Car passing, silent love

Dear school bus drivers: this time you turn the shuttle in which corner of it school?I only know one of you just downstairs from my bedroom and pulled the car over – and long burst of crisp sound of wheels rolling water – went to Chongqing rainy season.    Thinking back two years ago in September, when the hot Chongqing, I entered the school door, but suddenly lost his direction.Head of the sun, heavy luggage, and I soaked skirts.At this time, a green and white school bus coming slowly.I quickly ran up.”You want the thing which?”I obviously did not understand the words master authentic Chongqing.”Master, how to get to the Orangery?”I asked jerky.”Well on the train, on the bus.”Look at my luggage, helped me get off quickly master onto the car go.Along the way, I looked a bit strange campus scenery, mind full of university life this close vision.    Huge campus, if you are once again carrying, how can I easily traveled to every corner of the campus, enjoy the scenery everywhere on campus?    I like to sit in the passenger seat of the school bus, where more open view, there is always a different kind of scenery greets.School bus with fast nor slow speeds forward, passing an old tree, passing one pair of couple talking and laughing, passing a pedestrian thoughtfully.These normally independent of the screen, but this time intertwined, it seems to have become a story.    And passing a school bus.Already half past ten in the evening, and this should be the last bus today, right.Nightlife Network is such a rainy day, I came back from school, riding the school bus.Approaching the bedroom, I stop the car to let the master.Master did not seem to hear, drove straight for about 10 meters before the car stopped.I looked at him quizzically.Master said that there is just a big puddle, afraid I can not go, so then drove on a section of the road.My heart suddenly opened the warmth of.Before I had time to say thank you, the car and drove forward at full capacity, leaving only two wet tire tracks, as well as the drizzle that generous master back.    On school buses, time always flies – we always have a destination.And you do?You never seem to move forward.Every day, you tend to return back on fixed routes, repeatedly, to provide a convenience for every one of us travel.You also have time off occasionally – the starting point of the car on the passenger station.At this time, you will always come out a cigarette, sucked on a few mouthfuls, spitting smoke ring one after another; or, with another master, or the passenger seat of my chat.This should be your most leisurely time of it.    Maybe you can not remember the details of the.After all, to you, this is just the most extraordinary real life.You can simple, sincere and kind, made me, a thousand miles of students studying in a foreign land, harvest the warmth and emotion.I do not know since when, I had fallen in love with this strange city, I fell in love with was not used to Chongqing and spicy Ma, I fell in love with a deep sense of smell when you speak Chongqing.    Thank you all the way, accompanied by a short and beautiful, ordinary but profound.    Late at night.You must run around day tired of it.May you have a good dream.    Ping Zhu Yisheng!    Your passengers