Butcher planted dirty woman

This afternoon, a company’s accounting Brown was Checkout.At this time, the accounting director De Mate opened the door, he saw no one around, then a subdued voice whispered whispered to Brown: There are five million francs this month on account of loopholes, while not being discovered, we quickly want Method.My country villa at night to go, the two of us talk about the good.Night, De Mate Brown led his country into the villa’s living room, he said: start with a glass Viagra bogey soil solution recover from fatigue, OK?Brown nodded..De Mate removed from the hood beautifully decorated bottle of wine and two cups, filled up his first sip, put down the cup, out of the living room.Brown sipped whiskey, I feel very comfortable.He put a little ice, staring transparent wine, silently thinking back on the road ready response, we intend to take to deal with De Mate.Suddenly, he felt a burst of faint when Brown woke up, found himself handcuffed in a dark, dank room.De Mate standing next to look sinister smile: Brown, I want to be rich.I congratulate.You drink whiskey spiked with drugs, I have slept ten hours a.You can also drink!Brown, you imprudent, medicine is caught in the ice inside!The company has found a loophole, but you have the.I’ll guess you absconded with company accounts.Ridiculous, the police will find you!Well, find me?Let me tell you that your role in this drama of.You will play kill my murderer.One day late at night, you come to me, they had an argument with my wife, you angrily pulled out a pistol.De Mate said as he points a gun against Brown, this way, ‘bang’ sound, that died!Then you fled, overturned on the road!Brown screamed: You bastard, you can not do!De Mate laugh, walk away.I do not know how long, Brown heard someone walking outside, he want to die, to be exculpatory for themselves, Brown decided to fight with the De Mate.Footsteps, but footsteps, then a quiet, unbearable silence.His eyes closed like a sleeping man as uniformly controlled breathing, he had removed his handcuffs De Mate.Then he felt the asymptotic breathing, like, to hear the voice of his handcuffs loose buckle.Brown spelled out in full force, suddenly strangling each other’s throat.I heard screams sharp woman he froze, he quickly let go, this was dismayed to find himself being grabbed the throat of De Mate wife.De Made of blue eyes had a look of panic, her step back, clutching his chest, said hoarsely: Brown, you scared me!This in the end is how, Brown Joji puzzled.Mrs. De Mate catch his breath, he said: I know I’ve secretly prepared for a long time.He kept a mistress, paid for.You later a missing, I am more skeptical, he secretly tracking.He every night looking for an excuse to come here, I feel something fishy here, so he came.Was found in the garage tarp covered up your car, I understand you were locked up in the basement.Brown flabbergasted, then you why did not you help me out?Mrs. De Mate eyes flashed a strange look, do not know what he wanted, it would arouse his suspicions?No practice is a miniature tape secretly installed in the room, the door switch is automatically controlled by a switch.So I know my husband’s plan, he wanted to get rid of me, so you take the blame.Your ‘does it make people believe.Mrs. De Mate Brown brought to the living room, the two men sit down face to face.Mrs. De Mate said: I have to thank you, you point out the flaws in my husband!what did you say?Yes, it would only pistol!If he kill me, the police will soon be able to catch him follow it.Because he is not registered with the pistol, gun traces of rust protecting oil on the pistol will remain in my temple.If you Xianxiang shot me, my temple would not have gun oil!Mrs. De Made finished these words, a smug smile, and said: I take you to see a very interesting scene!After two tandem, entered the bedroom De Mate.There is no pool of dried blood on the green carpet, De Mate lying face lying on the sofa, blood slowly dripping from the chest outwards.Mrs. De Mate gently patted his face with a gloved hand, then gently kissed him and a.Brown in a trance, he heard Mrs. De Mate clear and distant voice: to develop such a plan, do not have access it a shame?Moreover, my husband bought a high life.All this I will go all Mr. Brown, I think this should be changed, when I went to get bread on the second floor, you are my husband was shot and killed during a heated argument with you.The police will not protect gun found oil in your temple, so that the police can not but believe that behind me say, then drowned in the loud sound of lightning-fast shooting.Just get relaxed and pleasure, not fear and danger with this Brown gunfire into the kingdom of heaven.Mrs. De Mate Brown gently shut the eyes of the dead would not rest in peace.Pick up: Hey, the police do?