Card children is a dog

REVIEW: card child I was the first domesticated dog, the dog is accompanied by the longest is also my favorite, most memorable dog, although a dog, yet I treat as my own brothers, children card indeed is a dog, a honest and gentle, intelligent strong big dogs, male gender, as age, if there is still, then seven years old.Since Carl disappeared, each mention of cards child, I was ashamed heart, sentimental endless, for several years, always wanted to write about the card children, but has not put pen to paper, because I really lack the courage or the lack of rhetoric, fear is difficult to write depicts a real child card.A few years later, memories of the bits and pieces and cards child together, still fresh, there is an urgent mood, the feeling had to write something for the child card, so there article.    I was the first child card dog domesticated, and it is accompanied by the longest dog is also my favorite, most memorable dog, although a dog, yet I treat as my own brothers, so often around the small partners I jokingly asked: “Liu Ming Yang, your home is not child’s card is Liu Minka ah?”I laugh, because I really put the brothers as children card.    Cards child is when I started reading a foster mother in the neighborhood over, then a month or two cards children look, plump, sallow body, is very endearing.Sometimes, at night it is wake up hungry cry, stormed ran over it to see the owner, laboriously climbed out of bed early age, the rise of two big eyes wide open looking at you, look eagerly made us laugh open arms, until the stomach to eat round and smooth, just lazily crawl back into the pits to sleep.Usually, the greatest pleasure is to tease his spare time cute little cards child, turned a somersault, play a roll, jump get on the ground, air Receiving.Card child a good talent, a little discipline it hundreds of times, doing bigger way.This has become my partners to show off the capital.    Due to eat, card children grow quickly and soon jump, the dog die like a dog.To about one year old look, card child has more than one meter long, Hutouhunao, walking chest Angtou, it is extremely dignified, it has become my bodyguard away from home.Said to be bodyguards, card Erque never bullying, wag Akira brain a gentle way, by the praise around the neighborhood.But by night, the card Erque maintained a high degree of vigilance, all strangers into the house, they bark whining child card, with the card children at home has never been a theft incident.    Card child is out of the name of honest, very obedient, sometimes suddenly found out cards child is not in the yard, then Han Jisheng “child card” card child begins a few hundred meters outside the rush came, panting at me Yaotouhuangnao.Card child has maintained a habit that I have to send me to school every day at school, ran hard with the back of a bike, a few miles down the tired out of breath, it can never give up, every home from school also Tate far ran over to greet.A short stay to visit relatives out for a few days did not go home, he came home, children suddenly oncoming card, his eyes full of joy, I was ready leaned stroked its head, hop it with his tongue licking my cheek, then excitedly running around behind me ass leave step by step.    Card child is the smartest I’ve ever seen a dog, not only the air Receiving no risk, and stair climbing fast bass bass, the river is also a swimming players, the most amazing is it to learn their turn on the lights.Home lights was drawstring, a pull on the open card children to see more, every time we look at a hand rope, the room lit up, cocked his head and looked very surprised every time, look after more than , and it went so far as to learn to jump with the lights on Yayi Yao opened; the first time met the kitchen lights suddenly lit up, feeling a little puzzled, then watched several children card again and again turn on the lights, he believed, had children learn to admire the ability to mimic the card.Another point is that the card lost children never eat stranger things, like fear of strangers poisoned it, this is indeed worthy of amazing mental preparedness!    However, the card feeding children in two years, but suffered from serious illness several times, each time a few days do not eat a little food, dying, but it is still strong enough to finally survived.On another occasion, cards child accidentally from a passing vehicle rolled on the thighs of the past, when a swollen thigh high, bloody, very sad, but the card was intact last child back to health, had for its strong and amazing!    However, children still go card, he is in a bleak evening.I do not see home from school children greet card and asked the family said no see, I loudly shouting “child card”, this card did not see the children flew back.So I am anxious, my brother and I rode a bike everywhere, searched the streets, still found no trace of the child card.Neighbors said: “Recently, many families fed dogs are lost, sounded like a dog traffickers stole, your family card children so fat, must have been eating the.”I heard suddenly dumbfounded, even asked his mother went to a fortune-teller to count the whereabouts of Mrs. Wang card child a few days later, the child card has not come back a few days, I do not think tea, rice is not fragrant, dream card children are thought to come back scene, but eventually woke up a dream.After the card children go for a few years, I still hold a glimmer of hope, and every time the card to see children like dogs, I will carefully GO is not a child wandered off the card, however, a time of disappointment.Card child finally did come back.    Later, the family and the foster puppy several times, but I never ever interest and delight.Cards child, you come home!You are always welcome at home!We wait for you forever!Or can only say: cards children, all the way![Editor: Yuet Wah]