Care of statement in prose

[Part One: pure lotus] Plum There are not afraid of the cold, stand in the snow, not quality and other flowers flourish; pleasant aroma of jasmine; cockscomb bright colors.In so many precious flowers, the more I love the lotus.    After Lotus grow into large tracts revealing pink color petals on a little pale, people look so beautiful, so touching.Lotus petals not only looks beautiful, but also feels a pleasure.That smooth surface revealing bright shiny, delicate petals cord, people have the feeling intoxicated after touching a.    Morning sun born, lotus ushered in a new day.Muddy dew on a lotus in the sunshine, like those many drops of water transparent capsules of pearl inlay on the petals, bright dripping.    Lotus represents the honest, fair and square.Bao year on the official mural painted on a lotus diagram above, there are “honest” words.    Lotus also represents the kind, sincere meaning.According to legend, there are ancient Buddha and Guanyin, who is sitting in the lotus throne.    Lotus is not only beautiful, it can also eat lotus fruit, rich fruit nutrition lotus, sweet flesh, called on Chinese medicine qi and blood can.As the saying goes, “you had green leaves lining safflower”, if there is no lotus leaf, lotus would not be such a vibrant.Lotus leaf large, dark green, people have looked to revel in the feeling of nature.    Never lotus and other flowers contests, and other flowers Bimei not just stand alone in the water, stood in obscurity, standing in the water, standing in the wind, standing in the rain.A sunset away, ushered in a glow of.However, its life is very short, only had a summer.But people will remember it stands upright, bright, kind and sincere.    Plum, jasmine, etc. Although the United States, but the flowers more beautiful, because it represents purity feels the United States.I love you, lotus!Pure lotus!    [Part II: My pie in the sky] as Meidai mountain hut like the brow of a little mole.    On very fresh, very natural, to stand in my house exquisite ridge of a gentle angle.    There are many beautiful things in the world, also we need some embellishment, but also mountain.Appear hut, point out the lonely mountain, like a sail drifting across the vast expanse of water, the boundless sky, passing a pian, Smart is a little on the simple background color, the beauty of the mountains is a little angry, a little emotional appeal.    Cottages dotted the mountain, what to decorate the hut it?That tree!    There is a pure green hill without trees and flowers; flowers are beautiful, beautiful tree is not inferior to flower.Flowers like human faces, people like tree pose.Beautiful trees that pose health or clear tall, slender and graceful, that energy, that spirit!    With so many trees, there are many features cottages.Always gently shake the tree.Move the tree, showing quiet cabin; tall trees, showing a small hut; chalet chic and good, but because the mountains are trees, the little house is a wonderful green background.    Behind the tree higher than the cabin has a roof, a fine and dense foliage extends above the cabin, the United States and the thick shade enveloped Cottage.This tree lodge give the impression of another person, the cabin seem subtle and gracious.    Another angle, distance, close look changed, but changing positions cabin, appears above the other trees, this perspective is far stood under the mountain to see.Thing you see is the front of the tree hut, hut cover the trees, exposing some of the architectural lines only tree to tree, corner lively tilt of the roof, a neat row of pattern-style roof tiles.A blue, it was wall; a white, it is a window.My cabin in the tree to tree looming, soar, attitude lightly.Essentially, it is a house; the situation, but like a bird, like butterflies, recreation in the branches, and free Brisk!    Small hut, the land is subject to the restrictions.On the “territory”, only a limited amount of.On limited land, buildings smaller than land, smaller than a garden house, a small garden off than the garden path, this path is my pocket Garden Route.And “territory” is the opposite of “airspace”, on the “airspace” is unlimited but enough to look thousands of miles, enough to tilt the world, Gu had left outside the Castle Hill, right hope there are green terraced rice paddies.Suitable mind walking, traveling eye, which is an old saying swim head Chenghuai.This unlimited “airspace”, I open courtyard.    Tangible fence surrounded by some of the flowers, wisteria, roses, petunias, poinsettias and the like.An arc that connected world, is another heavy invisible walls, and surrounded by some of the flowers, the flowers have flowers of a sheet-like, red, white, there are gorgeous, but also falling.Maybe it was God’s peony or peony appreciation, we call it cloud or Xia.Especially in the fresh mountain air, fresh air makes me feel breath smells!    Bright light is good, light cabin is bright, because the house is small, a lot of window.The only exception to the dawn or twilight, when the mountain is only a glimmer, a soft tranquility, a serenity.In the embrace of the mountain lodge in, like a general in the flower slowly blooming flower number, as if some mountains back.Hill is not moving, it is light strengthened, the morning came to the mountains.When the petals slightly Shoulong, it is the advent of the night.Cabin light than both scientific temporality, also higher than the romantic literature.    