Cassia tree home

Into middle age, I had a little more sentimental nostalgia.Hometown of plants and trees, are so nostalgic, so kind, so charming.Ching Ming Festival, back home the next morning, I leisurely walk in the ridge edge of the village drains, thick tree trunks, leafy trees and came into my eyes Cassia.Standing under a tree, his hands stroking the honey locust tree, my heart is very excited, like back in the old quiet dream: honey locust tree that old vigorous mind, the scene of his childhood playing under a tree, dream soul led around the screen , vaguely smoke of the past.And vividly.    Vaguely memory, although the home is located in the mountains, many trees, but the honey locust tree is very rare.The western end of the village close to the edge of the canal has a tall honey locust trees grow most.It ensures that the laundry washed with the whole village, also leaves manure, firewood.Tree honey locust tree in village people’s minds, lives and minds become indispensable baby.    Honey locust tree, and named for its fruit, honey locust tree, also known as “honey locust”, legumes, are deciduous trees, honey locust pods that can be used when soap can also be used as medicine, there is a certain effect on the treatment of constipation, soap thorn, bark expectorants.Every beginning of summer after midnight, it’s five full bloom with tiny yellow flowers, Mimizaza, scented, trained, trained bees buzzing rush along for the ride.Fall is the honey locust tree flourishing flowering period.It is a chain of flowers, bright red, with hawthorn as childhood eating ice made candied fruit, that hang on the branches extending outwardly from all directions, safflower exceptionally bright green leaves!Flower abortion when a tree falling on a thick layer of petals.During the summer, a large yellow saponins catch, a big grip encrusted branches.Late autumn, autumn leaves falling silent interpretation to people with roots in the story, the trees hanging thick black, hard saponins will tinkle in the wind.Whenever the late autumn, trees flutter wind saponin Zihei shiny, shaped like a sheath.Gently shake, just listen to the sound of rushing inside core soap.Neighbors, who then promptly picked ripe saponins, collected.Winter, old noisy Cassia tree up suddenly silent, snow-capped honey locust tree and also maintained a silence with silence.    Years of poverty, the saponins are aunt who used to wash your hair, wash clothes.At that time, people wearing big clothes and even the matches can not afford, let alone buy “foreign soap” the.Saponins foam is extremely rich, strong detergency, no side effects, and there is a special natural aroma, then aunt who is taking a bath laundry essential goods.Honey locust tree is a tree, the whole village has become an indispensable thing in life.Each to save a pile of laundry, aunt who came to the honey locust tree.Side drains have a good base of stone laundry, aunt who choose the right location, spread their clothes on a stone, put saponins, saponins first with the wooden club smashed, wrapped in the clothes, then use a wooden club beat, and soon , white foam came out, then knead again after rub, rinse a few clothes in the water is clean.    Clearly remember, in the summer afternoon, clean love your mother always bring us three sisters to saponins drains under the trees in shampoo.Mother Gleditsia shampoo is very particular, unlike other aunt who, as Mother put saponins snapping or smashed, rub hard on the hair frothing on the line.Mother loves us very careful hair, always put our hair washing in the water on both sides, then took out her elaborate cake saponins (saponins Mother singled out among full place, remove the top of a saponin the gray layer of the skin and the ribs on both sides, and then remove the inside of the seeds, and finally the net saponin crushed stone surface, bunched up into small groups, and then pitched clutching white), back and forth in the middle of the hair gently until a rich foam appears, then water and finally wash away the foam.Niangshui, so wash your hair, not to hurt the scalp, but also protect hair.Perhaps the reason your mother is a child with care, and now, we have three sisters keep a long glossy black hair, has won the envy of many sisters.    In addition to laundry saponin role, as neighbors, who also Nanhunnvjia mascot, indicates that many children!Whose girl get married, and ultimately in the box, put some wadding in saponins, incense and bath men and women before the wedding ceremony, the bathtub must be put saponins.    Cassia trees soak up the sun, contempt lightning, rain meal drink dew, proud to frost, bending branches Emotion, trunk thick, tall trees.Summer, scorching sun, shrouded in green honey locust trees have become a place to enjoy the cool air of the rest, men and women as long as there is free, pull the bench, take a straw mat, carrying children, live end baskets came here to eat, chat, coax children, knitting, playing chess, sleeping.Here is our children chased each park, under the protection of shade, where the World Children’s entertainment has become a paradise, endless fun.How many summer afternoons, adults in the shade under a tree or in a chat or wash water.And we have one monkey general, do not trouble demanding, like to go flat road, all of a sudden will climb the top of the tree, singing folk songs in the trees, put to sleep, catch eggs.And some hide and seek in the trees, marbles son, throwing sandbags to jump chess, village children enjoying the unique taste of childhood.We often honey locust tree in the four weeks running wild crazy traumatic exhausted, sleep incense intoxicated in adults far apart in chat.Year after year, continued this lifestyle do not know how many years during!    From the penthouse in the village reading classes to elementary school brigade, to the village junior high school, to college in the city, the number of times I came home less and less.Every time the way back, a distance see the tall tree honey locust tree, my heart will invariably strikes a warm home and the excitement —-!Cassia tree distant quiet tree ah!I dreamed of Cassia tree tree ah!    Time flies, an instant twenty years later, the home has undergone enormous changes.Now, people’s living standards improved.Girl, guy, wife who do not know how saponins have served as an important role in people’s lives.They are wearing high-grade fabrics clothes, used clothes saponins, afraid to wash clothes is broken, spend most of the washing machine, wash the stains supplies varied, everything, and then do the saponins, Nanhunnvjia complete appliances, mascot also be used instead of high-grade soap.    Perhaps neighbors, who forget the honey locust tree credit, it has not chop.Every autumn, honey locust trees are nice plump black flat saponins, nobody cares, saponins vanished from sight in the life of the villagers.It can still be proud to defend the earth, like a faithful soldiers stand sentry in the village.    My father said to me, unless there are a few people use it as a recipe for skin diseases, but who would not use it to wash clothes friends.    Whenever a honey locust tree hanging in limbo, to uphold Wow Lang Lang ringing in the wind to see a lot of hazy memories and suddenly open.I seem to see his mother under a tree shampoo laundry for us the way, think of honey locust trees aunt stood on his back staring look, think of neighbors, who under a tree talking and pleasure.This screen like a distant fishing village scenery, pristine quiet.    Years like the river, time water.For decades, the honey locust tree neighbors, who brought greetings not only spring, cool summer, autumn and winter there are thick, the main thing is it was selfless dedication.How many people have a deep memory of tree honey locust tree, it has a deep affection!Life is much shorter than a human life of a tree, a tree left to a person’s memory goes much deeper than.People can not extend the length of life, but it can increase the thickness of life, like honey locust tree, in exchange for a Road Ring with season.We should be like honey locust trees and thick as to realize the value of life, do people with normal heart and mind, with the peace of mind to do something, with a quiet mood to enjoy life course in bits and pieces.This is the honey locust tree childhood, thanks to my life feeling it!    Cassia tree home, I wish you always green, always keep the shade!