Car Complex

I called the car, not the four wheels, but two old bicycle, so far, more than eleven years of history, huh.    Yesterday, ride nothing if the “car” go for a ride on the street, suddenly found the car with a squeak, not loud but distinct existence, riding up and tired a lot, it seems to be where the card, and side front tire also been worn bare it will certainly be my colleague, old love to ride it, but often only know but do not know cycling maintenance, even if no gas wheel, Nana card, she can still ride, I faint what.It seems that it was so repairman to check friends.    Repairman riding in a circle back to inform you that the front wheel axis cards, marbles has to be changed, and so difficult to ride, oh.    OK, then repair it, huh.    This is tantamount car miles, we always come forward geese are swans.    Strange love for the bike, I seem to have always had.    When young, riding a bicycle to see others flashed by, envy, longing very, very much hope that I could be as cool as them, “two wreaths dog, feet Tata will have to go”, that is ridicule those who ride a bike, but I am partial to a rare endless.Teens, unable to bear more strength, and he gritted his brother, so he taught me to ride.His car 28 inches tall special, in fact, not for me to ride, because I could not even running boards are also not enough to get, at best a half step on the foot in. Moreover, this is a new car, his baby yet, not easily willing to let others meddle.Who can I be her sister it?Repeated begged off, he did not promise too difficult.Thus, it appears the easy road ridiculous scene head a man riding a crooked trumpet-shaped car, a person sweating in the back of help, although we love to ride, after all, Daner small effort is not enough, plus the wrong way, Gu head regardless of the end, always like the first management firm ass, wriggled, the bad direction, the husband may toss, hey.Once wiser brother, energetically shouting behind me forward to ride, I rode pretty good praise, they themselves had bugger.I thought he was helping the car firmly, very reassuring ride, ride a long way only to find I was actually in a separate action, panic-stricken, “ouch” at “splash”, lying on the ground.Brother gloat laughed: “You do not have Manman ride Well?Also leaning doing ah?”I think, er, yes ah, I think I’ll have to ride the thing.Ecstasy, Daner big flew to practice, and even semi foot to put the car ride away with it, Hude age several small partners stared not believe it, proud.    The first time I rode the new car of their own, the father deliberately rushed to Shaoxing to buy a 26-inch women’s “fly” from Shangyu, I naturally regarded as love object, a person tyrants, even my brother and sister to borrow I have to see the mood miles, special pull.    The first time I ride taking a trip to visit her father is one of his mentor, was 60 miles back and forth, then just learned to ride soon.Our father and daughter one person, one car, riding in a relatively broad Malaysia on the road.I am happy that what, speed very quickly, volunteered to ride in front of the collar, even accidentally went to the middle of the road to ride.At that time happen to have two buses from opposite, I do not know how to avoid, silly Leng Leng go out into the middle of two buses go directly in the screech of brakes, I calmly drilled from two cars in the gap out, and the bus driver and father, stunned his face has changed.Think of it, now comes in fearful.This promise is a lesson too deep, and perhaps that is moving back to his father really angry, I finally understand that cyclists have to do pay attention to safety, not try to be brave brave, you can fast when the fast, the slower must slow.    That year, my few “car” has a glorious job many have suggested, damage or long ride, or have been repeatedly stolen, the most detestable is my favorite bike Dingding brand new red car, hidden in the shed, the thief had been broken go, the better heartache for some time, ah, the mood has been depressed, and sometimes even myself as recited in vent curse that damn thief.Later, a colleague out of an idea, “Do not buy a new car, or go get vehicles used cars, to save the old thief misses.Are you looking to buy a new car is a thief, why do?”I thought, clever.Been primed, the unit will go to a leave without pay colleague, surnamed Xia, Luo mind quite alive, he broke a bicycle repair shop in the market there, he said to be quite water, often from time to time when the Public Security Bureau to auction some of the seized nor the main claim of an old bike, he got about the renovation, you can get huge profits.With convenient we work in the office, I found him what you want, a self-introduction, summer and colleagues very flattering, to say OK, ah, just a car to be auctioned tomorrow, you go myself to pick one, I seal the deal.The next day, I went to turn up, charge 50 yuan auction picking up a card, save the head pro candid with others used cars.Think of it funny, that’s my first time to participate in a real auction, although only a small thing to shoot, slap each increase $ 5, but I long ago excited, to see someone fighting for my old car phase, How can we allow wrong lose?I would add one other shot shot once, stunned the bike from compact cars have been added to the original price of 45 yuan a 135 yuan (next to someone to remind raise prices too high, not worth), then the other probably see that I am the true want this car, under the bloody, give up, this car was my turn to hand.My colleagues will push the car over there last summer, told him the prices was taken into 135 yuan, he was particularly calm, all right, all right, so be it, you will put this car, I can help you fix up, Paul Hello ride, auction licensing it I have to deal with, this car will pay 50 dollars, how?I’m a naturally happy ah, they agreed to pick up the next day.    The next day to get the vehicles, the summer of my colleagues look sorry, I am sorry to say that, yesterday you took me in a car the whole good, it was Mrs. phase of Trade and Industry Secretary, she insists on the go, or else give you change a?Then immediately launch a dark red women’s car, saying it was too good just renovated, front and rear tires are on the bike brand removed, the frame also semi-new, good ride for sure.I am very happy, ah, this car is also pretty good thing, then it it.    As a result, the cost of my “new” car just as long as 50, and by the summer of his excellent colleagues, this old bike ride up the lighter and more efficient, I do not know how many times stronger than I had to buy a new car.Appearance is not a new car, difficult to recruit thieves attention, but also improve the safety factor, to paraphrase the summer of my colleagues saying: “If this car is not stolen, you ride more than a decade, no problem!”That day, I remember very clearly, it was May 27, 2000.Summer colleague, fulfilled long ago, this old car, and now it is still loyal service, but as always, so that, while I just gave it to change a tire ah occasionally with small parts.And my colleagues, short trip quite like asking me to borrow on the grounds that: This car is especially good ride.    A former costs only $ 50 old bikes, mainly people can serve for so many years, indeed maximize the use value, it is commendable.I could not proud of it!