Carries the dream

Dream is a very beautiful words, is the driving force of our success is the way the fantasy become a reality, no matter how vague it, always lurking in our hearts, so that our mind can never be quiet until these dreams become a reality only stop.    Do you have a dream?What do you want to grow up?Why do this ah?A similar problem was put to us a child is often asked, but now I still remember when their heads held high, without hesitation answered a lot of answers like.Childhood, we have an infinite number of dream that future is filled with countless possible, we have a good fantasy and vision for the future.    At that time we always hope that time flies like an arrow hurry, overnight riches dream can become a big star, but when we realized that a better happy childhood, we are all grown up, mature , no longer so naive innocence.During that wonderful childhood, innocent period of years with the dream of creating, never go back.I also want to grab the sleeves of time, let it go slowly, and so we are still on the road, it can be even without turning it slipped away.(Sauna News .SanWen.COM) in the busy rush of the city and over the pedestrian, do you still have a dream?Just for a better life, and the blind pursuit of fame and fortune, so tired, bruised and battered, bruised, I once asked my mother, my mother do you have a dream?Her answer was: how did I dream, but for the family, to make your life better, how can I have free time to think about this, I have to work hard, after you make a good university, have a good life, not let others laugh at you, then I too young to understand, but now I understand, but mother is old, alas, the passage of time killed the dream of countless people, the harsh reality of life of many people broke fantasy.    Some people say that “each of us should have a dream, it is the driving force of our success”, it was said that “the dream is very extravagant.Only those rich and powerful people have the time and energy to talk about the dream.”But I think, everyone should have a dream, a dream has been to move towards the pinnacle of life, boarded a glorious throne.In fact, not only the rich can dream of, if you work hard, willing to struggle, the dream can be achieved.    In this materialistic society, each of us are burdened with too much responsibility, liability or even desire, before the hard life on the road twists and turns uneven lines, but do not forget our dreams, butterfly, ashes, sand change it also has pearls are the fruits of success only dream of, so we have to carries the dream, do not give up the pursuit of dreams.    I remember Lin Yutang once said: “Dream no matter how vague, always lurking in our hearts, so that our mind can never be quiet until these dreams become a reality only stop; as a seed in the ground, the seeds must grow, stretch come out of the ground, looking for the sun.”In fact, in the depths of every human heart, the seeds are buried dreams, no matter how much wind out there, how fierce rain, how bad the environment, in the near future, it will absorb enough nutrients, finally emerged, in the warm sun, rain draws most sweet, out of bright flowers, bear rich fruits.    No matter how dark days, how cold night, I will carries the dream, work hard, do not take this world of busy, waiting for my dream flower bloom.