Butcher, was a rural landscape, both in horror, but also fun, I do not know how many people leave a mark.Childhood, I had seen from the courtyard of the family butcher, also in the production team in the big courtyard crowded people had seen the empty butcher, butcher or less the same process, just different sizes Bale scene.Today, thirty years have not seen a butcher scene, sometimes recall, still fresh, deep in my mind will immediately generate an instant horror, then calmed down, it is deep memories and Reflections.    I remember when I was young, my family’s in the pigpen have reared a pig year.At first, it raised black sow, and later, mostly white boar, each year a.Because this is the main source of that era, grandmother and mother feeding quite got the idea, sometimes, but three one day feeding, the feeding of going to space, thrust forward faster fat pig, pigs as people would like, almost the twelfth lunar month each year into the door, they grow to two or three hundred pounds, looked Biaofeitizhuang, beating looked, this time I think of a phrase called: “people afraid of strong fear of famous pig”, pigs grow to both fat and strong time in respect of slaughtered.Father will advance to the northwest corner of the village butcher house to say hello, he says about when, in respect of pigs slaughtered at home, and then discuss a butcher, butcher of time on the set.    Wait until the scheduled butcher this day, the parents got up early, past men ready to butcher, my father went to ask the butcher, butcher the butcher’s tools helped bring.Mother put the pot scoop filled with water, the Zaotang fill the wood, burning alive, and so on to the butcher, the water will open, and put very strong rectangular table to move to a small courtyard, polished the north and south stood.    Butcher smoked less than a bag of tobacco effort, the father put the neighbors called the four or five people, helped catch the pig, went into the circle, pig met a stranger afraid, let it cool down first first look the pig, selecting the right opportunity, drinking chant, Maozhao Yao sprang together to pigs, some pigs are stunned, a front man, it ran, danced, cried, my father called to one side it, while feeding it, wait for it to be honest, and then surrounded them and there are tugging the ear, with pig tail pulled, there is holding on front legs, hind legs, put it wrestled to the ground, busy divvying carried on a low table from the pigsty.At this time, butcher and quickly put yelling so, then the pendulum, the pig gracefully position, picked up a foot long enough to have sharpened up the Sha Zhudao toward the throat pig stabbed into it, pulled out a knife pig body’s blood will be poured forth a flow prepared in advance put a large bowl of salt.At this time, pig sounds very, very tragic, cried, cried, voice getting smaller and smaller, In a moment, it is only moaned in the chest, then later even hum hum also does not come out, in the kicking leg only a few, occasionally twitching body a few.Put over pig’s blood, then with the Sha Zhudao butcher cut open a small hole in the skin of the pig’s hind, and then a round of drill rod to poke the skin all over the body of a pig, and then, out of drill rod, attached to the mouth knife-edge place, blowing inside, saw his cheeks bulging big, hard blow in the pig’s body, some butchers different ways, with air pump to inflate the body a pig.Shortly afterwards, the pig’s body began to swell, the body swell up like a toad-like air, covered with bulging with much larger, four-legged Bengzhi, I was born like strange, this butcher doorways really, strength really big, so big a pig can blow up, really great.Later, we see much more, almost all like this, flattering. Next, I saw that pig faded hair, lying idle in my yard a big pot 16 India, my mother and I hurried to boil the steaming water is added to a large pot, greeted a few people butcher the pig She carried a pot of boiling water, constantly pouring boiling water to the pigs, and pretty soon, pigs will be able to pull down the hair by hand, scraping pig butcher to come up with tools, while blowing, while washes, getting up look good, to look dirty pig scraping clean, white light of a pig present in people’s eyes, not just your legs when watching a big difference, a few people and then lift it into the low table on the butcher began to cut open it up, butcher butcher more, the action is very skilled, several times down, all the internal organs of pigs exposed out, like the butcher pigs as a favorite crafts like carving on it, the first pig heart, lung, liver and other organs cut off, hang on a rack, then the pig intestine, small intestine, tripe dig cut off, began to turn the intestines, the intestines of pigs, in turn, drained inside the feces, salt and a base rub back and forth, down several times, and then water clear Times, think about it, then turn it back, heard many people say, read the turn after washing pig intestines, I think about it, it is not willing to eat the large intestine.    Butcher, the children are willing to join in the fun and see exactly how the butcher, and later to fight to Niaopao pig, the pig butcher cut off Niaopao often willing to dig for the children to play, then little friends are waiting, scrambled to grab the hand to elation, rinse it, blown up, together with a wire, like a balloon, inviting lines, whipping the fly, then it is a bustling.Speaking to pig Niaopao, also leads to a story, then home being vigorously sing “The Red Lantern,” “Sha Jia Bang”, “Modern Peking Opera” and other model operas, singing “Modern Peking Opera” , Zuo Shandiao played no props, someone let him shave your head, unwilling to care for him, someone suggested to him wearing a pig Niaopao, just a butcher, went to the pig Niaopao wear to his head, though Niaopao wearing a pig, but the Zuo Shandiao play a more gusto, it has been home to people standing jokes.    When a large group, each production team have reared a few pigs, to the time of the Chinese Lunar New Year, kill a pig enough points, sometimes even kill three, four pigs, such a scene on the spectacular.Once, I and small partners to hear the tragic pig sounds, it quickly ran in that direction, to where to look, the yard full of people around, still standing three or four of holding Sha Zhudao butcher, yard north of the “one” scheduled to open hanging shelves stocked with pork, central courtyard vertically side by side table, then had slaughtered a pig, put on the table, and ran a pig, a pig screaming, different methods of the butcher, butcher saw a child holding a pole with a hook, hunched forward to catch his head down, his eyes glued to the pig being ran, and a stride rushed to the waving rod hook, hook toward the throat of the pig go, all of a sudden had a strong hook pig, pig is hooked rod catching, honestly go along with the butcher, the former went to the table, several people walked rushed to grabbed the tail, laid hold of the leg, tugging the ears, carried on the table, pointed at the throat site butcher a pig, a knife and striking, just listen to the tragic pig called a few times, then stretched his legs, partners met with the other end of slaughter pigs scream, also used the same method to be slaughtered.Collective feminist left the impression was the scene of large, lively, and now looking back, still impressed.    With the changing times, are now hiring butcher, or leave the pig slaughterhouse slaughter, butcher rarely see past the scene.Over the past butcher, he left us a memory of a time of recollection of the past.    Qiaoxian De