But the most beautiful red sunset

68-year-old father, mother a few days to a year ago to take care of 65 old private messages mom used to be a pretty versatile and talented old substitute teacher because we take care of a few busy time at the proximal quit repeatedly filling out forms mom took him less eye does not fill his father’s words that I rely on the beautiful and good-looking dad dad around a round into the gracious offer that I think last year class reunion in Luoyang father that afternoon after coming back to home small courtyard life low-key and humble father Ray turned us all, he said: the party, the most beautiful and the most slim and slender mother is my mother that day elegant demeanor accounted for all of us all of a sudden it almost brought imagine sixty year-old woman boast of his father into a flower peony day Sanmei in the county to the mother bought a beautiful shirt we co-authored five sisters-in-law, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, niece, grandson pretty ugly face child reviewer half-day silent in the side quietly watching father highlight a word: your mother is old look good in anything!  Our rolling on the ground ouch ouch to call a stomach ache mess call Mom and Dad think this age are so warm and so romantic companion I really feel ashamed heart children learn from mom and dad walking forward to happiness offensive stride Kennedy 2013 –4–27 father retired, my mom used to be a private teacher!Mom and Dad are truly perfect match!My head count woman inside was tall, but not my mom tall!Beautiful young mother quasi village!However, the mother is also very talented!We all admire my mother and sisters a few!In fact, my mom is a beauty and talent-in-one!!Bless Mom and Dad forever young and healthy!