A door into the twelfth lunar month, after another village who will prepare the New Year.Grinding, steamed bread, butcher, porter, shopping, said seasoning.So-called “New Year’s foods”.In preparation for these many things to attend, the most memorable number to make me the butcher.    As a child, until the butcher that day, our brothers and sisters and the neighborhood kids always clapped gleefully shouted: “Hello butcher!La butcher!.”Great people, first in the big iron pot to boil water, until the water is boiling, and began to catch the pig.The pig was tied piercing howl, perhaps knowing deadline is approaching, while howling side with the mouth biting, kicking with a hoof, doing last-ditch struggle, now often I think, before we know “howling like a feminist.” the beauty of this metaphor.    Until butcher person (Murakami called Tu house) picked up the knife-rattling grind, we did not look at children but it is broken, and are far into hiding, and so the big people dead pig iron in the hot tub good on a piece of wood, at the beginning of hair aside, we go around, people watching a big pull a hair, could not help heart itch hands itch, tentatively reach out and pull, but can not grasp the full, only once Unplug perhaps a handful of a few, prompting big people laugh.    Mao pull the net, and on the wall by a piece of wood, tied on a rope, wound buttons, one leg hanging on the buttons, the pig hung upside down.Pig slaughter house first cut, then neck pig and pig tails cut off, take it on the pot boil, then cut open, dig gut belly, took out his heart and liver and so on, but also cooked the heart and liver, intestines began to turn.We looked like magic to turn the intestines, it will be surrounded by adults, the adults around too impatient to find out the pig urinary bladder from the inside: “Here, take on the play go!”We have won like a baby, which will squeeze out urine, blown wide open, with a line Zhazhu, throw up rushing to play, call it the ‘balloon’.This is when we are most happy when the butcher, the sound of laughter, noise, looting sound, mixed with the aroma of boiled pork, dispersed in the air.And other large intestines people to turn good, cooked meat, we went rushing Duanwan, meat and red light temptation to play the “balloon” the fun, it is no wonder, several times a year rarely eat meat, a listen to scream, greedy mouth water, when the “balloon” I do not know the dog Diao, or wind up.    Butcher this day, the so-called eating, in fact, eat chowder.Cooked the heart and liver, pig neck, Michelle pigtail into pieces, add a good seasoning, add water, add potato chips, sauerkraut, noodles, cooked the Duanwan scoop, taking a dip in bread, the taste, absolutely true.I think it is the other dishes can not be replaced.Especially farmer sauerkraut fried pork, pork fat and then, as long as the sauerkraut and fry, eat not greasy, smooth and refreshing.Even our kids could eat a bowl twenty-three.Only eat round belly bulge, put down the bowl until discourage adults, he went to see the pig urinary bladder.    This is the butcher of childhood fun, but now a feminist, but it seems a boring.Our butcher when the child is larger than the hours we do not know how many times the courage, perhaps they see on TV imputed scene more, this lack of white butcher knife into the red knife out of the bloody scene to fear, do not go boom boom all, just stood expressionless in, sit and watch the battle, flying pig, pig sound miserable crack, but the children eye blinking, the heart does not jump, could not help a person feel Xiangqilaijiu heart hair fear, and when the dial pig, how is called also called not move, sit on the sidelines, that they set aside Mao, they say dirty, no choice but to make you smile soon.Even the pig is not allocated, let alone play the urinary bladder, no matter how you put the pig urinary bladder of fun to say the hype, they are still indifferent, even if you let him take the throw, also dismiss.    Even more incredible is that even pork fried sauerkraut so simple and delicious cuisine also became a luxury.While everyone has sauerkraut, but almost no longer a feminist someone learn a little as braised.In the days before the butcher, had bought from the market fresh vegetables, what is rape, leeks, celery and so on, high grade, but also how not to eat the kind of taste of childhood.Every family comparisons, and believe that their own butcher put sauerkraut and fresh vegetables will hold a shame, as a result led directly to this day the butcher to eat pork in the form of a revolution, and this change often made me nostalgic for childhood the butcher.While it is compared with the time, living standards improved a lot, but the children of a butcher cold and calm, not fried pickled pork loss and helplessness, it always made me produce a touch of melancholy as promised nothing.