Butcher plan

First, the new home wedding on the third day, I called the phone Li Yuan.I want you now.Li Yuan can not refuse my request, even a full time affair a year, he already had on my body tired, but he was afraid I would trouble.Li Yuan cherished his family, and I am just the opposite, that the old man very clear.Rose Hotel Bar?What I had expected, Li Yuan for the first time the yield.No, come to my house.Over the past year, I have been requested to bed Li source of pleasure to enjoy again and again, he never dared to promise, now, I have a family of.Two hours later, the doorbell rang, when Li Yuan entered the room, wearing a little red hair on scraps of paper, it is the wedding day, make a new house of a man who sowed the lintel of hi ceremony.Just the door, Li Yuan looked a bit nervous, after all, this is another man’s wedding room.how about it?Someone else’s bride?I twist the hips, white silk gown set off waves.Li Yuan could not resist the way I twist waist, especially when I wanton indulgence, I would like to tighten and the muscles around the waist under the number shaking, at this time, the body flowing out of the heat, enough to destroy any of the world Hero of the dam.Old man anyone, okay, in the heat wave crest, the efforts to maintain calm and choppy rhythm of the waves.I’m through that curved concave line on man shoulders, looked at the clock, six.Husband commuting time.I started using nasal luck, issued a similar effort to suppress the release of whines and essentially sound.Ear did not idle, I heard the sound of the key hole is rotated, the metal sound swipe cells stimulated whole body I, I straighten the waist, hips shaking began, Li source in my backlash force, becomes into a beast, I do not know exactly death is just five meters back of his head.Prior to that, I put on a shoe rack in a handful of iron hammer, hammer pressure on the Pro Loewe cotton slippers, conspicuous enough, he can not miss it.Li Yuan began breathing deep breaths, and fully hear any movement indoors.Clock walked slowly, three minutes later, the man whispered shouts and cry, limp on me.Growl Li Yuan covering the door closing sound.Kacha, metal sound of the collision, there are footsteps away from the corridor.I could hear the elevator ding-dong sound, hear the elevator rope wrapped around the pulley, slowly sinking.Interior restored calm.A pool of saliva flowing on my cheeks, men run out of strength, like a dead dog in a coma, I pushed him away in disgust.Pull the paper towels, facial hard.I want to rub that brains.However, things turned out to be worthless that never turned up..Second, my name is Chu Chu, twenty-three this year, general manager of the company secretary.I have a sufficient endorsement of any brand’s face, a man so that all the world coveted figure.Three days ago, I married Loewe Pro, a five short stature, weak, wretched, mean small staff.This person knew timid as a mouse, but absolutely did not expect this person actually courageous even unto them in his new room, inability to watch strangers wanton revelry on the bride, iron on feet hammer turned a blind eye.Perhaps he only noticed strange shoes in the hall, and then it was an indoor scene spring official threatened to rip it.After witnessing the ravages new wife stranger in his bridal chamber, WWW.5aigushi.Select the COM quietly fled the scene, I am afraid this is called the world is only temporary Loewe people have done it right.This man actually called the man with?To be my husband?In short, the Loewe temporary escape, this useless guy, once again with his cowardly destroyed my plans.My name is Chu, not your imagination homeland after an absence of Chu Chutian wide, but the King of Western Chu Han Shi hate speech!My name is a symbol of revenge.Five years old, I knew my life was going to marry the man Zhang Donggang, together we finish primary school, different city university, isolated strengthened our determination to graduate after registration.Just before graduation, my wife has said goodbye to the dead.Donggang roadkill.A car accident, to avoid illegal taxi across the road who was rear-ended a truck hit a utility pole.Donggang died very injustice.Truckers flying out the window and fell unconscious in the middle of the road, the taxi driver head tumbled poles, died on the spot.Donggang but not dead, but the body was stuck on the seat, spine fractures it.Donggang very clear, but clear enough for him to have the strength to dig a telephone for help, it is in remote sections of the mountain campus, nine at night, passers vehicles are small, but very bright lights, see the Donggang that cross the street , causing the accident face.At first, the guy was in front of the scene scared perplexing, long time did not dare move, when Donggang calling his name for help, that guy turned and fled the scene.Asshole!He is not to look for help, but fled back to the hostel with a quilt over his head.Donggang was taken to hospital in a coma for three days, until I reached the hospital, only opened his eyes.This is the last time my wife look at me, look at human liver laceration, excessive bleeding rescue is not timely.Donggang before dying in my ear and say a name, the despicable, resulting in a car accident but fled the scene’s name.Pro Loewe, students with four years of Donggang classmate.