Carmine article

Part One: carmine dye flower Spring in March, the grass sprout.I do not know how to count, “Spring”, I have never seen a “Orioles”.But I think it must be like an immortal golden days, only God can people went.We here in March, Yang few days, the grass grows very slowly, but without the need to have say over and Orioles ACROSS.Giving a gray weather here dying, people always feel no interest, the whole body are lazy eroded possession.That said, under the sun is no bad thing in the end, and then bad things also have their delightful side.  Magnolia blooms on a single talk along the road, people will feel that the spring has really come, but come so quiet secret, it was rather like a night on the garden trees color race.Its flowers are pure white when viewed from the outside, and if you hear of a sunny day, in the sunlight, the more pale.I like to see it in the sky when the sun, gold and white intertwined in front of your eyes, your heart involuntary open up fantasy world is the United States so it.It is a boat-shaped leaves, the whole flower flowers wrapped in a state of semi-open half, I think it must be a shy woman, or else how can such a rapturous reserved?It opened as quietly among the branches of confusion, people want to go off like Ecstasy twelve years, can not help but cursed himself cruel cold feeling in my heart.Your hesitation drunk smoked, it’s entirely between smiles.  I still do not quite understand why it is so beautiful flowers will abandon Ilex green leaves, branches and independent exhibition?This is its arrogant and glamorous yet?Also a desolate loneliness?It is the only independent branches.Dawn came, and it is independent; the sun is gone, it is independent; the stars out, it is independent; bent on children, it is independent.Eternal and distant solitude, stinging people.I think it painlessly, can not be afraid of the venue, it will be more afraid to move a step hurt, and the pain of heartbreak, the pain could not bear his own.It does not require a foil green leaves, green leaves can only become a burden to it.It is to their own share of elegant, do not dye dust, do not fall into the mundane.The roots of cold, just go sky.  That day the wind, which blew a lot of flowers.Petals falling from its body, by the wind, falling gently, like a dandelion-like weak, sad dandelion-like beauty.It even litter are so reserved, so as people let them go.Rather like the tree that stood a thin woman in a poignant and quietly tell their love and resentment, it is to be a confidant of litter people’s hearts, to be the elusive past years old.  Approached and looked, only to find it’s real tenderness.It turned out that at the bottom of each petal, have a small piece of stained flush.It’s like a red smear of rouge ancient woman, not the kind of thick and brilliant, rich and gaudy rouge only people may feel disgust, with a pro-secular powder.It is the kind of Carmine light and fresh, on the foundation of superficial white petal-like rendering slowly open, natural yet carved, showing off and see also vaguely.I did not dare Qushi it, for fear of disturbing its quiet.I’ve been a long time did not dare to look directly at it, fascinated and afraid that they find themselves unable to.I only dare walked hurriedly, leaving it in place, leaving all the way infatuation with carmine.  That flower called magnolia, Magnolia Road called that way, that feeling called love magnolia.Part II: Carmine red is actually a very popular color, is a very popular word, I names have had this “red” word, I hate it almost to the unbearable point, so I’m fifteen years old arbitrarily call the shots, turning it into a “rainbow”, and later found that the red vulgarity there is a wonderful, indescribable red tears dews in the good, so characters in the novel began to call Shen red, Chen Yanhong and the like, sometimes, there are really too vulgar vulgar good, at least can be capricious in the end, whether it 7 March 21.- red with the best of the “Dream of Red Mansions”, called “brothel Dream” took fireworks Liu Xiang taste, called the “White House Dream” is a bleak cold one, called “Yellow House Dream”?Think it can not tolerate vulgarity, called “Green House Dream,” as if there is a big wet mark where there is moss, there is rain, to drop water “Green Dream House”, one would like dripping wet.Only called “Dream of Red Mansions”, the only appropriate that “Dream of Red Mansions”, as innumerable twists and turns, as osteoclasts ecstasy “Dream of Red Mansions”.- I like the name for the color of the painting, poetic, literary cavity with a small private, azurite, malachite green, cinnabar, realgar, Garcinia, indigo, ocher, rouge.I very much like ocher and rouge, read all exceptionally aroma, fragrant incense but this Man was so wonderful, like adding a slice of lemon, food for thought.- Chinese word is really the United States, wrote a rouge, is Yanzhi Lei, keep people drunk, a few heavy people?It would lead to a “metaphysical”, carmine, pink monthly tears beauty, Duo Yun Xuan on old tears, I just feel a sense of loss and beautiful.Just remember Liao Zhai, a woman judge and rouge, a single name to shock the heart, not to mention that people Xinzhe ghost stories, and always have been implicated in love.- sauna net Carmine painted actors Dan’s face is pretty when the.Share of seductive, three souls and seven people lost soul, especially Tsing Yi Zhang Ding fire, every time I look, think she is a born actor, actor charming and refreshing, with lingering affection of Lotus, in that Carmine on-chip.I have worked in the background Chang’an Grand Theater to see her make-up, dressing room just me and her, she looked in the mirror, I look in the mirror, she painted her a little rouge, the action masterpiece Allure, and of good makeup, she is scared to Heaven.- We have been silent, Langfang is the same man, her loneliness, my cool, she sang on stage, I drank in the audience.And that fly on the cheek Carmine, let me think of that mouth to cough up blood in front of her is dying, then brilliant, yet so cool.Cuckoo sound Shenghuan, who remember the snowy night to go visit Hongmei?Does anyone have to remember carmine carmine?I still remember the “White Snake” in Bai wearing that red ball, is carmine, the immediate concern after the Jinshan Temple, met at the bridge side has changed her husband’s heart, she sang a single word: Your wife is not a mortal female, this is the wife of a snake fairy Emei, the Red House cross the neck unlimited spring, who knows there is a happy match Nie Yuan.Tears fell sing, that furry red balls Yichanyichan, as if into a heartbreaking one, people sad tight grip.I have no reason for Bai grieved, melancholy love everywhere, no matter who is God, and it should be the most difficult of melancholy, to sing to sing, practice of years, give way and her husband heard “Lady,” in the end is under pressure in the Pagoda.- I actually like the plain woman, but one day I got drunk, actually flew up into the red rouge, I drink a thick drunk, forcing people say that I am singing sing well, kept singing, next to the woman stroking my hair, he simply said, “snow, I know you.”- she always called me ‘snow’.This is a word, scream I burst into tears, loneliness harder and harder, if one understands your loneliness, it is silver bowl Sheng Xue, a water lotus in full bloom, I only feel compassion and joy, the tears like this face, there Qinglei, also carmine.- Ralph Waldo Emerson once said: “Nature is a frivolous woman, in all her works to lure us.”I remember March Peach Apricot gray, suddenly saw a touch of rouge color, what is that red?Such tender this emerald, before Carmine always felt a bit frivolous, frivolous but this is my favorite, I have a crush.If a woman does have a bit frivolous?I can not tolerate frivolous previously thought, but if she and their favorite frivolous man, how cute is what can indulge ah.-