Carnation affectionate

It is the annual Mother’s Day.Today is a sunny day, some cool north wind blowing, but their hearts are warm.In the evening after work, first to his mother bought a gift, then go to the florist to buy a bouquet of beautiful carnation.Direct pick up dance classes to go home to meet his mother and daughter., Spent exquisite packaging purple pink, red, yellow revealed a smiling faces.Happy mother took the carnations, but complained to spend so much money to buy what to do?I said to myself intend to do for a long time, and so slowly grow up, you can send flowers she received a.Daughter heard our conversation and asked me: “So Mom also want to spend ah?”I said yes.I’ll wait for you to work year after year to receive spent.”Talking about laughter, we happy experience into the house.Mr. had to do the cooking, happy family sitting together to eat a good dinner.Every weekend afternoon, the daughter must learn art and dance, the mother has been accompanied.A few years later, an accomplished.Haizhou District last year to participate in dance competitions, performances are slowly Dai dance, he won the second prize.May this year, had just attended the Haizhou District Dance Competition, daughter participating Mongolian bowl dance group dance won the first prize.Award-winning news that her daughter, my mother very happy, I said to her daughter sent us this is the best Mother’s Day gift.Mother in my life with me every day, have become accustomed to that feeling, I have become accustomed to this dependence.Mother smiles, words and deeds, I had to take the hint.Mother was a cheerful, optimistic, kind-hearted woman.Her love life, such as spring-like warmth of friends, relatives, such as summer-like hot.I was in the warmth of love growing up day by day, but now still enjoying the selfless motherly love.When I met unhappy things, it will whisper into his mother’s arms crying, my mother always patted my head, smiled and said: “My little girl can grow up ah what time?”Talking will put my joking.I always say that they no matter how much her mother was always a child.All talk and chat with my mother every day, there is always lots to talk about every day.Home late, his mother’s phone call would be timely.Anything back and met his mother reporting, seems to be a habit.In fact, this is the life of one real care.The annual tour is the mother also were short period of time.It has been for five consecutive years, a mother and her friends to participate in local travel agencies organize sunset red train, visit the beautiful rivers and mountains of the motherland.Basic domestic walked half, Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Hainan, Guilin, Yunnan, Xiamen, Huangguoshu Waterfall, Zhangjiajie, Lushan Mountain, Jiuzhaigou, Changsha, five cities in East China, etc., have been to a lot of long-haul, I did not take over the plane.I had been privileged to become a family man first flown.A few days ago to his mother reported a short trip routes, Shenyang – Qingdao – Weihai – Yantai – Dalian, sea and air five-day tour.16th departure.I want to fly in a circle mother dream.Mother hobbies, many of my friends.Relatives and friends met things, to reawaken mother’s heart.Mother of a good friend because of bad for her children, to live in a nursing home, after visiting his mother a bad mood for days will.She was a helpful person, others a little something, she was always the first to the scene to help a friend advice, so her life is always colorful.Monday to Friday every morning, mother went to the street and the people of her friends, singing, tai chi.Afternoon exercise, playing drum.Every weekend all the time her daughter a day off, it takes up mother.With her school zither, vocal music, dance, art became the mother of obligation, and the mother never had any complaints.Although it is guilty in my heart, he has been happy with their own happiness.I know that her daughter is the mother of progress every point of credit.(Read the article Net: WWW.sanwen.COM) most like to see his mother smile.That which implies infinite affection and love.As the beam of colorful carnations, filled with affectionate.Most like to listen to his mother in plain and simple language nagging, small family gossip, ranging from philosophy of life, all shining in her wealth of experience and thought.Mother’s strong, has always been my wisdom to learn.Over the years my mother has been a haven in cloudy days, as I hold up an umbrella.Now I grew up, I know my mother will get tired, there will be old, let me use this affectionate bunch of carnations for mothers to hold up an umbrella bar.I believe that whether it is sunny or a thunderstorm, I will hold up the umbrella for the mother to accompany her through a sunrise and sunset every.