The mountain environment is independent, quiet.Living in the house laughing enjoying human Kiyofuku, enjoying plenty of sleep, and one day a dream.    And out of the environment thoroughfare, is a similar Su-Hua Highway mountain, near the mountain side, the side facing the sea Shakes the Barley rolling green hills and the tall.Mountain slopes and traffic is not easy, however, easy to walk I.I go out, I’m happy hut is the starting point; I returned, I was happy hut Terminal.Back and forth between joy and happiness, where there is a bad way to go yet?I just feel light as flying when they are away, the mountain automatically back; the mood with a bit of jumping back when, hop hop skip those slopes.I have a name for the hill, called happiness ladder, mountain air corridor was I Huanzuo!    I put things all applications as art, I first works of art in life is to lodge ——-.It was clear during the day, at night it is hazy.Each night ridden at night, lights bright lighted foot, sparse light flashed mountain.Lamp to illuminate the darkness of the foot of the mountain of the dark light as a light, pale smoke, fog Danru, nothing mountains, trees misty.Hut lost in the fog lost tower scenario, it is no longer clear hut, but smog, under the stars point, the shadow side of the castle in the air!    This castle in the air accounted for location, can save a lot of interior design and other decorations.    Though aviculture, every morning there are birds Yinger.    No need to paintings, there are pieces outside the giant painting – called natural.    [Part Three: Dandelion] “put lanterns, lantern palm, girl recruits, carry cages.”The village children sing one side, one side off the dandelion, deep enough air,” just “bang blow off the hair.    ”Put lanterns, lantern palm, girl recruits, carry cages, just!”Dandelion fuzz parachute little man like ants country, in a burst of artificial storm blowing hard, the floating flying for a while, looked around spread out on the fly, gone.In the spring filled prairie, children find hair became dandelion, scrambling to race with.I recalled to myself along with their little running back and forth on the prairie childhood, but also to the younger son blowing a hair to show him: “put lanterns, lantern palm, girl recruits, carry cages, just!”Happy son, grabbed all the hair from the dandelion to the courtyard, a small mouth summon the gas blown off.Hair flying around like a chicken louse general, scattered in a small courtyard, and some neighbor over the fence to hospital.    Once taken root, afraid of being trampled torn, or another back to back to get up, come out a little dandelion flowers!    I love it that patience is strong and pure simple, once transplanted in a yard, and now for eight years.Although I love it and transplanted, but the motive is not elegance or fun.In the fierce war, we have not gone back and forth in a field of weeds to find it?It was such a tragic era!Always just as wild plants in season to enjoy chicken ribs dish, celery, can not be considered wild, turned into delicious.    We cut some of the chaos and now even children can not remember the name of the grass, boiled mixed together to eat a bowl of gruel are too lazy to end, there are several eating is dandelion.It is reported that the news magazine, the dandelion in boiling water burns, went on delicious bitterness, we do the same once, but again the courage to play and eat them.At this time, the dandelion got when the dishes when I happened to remember that childhood nursery rhyme sing, they planted a yard.    Dandelion Initially, it was not willing to be migrated, it stayed firmly lying land next to the root, so if by a lot of damage, some people think it is dead; but after a time, they watched with anger, after two years out actually beautiful flower come.After thought dandelion is always lying on the floor, did not expect the move to soft soil garden, on exactly the same, like vegetables, green leaves towering straight, really unexpected.Dandelion only for long in the street, trampled, torn, so it becomes like a posture of lying on the floor like it?    Since then, my yard dandelion on a family up year after year to breed.    ”Your family really fresh, put it in the yard dandelion seed.”A lady neighborhood of view so when we laugh dandelion.In fact, I’m not determined to be planted dandelion, just let it breed Bale.That son of mine come to my house, and also the occasional dandelion.This just one year old boy, one year later than dandelions came to my house.    Firmly rooted Pazhu boys like land, people refused to pull out of the dandelion, I came here extremely frustrated, with no spirit.The “Dandelion son” was taken from the custody of his land.From this war just one year old boy who killed parents.I want this war left two gift my house, shouted silent call: “know that you are from being trampled, torn, the courage to live down.Future risk of further abuses, suffered another torn, had the courage to live, but do not have that taste again tasted the suffering it!”It is with this feeling, and my little son blowing dandelion fuzz: ‘lantern, lantern palm, girl recruits, carry cages.’.