Part One: cardamom, who bear the time the Red Miao Miao, go with the flow.  A smile, obliterate allies and enemies off.  Then look back, leave Mowen.  - Inscription blue sky still the same, under the lights, you can see faint hazy tears, I stood beside the high table, you sit in the stands, so near and yet so far away, between us, after all, out of reach of each other.  York black hair, a bunch of songs moist beads, string together a chain knot jade.The original string together a black hair, York can not afford to be Qingsi.A combed to the end, to comb hair bang two, three comb children and grandchildren to the floor, four silver comb to four shoots do standard flush.Yang ray of light, the number of countless, endless number of years is that thoughts.Solution, thousands of Gordian knot, untied is endless lingering.York, York temples, string together, whether it is black hair or Qingsi?  Drunk roots, know now, I just understand, just drunk people, drunk is the heart does not fall.All of this is I think too much, like moths to a flame so impulsive, finally, come to an end, who has not missed, I see through.See through the world of glitz, see through the dust wake up, see through it all too much, see through all of this world.Drunk, as if no parting, no joys and sorrows can no longer mournful.  NanKe dream, a dream drunk, leave every game, Nankeyimeng, wake NanKe, illusory bubble, go hand in hand.World ranking minister dependents, ants what special?The rise and fall of all joy, goes NanKe.As the dream, where student days?Niche has always been obsessed too.Flashy dream, all students.If my dreams have you, that I am willing to sink from here, never to wake up.  .I was back here, but do not feel your breath, laughing Yunjuanyunshu, quiet sigh blossom.Wu has green wrap the east wall, country, fence, old house, green radish rattan, has returned less than the old days.    Part II: cardamom love through 22 years of age, is no longer very young in younger; 22 years old, is no longer the simple pleasures of life full of years; 22 years old, but moved with extraordinary pile of my happiness.Yes, the 22-year-old in me is a bloom of youth through love.- Inscription previous life, in the athletic, cure my tears diluted with us, so in this life, we continued to edge past life unfulfilled, I stubbornly believe that this is some kind of arrangement, we therefore met, even tears were welling up in happiness will not be lost.Net nightlife and met him, was summer.Flowers are blooming season, he made a prophecy for my happiness.So, I began to believe the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen.Because from that moment met him, I was transformed into a white swan from “ugly duckling”, or his “Cinderella”.Is happy, I always think so proud.In the absence of his life, I have used all my stubborn belief look forward to Sky City, the city of my sky.However, just met him, met the moment of love, happiness in my life, a painting a day, draw a circle belongs to us..So, we say good: life, we draw a good circle where lounged age.  That year’s winter, white Piao my world.Under the snow was night, crossroads, my hand in his palm, warm.Was naive to say: If this moment is the end of the world, beating.I’ll try to remember what you look like, wait until the next life of this intersection, I will wait for you to hold my hand.You holding my face said: that, too hard.Even if my next life, I will not forget, because your smile has been my life’s most precious possession.God is not blessing me too?So arrange you by my side, watching over every one of my tears.But, do you know it?You are warm Allure I can not easily reach, but I did not know you hurried retreat.Always thought, grief-stricken that I can not afford to suffer from the disease, may be long lasting, and you gave me forever never ends.A lot of people say, life is too far, is not a happy match.Because of you, I stubbornly believe that your life will never betray my.Yes ah, sometimes a laugh to beat all his life, tear a person to pay off.  The world’s most painful thing, than watch their own heart is broken, but also use their hands to stick it up piece by piece.But you said: To have a good, always love.Because you care about, so I will take life treasure.Well, the happiest thing is that you in trouble, he was laughing, so warm life.  