Huayi Brothers star theater located in the industrial development of Shanxi Jincheng help text brigade

Huayi Qiming president of the East director, producer Huayi Brothers star theater total, according to director Mark Huayi Qiming East director-president of Huayi Brothers star theater total producer, director Mark description: "Huayi Brothers will star theater project located in China's first cultural tourism and leisure business entertainment complex, it will become China's cultural jewel in the tourism and leisure industry。 "Beijing Olympic Games from the former Ministry of Culture Minister Zhao Dongming, the PLA Art Academy former president Lu Wenhu, large-scale cultural activities of the Office in Beijing, former director Zhang Shurong, national director Ma Rong, the famous director, producer Zhang Jizhong, director of the Central Academy of Drama Department ginger Tao, a famous national stage art experts, national level, stage designer, Sun Wei-day and other key creative team have expressed their will to build a good Jincheng Huayi Brothers star theater determination。   Shanxi as the one of the earliest origins of Chinese civilization and the birthplace of the central area, gave birth to five thousand years of Chinese civilization, known as "the cradle of Chinese civilization", known as "China's ancient culture museum," said。 The historic city located in the southeast of Shanxi Jincheng, ranked top of the Taihang, overlooking the Central Plains。 Jincheng has a long history, deep inside, it is one of the cradles of Chinese civilization。 Jincheng old times, there are generations of excellence, here was nurtured with the name of the Warring States Lin, Wang Shu and Jin Dynasty physician, the Tang Dynasty monk Huiyuan, a large number of historical figures。 Meanwhile Jincheng beautiful scenery and numerous cultural and unique tourism resources。 There birthplace of world chess pawn mountains, Imperial Xiangfu, Liu's residence, Xiang Yu Sandu unique features such as the ancient city of ancient castles, ancient villages, there are known as the "Taihang Extreme" Wang Mang Ling, have to yew , monkeys and giant salamander known Manghe Nature Reserve。
So far Jincheng city's total national 5A scenic spots 1, 4A level scenic spots 7, 3A level scenic spot 11, A-level scenic spots reached more than 20, the number forefront of Shanxi Province。