But you did not

I was lying on the beach in July 1 when we thought you just met.That summer, we finished college entrance examination, doing odd jobs at a clothing store with.It is the kind of standing in the doorway to attract customers to their work, while patting the palm of your hand while shouting Wu Zhe Wu Zhe.  You and I stand goalkeeper equally on both sides of the shop, you probably shy skimming less than face to that call, I had a man alone, How about you only need to call the guests into the store: Welcome.  At noon, we have a couple find their own food to eat.Left and right through from the alley through the pedestrian street, find a beef noodle restaurant.It was very spicy noodles, I eat very happy, you eat very painful.Later, we played another next to the beef noodle shop to buy tea Ice tea.Selling tea is a grandmother, she has a very humble stall, a loaded ice freezer, put on the outside of a stove, oven kept boil water, then rinse opened old kettle in various colors.There are a granny cat, very lazy nest at her feet, while the sun, while licking paws.  Tea is very sweet, I do not drink, you do not care to take my drink to get past the remaining half into his mouth.  Grandmother watching us very envious of the way, we say how good fit is a pair of children.I smile and say, ah, we just colleagues.  Later, every day at noon, we will go to that noodle with beef noodles, go to grandma that drink milk tea.You gradually get used to the spicy beef noodles, I gradually got used to the sweet milk tea.We will drink milk tea while chatting while and grandmother.Grandmother celibacy, lived in a small house behind the shop.Hut screens cat drilled a hole, you volunteered to say you got off work to repair.  You flutter shining bright eyes and asked me, you come to it?  I nodded..  That evening, hot.You buy the screens in a nearby hardware store and nail, clumsily demolition of the old screens, installed new.I was standing next to you, handed handed hammer and a nail.You be attentive handsome, you look at me from time to time secretly, your smile, so beautiful.  You install screens are very ugly, old lady did not mind, in order to thank you, she prepared dinner for us.That meal is very simple, it is rice, vegetables, cheese and bacon.That cat, that alley, that plane trees, silver haired old man, old wooden tables and simple that you, as the warmth.  Later, we each received a college acceptance letter, you will go to another city.Work in the clothing store on the last day, you and I have some anxiety.While doing the same work immutable, unchanging eat beef noodles and tea, but all things are insipid day.  After work, we waved goodbye to each.I thought you would say something else, but you do not.  2 college life made me almost forget you.But six months later, we saw.It was winter, I passed the pedestrian street, clothing store we go to that work together to see old colleagues.I’m glad to see them before, they say, are you just do it just ten minutes.  I am very depressed, somewhat similar to pass the helpless.But you should back.You said you forgot this the hat.I was a little surprised to see you, you say, ah, you are.  We stayed in a clothing store that day long long time, until the manager was thrown out by the people to go.None of us want to go home, bored wander the streets.That day, only one km long pedestrian street, we should be wearing away.  You talk about you all kinds of interesting things in school, I also said my confusion.So we walked, I hope that road all the time and go on infinitely extended until forever.Later days too late, we had to go home to.You hesitate for a moment to ask me tomorrow, you can find me playing it?I nod.You say, you take me to Forest Park.  The next day in Forest Park, you rented a barbecue stove, buy a few sweet potatoes.Then it cold Tengen.You take a stick to get flushed down the stove and sweet potatoes.Roasted sweet potato are still unfamiliar with the carbon black.Finally, our fingers and face were smeared cooked sweet potato.  That winter, we always meet.Every time you send me home, will pass across a road, the road is my home, every time a red light, you will be suggested that: we wait for the next red light, right.The red light again and again, you are reluctant to send me in the past.  New Year’s Eve, on the Internet, you ask me, have a boyfriend yet?  I have to say.You silent.I like betrayed you like to explain to you that the boys chase me heavily, only with even the hand did not pull over.I kept explain, you just do not talk, then I hit your home phone, you pick up.You just said something to hang: Do you have a boyfriend and I love you.  I thought you’d have it both ways skittish I cursed it, but you do not.  3 back to school, and her boyfriend broke up with me, and you determine the relationship.Our love is hundreds of messages every day and numerous phone.Heart and feeling of happiness does not become weak because of the distance, on the contrary, the more intense.I am proud to dorm with girls say how cute you more handsome and more kind-hearted.  When the seven-day holiday, I bought a train ticket to go to you there.It was a surprise to find you when you are playing on the court, wearing a white T-shirt, sweat glistening in the sun.You see me, first I froze a moment, rubbed his eyes, and then, like a hungry wolf that flutter over the bar.I have nowhere to hide, are you holding.It was the first time we embrace, as fiery heart I never experienced.Like dying the same, but willing.