Yes, life there is always too much of a chance encounter.Iraqis tears, who is willing to try to fight the gas, just as Bo beauty smile?And I was willing to give up everything, expelled the sea, do not plan to join hands with you, I only wish you avoid back and forth.We are too young, do not know the future so that time will be so long, so long that we miss insurmountable.But, who knows, miss is a disease, your happiness is sick, he is sick.World, how many people life is not to be understood; how many people can not open their hearts to tell their own past; and how many kindred soul had never met?Honey, I want to say: life, you know what I have, I am very happy.Because my heart is where you most want to leave.  Life is a one-way ticket, no retreat, will not return.In the golden years, Things of Love, the heart if there is no resting places, where are the Rangers.Who whom Rye End of the World?Who whom monopoly return?And who whom Kam Fan flower, scattered into rain?I think one is not careful, just like you grow old.Honey, my world does not allow you to disappear, no matter the ending is perfect.But, please forgive my soul slow, I worried I would not find in the world.  However, no matter how the future, regardless of the outcome, and now I am still willing to persistent love.Willing to join and you wait for our final, final final.    Part Three: Zhu Lei Remembrance Acacia cardamom spread beautiful picture, waiting for tears cardamom.  Touch sun, smoke through the years, light reflected in the memories.  Lazy late spring quietly spread, Luo Ji influx vain, but unable to tell this deep sense of loneliness.  Usually when a person alone, my heart always love to write with a pen writing, with the text grew by nearly.  Today, actually no longer recite that poem romantic!  Liuniansishui, Shaohua several times?  In the long river Qianyindichang, watching the seasons, hang some flies.  Pull a wisp of breeze, hope heaven, Yunjuanyunshu, also waiting in front of the courtyard or wait Huakaihuaxie!  Melancholy shuttling among the flowers, fall in love with ink on paper, wipe the word sentence condensate, fiddle dream dust, nothing to brothels.  Streamer broken shadow, still remember the story of a certain period.  Meet helpless missed spend the hundred thousand turn back waiting, smudged fall apart.  Even, water, flower, two End of the World!  But unfortunately, does not fit this long worried about, but also still linger between heart!  Wet palpitations, stained Acacia lock End of the World!  Marshes purple smoke, picked off years: left bank of memory chips, passing right bank Southwall.  Looking back, how Heaven mind Yin.Love life is a dream Kam.Cycle several times?Only traces of yesterday, telling a touch of sadness.Road is a landscape still, people have changed.  Acquaintance encounter, Taking a cloud, the end is West Side Blue Bridge!  Twilight touch lightly, tears turned into Acacia, haggard for life.  Look deep courtyard, fly dash, lean on a railing day of melancholy, but with what people say?  Ask the strings, Kai lips, a ridiculous just rambling, Qing Song a fat hard to tune.  Poly Yiyi, Yiyi loose, nowhere Gounsa, when the?No account solution knot!  The so-called, has become both good and bad across the ancient chant tune.  In turn that moment, Tsing Yi red, tears wet Luo Sang.Hands pull the wind, Xiangxie dream.  Waiting for the deepest commitment, waiting for the arrival of spring, flowers, do not know that touch of the familiar figure, could return?  Still Du Yi oblique bar, Dankan gone before ripples.  Send away a Que sad love song, until the time when cleared fly, you still remember that beautiful face!  Whispering two hearts worry, Mu Kiyoaki Indus, Shizumori Fallen flowers thin.  V. Acacia, Acacia writing, affectionate monarch seen?He later met regret!  Yi Acacia, Acacia sigh, weep Zhulei trip into poetry.Love endlessly v.!  Junyi strong, thick to my liking, minds think alike.Every destined Trinidad!  Romance, love deep, mind For care Yan Hong.Phase of the moon.  Si silent, silent reading, from self-love when the concentration.This even a little heart.  Word difficult to fill, meaning difficult to fill, trance dream Yan Jianjun.When co-sleeping Jun?  V. Acacia, were no moments of beauty, and the wind melancholy, melancholy people.  And the king of dreams and meet daily also Acacia, Acacia night also, asked to send memo line of the sky, the word v. Zhongchang, tears v. Zhongchang.  Japan asked the wilderness round together again?People are distant, distant dream!  Silhouette single screen sitting alone, read it slowly and solitary tears flow.  Waning night, a single thin quilt, melancholy night, full cable Xiao.  Yan sound chirp, people thin air, but not owned by the king was heartbroken.  Zhu Lei forbearance, deep sigh, even if we have love, but with whom care?