Butcher Story 3

There once was a butcher and a monk monk with a butcher is a good friend.  To them chanting monks every morning, and every day the butcher to butcher up.In order not to delay their morning’s work, they agreed to call each other the next morning to get up each other.And conventions, one, three, five, seven monks called the butcher to get up, two, four, six days a butcher monk called up.  Years later, the monk and the butcher died one after.Butcher to heaven, but to hell and monks.  Monk refused to accept such an unfair decision, they asked Hades, my prayers every day, why did you catch me, catch all day without killing the butcher?  Yama replied: Because butcher him every day to do good, after getting called monk chanting practice, on the contrary, the monk called the butcher every day, but you get up and go kill.Cattle and butcher butcher’s bullpen shut many cattle to be slaughtered.One day, cattle gathered together, planning how to kill the butcher.  Butcher is really an outrage!We went so far as to slaughter as a career, we must avenge him.They gathered together to discuss the way, some began to sharpen their horns, ready to fight.  There are a lot of plowed fields of the cow said: butcher does slaughter us, but our destiny is so, no one can not escape death, now dead, later died or will die of old age, that is very painful.If you die in the craft clever butcher sword, perhaps their sophisticated skills also let us die more happy few, we reduce the pain, if we fall on those who lay hands, it will be more painful.  That according to what you mean, we give thanks to the butcher!Other cattle puzzled and asked.  Appreciate the idea is not just to control our destiny in the hands of the people, although the butcher can be killed, but people always want to eat beef.This is an indisputable fact.The cow says.  Then how do we do it now?  God wants life but also people die, people of course annoying, but they never so to kill God, some things can not be changed or go with the flow!Prior to the butcher and executioner Shun do executioner, a butcher.After doing the executioner, he was a butcher.  Which original, executed prisoners on the ground, to please foreign executioner beheaded to please more than the number, calculate travel expenses, meals, gifts, fees, special expenses What a mess together, but also very heavy burden, so after some research, we decided to develop a local, push lightly push lightly to go, eventually butcher Shun as the best candidate.  Shun was initially reluctant, which can stand up to advise, make county government adviser Zhang He declared, to find Li Shun said: After the rush, Longshan Street, Hushan Street, Phoenix Street, Pickering Street pork exclusive supply of all yours you feel was beautiful?  Feeling was beautiful?Shun feeling rather beautiful, so he nodded, made executioner.  Shun the first execution, after all, cut is people, not pigs, and he was a little nervous.  Beheading prisoners also profuse sweating.Shun advised him to take it easy.I say prisoners mainly because the first time you play, you’re nervous bad cut on my head, I am going to suffer ah!  Shun gave birth gas, cut to swipe the dolphin, then rolling on the ground holding the poll will wink shouted: Grandma, do you see me nervous?  So, Shun’s famous pig killing is not good, but because the well head cut.  In fact, do executioner, busy job.If busy, to astronomical knives to injure the head, that does not trouble you?But anyway, look at Gululu rolling to the head, Li Shun psychologically, more or less still suffer a bit of.  He touts Zhang Xuan, often to carry a jug of wine, pig under the cargo on Shun point stew, they take care to drink with.Of course not drunk, tipsy best, a jug of wine, just enough.Of course, I want to drink chat pull Guala, such as beheading people called yesterday, before his death made what matter children, what had been done evil, such as victims who had.  By Zhang He declared say this, my heart will be able to Shun Some light and spacious.Zhang He declared that this man, yes.  He and Zhang Xuan is a good man, his face hanging love to laugh, walking on the road, to see people who need help, love handles aid, begging encountered the elderly and children, I would also like to leave a copper all have a two Zhang said the adviser was a good man.  But good is not necessarily rewarded.He Xuan Zhang’s daughter, guilty of madness, the Zhang Xuan He’s face to catch the injury.Zhang He declared himself a drink when questioned last generation to do what sin does?Shun to enlighten him, to comfort some Huaer the five with six.  To this sake, indicating that the two exchanges, okay.  Shun butcher, four street meat supplied by him, say that it made some money.He thinks of Zhang Xuan He’s a good child, always wanted to repay it.Zhang Xuan He may have refused, saying that in fact this is my ah hurt you, hurt you can not tell when the executioner wife were talking, someone out of the window into the house throwing stones, Zhang Xuan He called: girl, side to play!  Girl called crape myrtle, suffered a rebuke, insane and committed.We should see a visitor Zhang Xuan, Li Shun stood up, walked in front of crape myrtle children stare at her, somehow, madness crape myrtle quieted down and Shun Zhang Xuan He is very surprised, Shun go very far, Zhang Xuan He also shout Shun, Shun, the future often come to my house to sit ah!  This fight back, often to Zhang Shun He declared the house, renowned for Shun, crape myrtle becomes very quiet.Shun self-deprecating who has murderous, man scared.He says Zhang Xuan Definitely No, indicating that we met really nice ring ah!Shun listened, his face smile, but my mind was thinking about something else.  The original recently, but also the execution of Shun.Beheaded man called horse fly, cut the bandit before his death several robbery, the bandits did not ye be chopped, the horse fly eventually beheaded.Li Shunjing people so heavy, so do not let the horse suffers fly, fly pumping cold sub-knifed his head no sin to death ah, but how it will die?Shun do not understand.  He said Zhang Xuan bow to drink alcohol, the bureaucratic thing, Mowen Mowen.  Autumn next year, Zhang Xuan it has to be beheaded.It is said that he, as a clerk, do pseudo-like, fabricating facts, Ma Fei Shou Yuan lethal damage.  Before the execution, Shun him to scrape together a meal of wine, say a Huaer.He said Zhang Xuan or drinking alcohol, the bureaucratic thing, Mowen Mowen.Li Shun said: I want to tell you that you made the thing, I was denounced to the top!  Zhang Xuan laughed and said: know know, how could I not know about it?  Zhang Xuan said: I am worried about, you know what it is?  Shun said yes.Zhang Xuan drank the last drop of wine bowl, smiled and nodded.  He Xuan Zhang Shun’s head was cut off.  By chance, he met Li Shun Monk, will cure madness.Under careful treatment, crape myrtle disease and more light, and finally finish a prescription, the Monk hesitated waited a long time before they hand it over.Shun and he smiled, holding a prescription go.  Chrysanthemum bloom outside the window, a monk in the chrysanthemum is empty sigh in despair.  Is already autumn, and Shun took a jug of wine, a pig under the cargo terminal, came to Zhang He declared graves, so join in the drink as before.Left and right glass cup, when to drink a little drunk, said Shun crape myrtle will cure you, promise your thing, and I after finishing it, did not mind it, you must not worry, I will now come to you finish , out of a dolphin cut towards the neck.  Shun’s head rolled down on Gululu.