But the trip with hai

Feeling like the vast sea groaned with hai to call you mad wolf howling wind in a boat and I do not know drifting He Fanghai love for me to touch the needle reached the seabed do not know how deep the boundless love of people surging waves roar like Acacia weeping seabirds make me spend the relentless sea you encounter passionate I tied causal past life love under the species was originally just a beautiful legend helpless love is like a gamble to lose the one I always obsessed with tenderness in return I get attracted to you the moment who wading through this phase hai who is willing to bury the bonds of love who abide by the highest power of vows who are willing to take on the outcome forsaken who used to believe that victories were riding who had promised tangled path of life who share only Acacia under the brow and the heart is when you get out of my life forever vast swirl of wet with tears Den is the end of the pain of liver injury Acacia any heat lungs biting all over my life in every corner of life’s long carrying you to I had the happiness trek so that once the warm sea slim with me for years is no longer lonely journey willing I tossed wading with hai