Carpe Diem

Part One: Make Today The ancients said: “time is money”; modern people said: “The time is effective, time is life.”.Indeed, the booming economy of today, cherish the time is very important.In a sense, time to win is to win the money and benefits, has won all the achievements and glory.Achievement of a wealthy man, a difference of people, a prominent achievements of man, a fruitful, they are cherished from the start today.Open their growth history, can say that they every minute “Today” in years, are saturated with sweat, all the devotion.As a person, to grasp today, do not go too much nostalgia, remember the past.No side will consciously or unconsciously blocking his mind, limit wisdom to play, eventually become a conformist person.Grasp today, is not looking forward to tomorrow light.”Tomorrow complex tomorrow, tomorrow is so great; I was born to be tomorrow never comes.”.Looking forward, hoping they can not change the trajectory of years, the message of hope, the desire not to make dreams come true.We do not sowing and watering, which will blossom fruitful Qiushi?Only work hard to “Today”, we hope to get a good “Tomorrow”, and those who wait for “tomorrow” is bound to devour “beggar” bitter pill.  Today, just as a rising sun, career achievement will from here on, however, in the face today, it was hard, it was also drunk; it was struggling to research, hard work, it was wasted years, wasted years.So, life was full, although it was his white hair, but empty-handed.  Grasp today, we must dedicate themselves to the tireless efforts.If the front of the mountain with resistance, we will go to struggling to climb; if separated by the sea front, we will have to fight the wind and waves; if the front is turned break, we will take to repair the ladder rack.In a word, we must hurry to do to do was not to wait wait, the only way to lasting efforts, we will be worthy to say that every day are not wasted, life is a history of pioneering hardships and perseverance.The shuttle in people years, especially in their prime young friends, you should know how to cherish the time, good to grasp every day.  Life is a dream, like a song.Unwittingly, thirty years time from the fingers inadvertently gone before.Looking back clear and vague in the past, we can only sigh, reluctantly, because we have lost too much today, leaving too much emotion and regret.Ordinary life, complicated day, every day, in a repeat, there are so many things waiting for us to do, there is always waiting for us to realize many wishes.For more prosperous life, in order to live better tomorrow, how many will be waiting for us tomorrow?In the dead of night, we always imagination.We can say that every new beginning is today, and today will be gone tomorrow.We do not sigh time like water, do not forget to have become memories of yesterday, today is the key, the most important thing is to grasp today.  Ordinary life, ordinary life, whether through many ups and downs, how many tears flowing, hidden in the hearts of every sincere and calm smile.We should remember: the years ranging from people, the past is the past, will not come back.Only cherish today, make good use today, a good grasp of today, we can reap tomorrow, in order to be comfortable with patchwork earthly.Natural rotation, the replacement of life, everything is in the grasp today.Today is decadent own waste, waste today is obsolete tomorrow.Cherish today, in order to have tomorrow; grasp today to harvest tomorrow.The actual grasp today, do not imagine there will be a miracle tomorrow.Today’s effort is to better tomorrow.All good start today, let us grasp now, seize the day, cherish every minute, every step, trying to grasp today, With hope and vision for tomorrow, tomorrow will be able to harvest rich fruit harvest bright future!    Part II: grasp today, Xiaoying tomorrow swallows destined to fly in the sky, the grass must take root in the earth.  Chu Yan will eventually soar in the sky one day, the buds will appear on a piece of fresh green earth.  Do not envy the grand ideal aspirations of swallows, do not envy the grass rooted in the earth, they cling to their mothers’ arms.  Wandering swallow after all, we need to return to the mother’s side, and the grass playfully, got used to the grass mother ramble, but also longing to wander with Swallow Cape, see the outside world, to be a guest in a foreign land, open up a new green.(Sauna News .sanwen.COM) sun, rain we share, moonlight, frost we aspire too, who said Frost ruthless, who said the moon is a symbol of the night, with snow and rain are drops of water, the sun, with the moon is the sun’s rays, snow and ice frozen earth, help protect the growth of grass, rain moisten the earth, the sun shining, coming through the air, human warmth, gentle moonlight flowing, illuminate darkness.  All while now, now the sun is shining, all young, young and in their prime, even if there have been mistakes, there have been a loss, wandering, do not take himself too seriously, everything has become in the past, we’ve missed Huhututu early in the morning, do not miss the midday.  Cherish today, to grasp now, we will make a difference, tomorrow, we have no regrets.    Part three: take a good yesterday, to grasp today, yesterday, has in the past, today is slowly running out.However, clever you yesterday, do you lead a rich?Have you been plowing?Have you been diligent?You have no regrets over?Have you ever had remorse?In life, are you nice and warm and quiet?Whether you live comfortable and cozy?If not, you should pay more cherish today, you should have a good grasp numerous “Today”.  No matter where, yesterday, today, tomorrow, you do not forget the beloved family, do not forget to keep our life our parents.If you have children, do not forget to take care of them, do not forget to care for them.At work, take the time, please use the mind, you invest, and create a better, even innovation, so want to be guiding navigation signs, to continue moving forward.  In leisure time, you do not ignore those flowers to beautify the world.They are quietly bloom, showing off fragrant petals, revealing an attractive flower display unique posture, to add luster to the environment; you do not forget the grass trees.They also dressed in green earth-filled, with a dedication to the ends of the earth green, decorated with green land of dreams; you do not care about them yesterday, today you enjoy them, they concern.They are part of our lives, is a time of flavors.They beautify the vision, strive to purify the mood became yesterday, today and tomorrow in the “poetic”.  When the leisurely, you do not forget there is a both hands full of calluses, is yesterday, today, and tomorrow, “sunrise and sunset”.They yesterday busy, hard work today, efforts now, they for themselves, for their families, for tomorrow, for ideals, for the future.  