Car sigh

From the carriage, rickshaw, bicycles, motorcycles, to cars, people travel mode changing.This fast cars, which can relax, watch TV, listen to music, women can be friends, you can talk about things that make travel reached a new height.Took the family car, the car becomes a mobile home.Or streets, or ride, or stroll idle all right, but also peace of mind, happiness is a kind of enjoyment of life.The rapid development of China’s auto industry, to create the conditions for people to achieve the dream car.Shrunk, changed world, the car went into people’s homes.Travel on the road, wind and less rain vain, uphill no sweat, no sun summer sun.Life, there are many people can not do without the car, there are many people from the heart to love the car, there are many people praise from the heart of the car.The emergence of new life in a most diverse scene because the car and the presentation of the.Bittersweet taste and recent emotions and attitudes of the whole, people feel happy and worry, people praised the people sigh.    This is a people happy scene.Sunny, flowers, young man out of the cell door, came in front of their own car, wiping out the tool and wash, clean up after sit flick the phone.Soon, out of a lingering charm of beauty from the unit, the pure beauty as a charge, a mature and stable Men.They came to the side of the car, and on the left and right sides, the door has closed, tail lights flash, the car gone along Hua Road area.Hey, look at other people, I felt really happy car.Nightlife Network This is a people proud of the scene.A retired teacher, a total of one black and one white two cars.Go to the market every day to buy things, and some black open to the morning, some in the morning to open white, some simply do not open that morning and went straight scooter ride away Women.Before departure, mostly standing on the car side, leaning on one hand and sucking spitting tobacco in one hand hips looking at, until the cigarette smoke do throw away this leisurely drive away.Hey, look at people, I felt real cattle car.    This is a people feel beautiful scene.Delicate silhouette, hair flowing, chiffon dress, belt light beam, or sunglasses hid their eyes, or bright lipstick, makeup or cleansing.Portable small bag, pedal high-heeled shoes, and go all the way da da.Jade shadow flash, sit inside; Yu Zhi a rope, hair down to her shoulders back; twist the key light, blinking lights, a full series of actions enchanting.When parking, the door opened, and out of the beautiful high heels, revealing a long white legs, wafting a charming multicolored skirt.Ah, looked at people, this car is really a baby girl beauty.    Most car people are like this.When you do not clean, and wash and scrub and wipe spotless.Then carefully put the car cover, lay the cover zippers, buttons lock cover, taking a closer look, look down, look after look ahead, look around the car in a circle, see step back for fear the wind , the rain, and was off the dust, be sure not a problem this confidence away.Hey, look at other people, I believe, a gray stars also fell less than his car to go.    With the car can achieve traveling by car.Green and wild and fog.Love and only lightly, pride Happy shopping world.Set themselves all the time, said his own count, convenient free like gods.Say we go away, we want to stop stopped, we want to see let’s see.    There are no annoying car parking spaces.Took to the streets, no street, turn laps also find no less than.Home to the district and no place to stop, every corner has a car, you do not say annoying annoying.Who do not know, how many a city residential parking spaces is not enough, how many a city street parking is not enough, let the number of individuals could not find parking spaces and upset.    Driving down the road is the most urgent human traffic jam.No matter how good your car, then run fast, you can block did not move, can only walk slowly move forward.Insight have long called for reducing government official vehicles, to reduce the rent taxis run, the implementation of single and double grade turn to the streets, the proposed development of public transport, cycling advocates to go out, to reduce urban vehicle driving.    Car on the outside of the most distressed people are being scratched, can not afford to wipe want, looking for someone who did not know the question, would like to stand there and feel demeaning not BS-ing civilization, can only hold fire in the stomach.US gas is the least drinkers vomit in the car, not like to say, in addition to not smell good for a long time.Subway smells that lent the car to someone else but trouble, I would also like to take responsibility.Most people can not figure out is drunk driving.Knowing the risk harm to others, knowing that large national crackdown, investigation means strict, how can that luck and knowingly.Most people angry is that drag racing, ignoring the safety of others, unscrupulous road when the track.Why the perpetrators ignore traffic laws, why, as the traffic lights, electronic eyes to “dance Scarecrow”, how to warning signs, zebra blind.Most do not want to see is that residues can not bear to block the scene of an accident!    Unit upstairs opened the car’s lifetime king division, said during the day chatting to drive almost a sense of life: just what wants to get permits to open, what car super Dugan, what car did not make, that is their own way, think a file on futile.Road race more, see things more deeply understand the urban public transportation, rental, highway trucks that are a few years later a god, any time had let the.Past accidents always want to beat the other meal, now people want to chase the tail compounding.Formerly boring people scolded, we must fight to the bitter end, and now most only stretched out a finger to tell him to go to heaven directions.All things, are divided into two, the computer not only radiation, the phone is not just an explosion of light, this car.Hey, do not say.The key is we want good fake to things.Refused to drunk driving, drag racing is prohibited, road safety, drive carefully.Do not open the hero car, do not open the car adventure, do not open the car blocking the gas, do not open the car angry.Do not hurt yourself, do not hurt others, not to be hurt others.Lay-by of the disaster, to enjoy the blessing of the car, the car was joy.Friends, you say?