But they love the people hurt most

From a very remote rural areas out of the man, very hard to study, he admitted to the university.For his tuition and living expenses, the fields do parents sunrise and sunset and go, the old father of cataract treatment because of money and almost see clearly.He is also studying very hard, after graduating from Big Ben admitted to graduate, and finally admitted to the Ph.D..  Very bright future in front of him.Of course, there are good men rushing to the girls, the daughter of the vice-chancellor of University fell in love with him, coquette she let him feel that life is very satisfying.However, when she knew his family was very poor in the countryside on a ton of bricks, cursed his veins the blood of sweet potato.Vice President of the use of certain relations let him have a good job, more than the annual salary of 30, and married his daughter to him.  With his wife pledge: not to say that he himself rural areas, but said his parents were university teachers; rural homes can not give any further contact; allowed the villagers to their home city home.Everything looked bright flowery eyes, he promised.  The wedding feast, coming and going all the woman’s friends and family.He also had the urge to cry.Since then, he only dared to secretly send money home, but will not exceed 200.He was afraid the family thought he was good in the city, and to the city to take refuge in him.  Two years later, he told his parents he married in town.Happy mother of insomnia in the dim lamp a stitch of clothes stitched grandson little small pants.Rural parcel received 20 pounds.His mother is hard to imagine how thin they get tens of miles outside the county.  Wife with two fingers pinching small clothes, really yell told him thrown out, saying that fleas.He wanted to beat her, I suffered a long time.Finally, the fate of that bag of clothes or trash.  With his son, and his son’s first birthday that day, a lot of people at home.200 square meters of home voices.He was greeted with busy busy outside.Suddenly there a moment think old father.Security cell in a walkie-talkie to find someone says.He thought it was the guests, excitedly welcome out.He only saw his parents in the countryside away from home many years later now.  Outside, a lot of rain, two are old hair dripping water, he stared.Stay in the door at a loss.Half did not see his wife came in, came out to see.At the time his face simply can not describe in words.Cited two old door.Jiefang Xie mud sticking a foot creak do ring, father’s feet on the smooth wooden floors do not know how to walk.He only took them to the kitchen.Then to look puzzled guests said to be the wrong person for the elderly.  His wife told him to hurry up with the people who, no way, no way to his house full of CEOs old professor in short, some head, face, explains that his parents.  Father’s eyes completely blind, the big hospital doctor said delay time, if not a few years ago a certain blindness.Looking at two completely cloudy eyes, he felt that he was not a person.Parents lived in a hotel for two weeks and finally understand their son could not welcome them into their view of the house into the.As for his wife, Wu Wu from the day after the side made no exposed his face.  He always said he would take them to see the big city.Mother looked at his father’s eyes, ya say, we are not used to live here, we go home.  Two months later, he finally in the name of a business trip back home.Linlixiangqin came to see this great man flying Qiongshan ditch.From the folks in the conversation, he knew that the parents into the city is the land given to others species, the pig sold, completely want to go to him with dignity.  Parents return to rural areas also, they say, a good son to them, they do not go, but they are not used to live, people want to home.Back to everyone with a lot of hybrid package.Old father Soso touch of home cooking, hands are often healed wounds; seventy-year-old mother is still struggling to land for the rations, will do a straight up on his waist Chuichui.  Take the time, he gave twenty thousand dollars his father, he said to be two thousand, ten yuan each, to carefully put away his father, after having a difficult time out Take emergency.  He knew that he was completely dead son’s identity as.