Whether in doing, you do not forget yesterday, today, how many people in their jobs, unknown dedication.They are building homes, home building, construction of the motherland.They used a modest essential, united, “splitting a hair, hair a hot minute”, has also been brilliant the process of life, a brilliant moment of the season.  Today, how many people are walking a different journey, how much is happening, there may be a natural disaster, there may be a man-made; there may be a happy event, there may be things to celebrate.As the “People have joys and sorrows, month also wanes”.Do not forget, when someone needs help, you happen to come across, you lend a helping hand and support it?Someone helpless when you extend the hand of friendship yet?Did you pull him or her a do?When crossing the road, you’ve helped over the temples frost white, bow bent, tottering old man walking right?Have you ever Took was still very young and do not really sensible child hands you?Did you get them safely through the “crosswalk”, successfully reach the “other side” of it?Remember, today, as you should be, you should do certain things!  Today, there are many things we need to accomplish, how much work we need to polish.When you have a good yesterday, you can through the efforts, Carpe Diem.If you wasted yesterday, you may need to make up for today, need to extend the time required to pay more difficult, requires more energy, more strength, as yesterday, “Filled trap”.  How can such a child, today you do hard?Today you tired yet?Today you will be exhausted it?Because yesterday, do you breathless?You will do malaise?So, brothers, sisters, relatives, friends, students who do a good job yesterday, too good yesterday; the degree of good yesterday, to learn yesterday.In this way, you will be peace of mind at night, do not toss and turn, not dark and dreary, not afraid of the dark long.You will have enough spirit, you will have to restore good physique, to meet today!  Today, whether you enjoy in life, wherever you cherish time, whether you’re in a good grasp of every hour, whether you’re in precious every minute, do not let today become a waste of yesterday, do not let today become helpless, do not let the waste today waste.Well today you please, please grip today, please take today, battles go together to create, to innovate together.  Let today be ready yesterday, so yesterday, paving the way for today, let yesterday laid the foundation stone for a better today, sweat to pay for the happiness of hope, too good yesterday, too good today.Let us warm tomorrow, so walking in promising day tomorrow, so tomorrow move along a desired direction, leap along the desired angle created now, and a move towards a brilliant future, in a sunny walk!    Part Four: Make Today Comrade Li Dazhao, one of the founders of the Communist Party of China have a saying: “I think the most valuable is the ‘now’, but also the most likely to lose the ‘now’.Because it is most likely to lose, so that it is more valuable.”This sentence reminds people:” Today is precious, we must firmly grasp today.”In real life often encounter such a person: apt to sigh time flies, is not seriously learn a lot in the past years, the ability to point and long Zhangxuduantan; or do not want to work and study from the start today, tomorrow and hope.In fact, we can not grasp yesterday, because yesterday is history; we can not grasp tomorrow, because tomorrow is still unknown, it is expected, but not impossible; therefore, we can only grasp today, do not put things off until tomorrow to go today do you want to do today, because there is a tomorrow after tomorrow.  There is such a story: that two men went to Africa to visit.They suddenly lost, just as they do when thinking about how?Suddenly saw a very ferocious lion ran toward them, one of them immediately come up sneakers from his travel bag to wear.See another person wearing sneakers companion shook his head and said: “useless ah, you do not how to run a lion run fast,” the companion said: “Hey, you certainly do not know, the most important at this critical juncture is my to run faster than you.”This is reminiscent of the story: People are in a highly competitive world, you have to participate in a contest of life, and the race opponent might be your colleagues, it could be your business field of opponents.However, in any case competition, makes you feel the most helpless thing – time.Time like the same story of the lion, how to run it can not run faster than fast.You keep trying to walk in front of time, for example, usually to do things a little faster, a little to work longer hours, but over time, to the limit, you will become physically and mentally exhausted, and finally also lamented: can not do anything, even say no time.Although you often do not have time to complain, but you do from morning till night, and even sleepless nights, too busy family values, no leisure activities.But looking back, you still feel very frustrated, frustration, anxiety and even feel the time is not enough.  Why some people are great, celebrities?Some people still unknown to the public until the white-haired?The answer is not mysterious, the key is that the former is a rich treasure of time, while the latter is Yufu waste of time; the former is good at grasping strong today, which is accustomed to pass lazy today.Some people, once to determine the life goals, pay close attention to today, work hard, persevere, and ultimately fame.All times, people who have made outstanding contributions to humanity, are today starting from the grasp.On the contrary, no one is sterile, but that did not finish things today, tomorrow can continue to do.Because of this misconception, they should be done today, things dragged on, I do not know how many lost, “Today,” which can blame it?  ”Tomorrow’s future depends on today’s efforts!”As long as we can effectively use today, tomorrow will belong to us, because success just like today with those who hold to make friends.We should not think about what a miracle will occur tomorrow when the sun goes down, but when the sun to rise on into the intense work and learning to go.  As the old saying goes: Spring vegetation still recurrence, people no longer twice teenagers.  Others have said: “Who with profound informative each moment, who is in his life extended indefinitely.”These two statements make me a lot, really a lot of sense.  I think that since God created man, people become thoughtful, it’s time to firmly seize the time, do not waste.Use so much time to do something meaningful, not more okay?Value lived up to the wonderful, lived up to the.  My friends, we have come to cherish the time it!Grasp today, from me and from now on, the spirit of racing against time, study hard, work hard, do useful only country!  My friends, explore your potential, to ignite your passion, you go all the momentum it!Today, you just spilled a few drops of sweat, tomorrow, you will have an ocean!