Butcher cop

Riding a donkey thin, with only a servant Zheng Banqiao, quietly went to Wei county office.  Wei County is known as three thousand copper stove maker, one hundred thousand women embroidered reputation, but Zheng Banqiao came all the way, but to see the situation and it flipped, though not here to say hard times, but apparently Renxinbugu, poor law and order situation.It appears there was a good cop ah!Zheng Banqiao said to himself.This cop, both positive stand, the line was straight, but also smart, of course, have a good martial arts.In fact, their side there is such a person, this is Jia Ding Zheng He took three.This Zheng three books to read well is wise, honest, martial arts also very amazing, fragile at first glance, in fact, won the shamisen within the home boxing.So I chose Zheng said this cop it three!No, Zheng three still have to fight fame, once became a cop, the court has a law, it is no longer obtain fame of.  Zheng Banqiao took three wandering the streets in a few days as ordinary people, learned many cases.He got the idea, so it goes to a three summoned Zheng said.  Zheng three to the street, went straight to the Hall butcher stalls.Huo butcher face beard, big tall horse, dog meat cooked a good hand.This dog is not met Zheng Banqiao’s a terrible person, inquisitive to Huo butcher’s dog, it is not seeking to have a taste.  To dog pounds.Zheng three against the butcher said Huo.  Come, please wait Keguan.This Huo butcher greeted mouth, past men hand, then quickly put pounds of dog weighed, wrapped handed over.  Zheng three took the dog and said loudly: the newly appointed magistrate magistrate Zheng Zheng classic home, remember the account!  Just at that moment, but also a butcher Zheng won back the dog: take no credit here, I do not know magistrate Zheng, Zheng lords do not even know, whether it is positive or vice classic vintage, cash on delivery goods!  In this way, two people adhere to a credit, a firm does not buy on credit, less than a three words, fists were using.  Zheng Road are three fist amazing, but the mountains there, and people, after dozens of rounds Zheng three will be at a disadvantage, and a few rounds, hit by three feet on Zheng ass, clutching his ass back to the county government.Zheng Banqiao seeing furious, poor thousand runners rushed to the street, arrested the butcher to put Huo.  Huo butcher to the county government and saw that Zheng three clear who is to stand beside the magistrate.Zheng Banqiao gavel a shot, having performed procedures, see the butcher Hall proudly erect, refusing to admit his condition and no big mistake, admonished a few people put trouble.  This play a farce, Zheng Banqiao not eat dog meat.  The trouble a dozen, butcher remember Huo Cheng Cheng magistrate adults, of course, remember the three Zheng.  When Guo Shu, Zheng Huo three and a butcher’s dog to Tanqian, or to pounds of dog meat.That good dog, Zheng three: Do not you know the last time magistrate Zheng Zheng adults Well, this ought to know, well, remember the account!  Huo butcher knife raised high, draw an arc, that knife with a roar, in-depth case-third of the meat, but also to uphold the blade buzzing in there.I said, whether it is positive or vice lord lord, I am here to fair trade, cold number-crunching, No credit!  Introduction to word go, both of them fighting on the mouth.The Zhengsan Ming-chi, believe the gentleman moving mouth hands can not do hands?He was defeated Huo butcher men, this is not a hands-on activities Grilled Pig looking in the mirror self-inflicted ugly thing!  Naturally, this did not eat dog meat Banqiao.  No dog, just as there is no life, those days, but Chafanbusi Zheng Banqiao, to say nothing of the poetry painting.  And Guo Shu day before, greedy intolerable Zheng Banqiao personally brought three cases Huo butcher’s dog came.Although Huo butcher looks a vicious look, but it is known to the manager who personally see the arrival of a high ranking official, quickly hired a security.  Zheng Banqiao stroked his long beard, Mifengzhaoyan: Come on pounds of dog.  Huo butcher eyes blinked a few times: Zheng lord, may I ask this is that you still crunching credit?  The Banqiao eye stare: what say?Listen to allow the officer to say!  If you have paid their dues, I single-handedly pay dog, if you credit, small to report a crime, you go somewhere else on credit, I have here a rule, takes no credit!Huo Road butcher answer.  Tie, Hello great courage!I is dignified Chaotingmingguan, a county magistrate, can not rely on your account!I think you have to credit credit credit does not have to buy on credit today!It seems to be a very angry Banqiao.  Zheng adults this is not your strong Buy Well, big deal I do not put this dog stand, do not stay here Lord, own to stay at the Lord, in a word, not on credit!Huo butcher categorically say.  OK!it is good!Getting remark, Zheng Banqiao not only anger but laugh, and kept saying three good character.  Huo butcher stunned.I said to myself, this is not a sick adults Zheng Well, not angry anti-laugh, could not even smile, like that of Cao Cao would kill it, he laughed after that what will smother it?  Stunned crowd of people, and everyone is worried about Huo butcher.  Well, Zheng Banqiao put a thumb pick, good!Article real man, the officer did not wrong person!  Getting remark, everyone more confused.  It turned out that this is a cop Huo butcher another county because the upright, offended the magistrate of the county, he resigned, went to Wei County, nameless, relied on ancestral craft made a butcher.The situation is that the Banqiao unannounced visits.Zheng Banqiao intends to replace that labor does not contribute a smooth and slick cop county government, want to know that this is not a butcher Howard advanced kung fu, is not upright, with three Zheng and this dog of a credit meter.  The final new cop Huo Wei County became the butcher.  Needless months, Zheng Banqiao governed Zhengtongrenhe the Wei County in Huobu Tou et al assistant, did not close the doors at night Lubushiyi.