy Lin Chen called to get up, but a small theater desolate, and did not hang out sharply past posters, janitor uncle said performance teams left in the morning.  Where to go?Continue to show a chant, like Nanjing, who knows!  Chen Lin idle for a cell phone, dial a long time, finally pass, but not Chen, a strange woman’s voice, said Chen’m busy, no time to answer the phone.People are gone, how you wrapped around her, ah, look at the parts of the students did not stick your face, you are really in high spirits.Telephone deducted, no dial.  I’m busy care in Nanjing friends to find out, it seems that the show team did not go to Nanjing, forest leisure center, the sand falls, back and forth, all the pain, he knew that Chen deliberately vanished, she did not want him to find her perhaps it is for Chen, he was just the students, she Mabu Kai face; Chen many times talking about that day, she had originally thought that tip, or maybe for her, he was just the audience, to him, she is the first love.She did not want to be with him.Think about his own worry, sad, can only blame themselves.  ■ After a five week break, I’m busy on the classes, in suits and ties and into the crowd in Xujiahui.  Liu said you and she is not a fellow traveler, like the subway, no matter how crowded, and who was much closer by, the station will go our separate ways.  Time went by, I’m always thinking of Chen began to idle, then do not want the.Chen like a scab.I will be sad to see when it is better not to look.No one knows I’m too busy like a troupe of girls, you know, will be treated as a joke.  Cor busy start in love, is the company’s co-worker, and later separated, and love others, and separately, and later got married, quit Liu went to Beijing, Shanghai back to see friends, leisure Lin married for two years.  Jie Feng was in a restaurant, just started, Lin’s wife busy busy, late arrival of some, Liu drank some wine.He began to speak.  He really drunk, a bit outspoken, and said you know I’m busy?In Beijing, I met Chen Xiao, it is another performance team, in a bar, Chen mentioned your name burst into tears, saying that if I see you, you’ve been married, forget her, just these words can tell you.In fact, as a child she knows you like her, know that you leave the decree to see her, she left things the Children’s Palace, early in the morning to tell the teacher, but you do not know it; later, many times in the yard of her homework, have seen after you hiding Althea.  Chen said she likes you, forget you together in the Children’s Palace of years, only two types of women.One is that, like White Snake, in order to prove the perfect love, a man willing to drink realgar wine; one is not willing.She is not reluctant to you drink realgar wine, for you, she was willing to do anything, but she did not graduate from high school.Drifting, eat a lot of pain, was hiding the truth, and she do not deserve you.White Snake can rely on magic to hide imperfections, Chen got no power, we can only choose to leave.  You originally passers-by, before leaving, had stroll a few blocks, enough.  Liu finished, or do not trust, asked Lin busy: You do not love her?Otherwise, I was an eventful.  I’m busy, I said: yes ah, yes ah, yes ah.Liu laughed.  Far, a woman came, Lin busy late wife.Women’s skin is very white, thin, broken pieces of hair leaning over her shoulders, somewhat like a person.But she is not.Liu stunned, said it was your wife ah.So you did not forget her.  I’m busy no answer.At that moment tears he suffered a long time, and finally from a broken heart, into his eyes.