But the most beautiful people

Today is the official teaching of the countryside fourth day, the coexistence between teachers and students become more harmonious.In this short span of four days, we step by step to improve themselves, let students comfortable and safe to live on campus, so that they learn more knowledge unknown.Touched me the most is the neighboring village of villagers and parents .Often finish teaching time to go to accommodation, you can always see them carrying local fruit warm chat with our teachers.School Hongzhu Ren is a very responsible teacher, his family had a half year old child in need of care, but he still insisted to come help us deal with difficult things every day, he always for the sake of our teachers.I think he definitely loved this village, the villagers want everyone to feel good, right.The night is getting stronger, I checked the students work very pleased, they are very sincere to express their feelings for me.Phone message rang, the captain told us Hongzhu Ren Yan Ting’s wife for us to do a big pot of crab.We have more than twenty teachers a taste of this delicious, especially the inner excitement, and finally on the island to taste the real seafood.I see we have a big smile, I think, not only because they taste the delicious crabs, but also because the villagers felt the sincerity and love.I felt very satisfied, I think there is a most beautiful thing on this island, it is the people.