Butler: forced selling noodles

On the microblogging His name butler day.There is a mustache shape of a man, keep a dog he called a son, three meals a day eat fresh food.He is a person can loose not tight.Has been like cotton and linen, usually do their own clothes, pants a year is enough twenty-three.At that his birth raised his extended family, housework at a young age by a brother and sister who basically do not do it yourself.Mother did not like to ask for help, to make their own hands.Father was a gardener, cook well known, near the impression that as long as people want to get married, necessary to ask his father to chef.There is a housekeeper own design company.After the company on track, his life stopped In a relaxed state.A live, usually do not have too many ideas, occasionally doing something to eat.After all, it is sensitive but cautious, even just hold a curiosity, but also be able to eat a thing to make their own version.Mindful eating noodles taste of childhood, would smooth unforgettable.He recalls: At that time, you can eat alkaline water certainly have to take the time to do it.10 minutes to do it now faces, used to take one hour.He could not deceive his mouth, so people rub a few faces, he will pay more a few, in order to achieve the effect of past.A lot of things not only taste, it is an integrated together may make you think of the previous scene, we miss is the time.Butler says.He did surface, the materials used are imported flour, duck and water.The outside surface is usually no fragrance, but his face frozen after a few days, open the package can smell the aroma of eggs and wheat.Before deciding microblogging selling noodles, housekeeper has accumulated a considerable number of fans.At first, he just made some photos on the microblogging record is not only eating and drinking, there are photos of life, travel diaries and travel notes.Which related to the noodle microblogging and comments are always the most number of forwarding.When women are basically buy side, they buy for their children to eat, do not feel bad selling and, in particular, they play the emotional card: So, someone offered to buy face, he said,.After more and more people asked to buy surface, rolling surface on its own home machine has been unable to meet the needs of the people buy the plane, housekeeper to find a factory.Factory to give him time machine, an unskilled laborer send another helper.He is responsible for surface ratio and fermentation, by feeling the hand to find that point of time.Wake up to that time, you come out and touch.Sometimes the same brand of flour will be differences, there are some small duck, the last check is to feel.He did once a month, every 1 ton face, back and forth to a week.One day, when my friends to help statistical orders, to discuss the rules set face to the middle of the night, suddenly do not want a housekeeper.On the microblogging private letter book by plane it is time-consuming and laborious.Finally, suddenly thought of a good way, directly to Taobao photographed, transaction data is automatically generated on the surface of people booked, simple operation, and he went on to do so.No matter what, the task becomes, the senseless.It was also asked to do a wide surface.He only A: I do not do, I just do according to my taste, is not suitable is your thing.After that, the pasta control on microblogging increasing in number, the housekeeper opened his own shop steward surface micro-group, usually posted in advance, specific issues to announce this appointment noodles.Basically rely on fast chips, pasta or blinking light on the reservation.The kind sold more and more, they are good stewards of the wonton skin, shallot.Limited number of copies are sold each month, and 200 parts of noodles, wonton skin 50 parts, 50 parts Scallion.Butler never thought to selling noodles for a living.For him, selling noodles is a passive thing, because people like to eat, so he was selling, now is not stop.Who can perhaps do better after a new face to replace him.In the future, he may choose to do, but few do something, only 100 pounds, it may withdraw from the surface world.