Castle in the Sky

Part I: Encounter · Sky City heartbeat that a late night call from the phone, so my mood began a surprise rush, expect about beauty, growing desperate jointing.That is what kind of overwhelmed by the sweet, dense moonless night long.Mood accompanied the cold night, lonely together.That’s just under the rain, not bleak for some time of waiting.  It was not an early morning alarm clock awakened dreams, listening in mind ticking.Window that ray of sunshine embarrassed, no longer makes me feel warm is the most annoying of the.I smiled and laughed with excitement own restless, pretended to be calm, to complete those things that should be done every morning.While others are still asleep, I had secretly packed the luggage distant, dream, high heels from the start humming a ditty.The arrogance of waiting, was a dripping sweat, however, the heart has been waiting, they also think it is a lucky thing.Car sped to the crowds but superficial, I went straight to the last row window.Hiding in the quiet corner of a dreamer’s attitude.At the moment, the greatest longing is not nothing but speed, speed, speed.Meditation wander Hushanhushan bright green trees, as if this May thin dense green lashes, stoned a passing lavender glittering heart of the sea.It takes courage to open your eyes, because the beauty of playing much faster than a car running speed.I’m like a referee, close your eyes and guess their competition results.  The sun had not yet met domineering, rain south have forgotten lingering.Day not wake up, in its bleary eyes, we see each other’s shadow.Shadow chasing shadows, no longer is in the opposite direction, doomed, we forget the distance, forget the lonely.California Beef Noodle, knocked over the tail appearance here in April, began to say the first sentence whisper.I sat by the window blankly, just look at you.Behind the noisy and flashy, which is seen in the background of a movie, no one to read for us pause this time period.I thought of a summer night, the romantic firefly in the daytime, you can see me gave way?Hsi Mu-jung described the poem which will suddenly make up your mind, gentle water?The color of love, stubborn clear his mottled earth, in your opposite, I say clouds of the sky bride.  Swimming D5455 train bound for the dream of the South, a powder fragrance city, pavilions, Diaolan painting houses, its name and his history as envy.I leaned against the blue sky of arms, alone with the third eye appreciate the warmth and beauty of silence.Restless around you, like a child, was so impressive and lovely.That roadside mountains, winding into the green curve, so soft but never show off.That stretch of paddy fields, summer carpet, frogs roll children in the above, there are ladybird on it just opened a grand PARTY.I steal glances at you, you look at the travel magazine, we do not say a word, I only acquiesced you Yuntie arc that shot from the side, as seen between long, long time, and that a good-looking face on a cartoon picture.”Benro ‘coffee beans, honey sweet and gentle, excessive additives, your mouth, with a few?There is that moment, I thought, “Pungent” in the poles, sparrow.My heart sing a song you never heard no sound.I want to do a singing nightingale, on the brim of the evening, the chirp poem written for you.Early Times Many times, I like to be blinded by their feelings, like a thing, they no longer care about whether it’s really worth it I like so much.For just as this city has long been admired for a long time, it will never ever find fault with the way the.True love, very often, do not distinguish beauty and ugliness of.Huge station, a huge balloon, happy unbridled expansion of any free, fly, fly, fly.You took the first picture for me, and I feel more beautiful than the expression.This is how a low-key city, elegant lotus background, slim my vision.We like to do a game, in a strange space, up and down, in and out, hide and seek more urgent than.Because we believe that there is a feast of beauty, waiting for us.190 bus like a belated old man, hobbled out of the open unfamiliar corner, rickety, and we feel the same, it is not stable.  Night Flight dusk, the most romantic is that there is a thin layer of coolness, like a layer of gauze, gently cover their eyes in our.Rain in the south, more enamored than the love of women, often missing when to concentrated, then waves in Qinhuai River.Boats in the water, in the light melody of the rain refreshing sleep, mortal rain, which is a melody playing it wrong?I stood in the misty lights of the other side, trying to do through a dream.A few days ago read “Jinling 13 hairpin”, those beautiful women from out of the play, curl Nana, I danced in the dim light that dance can not read.Heart, soak in the rouge Prostitute, the more warm and gentle than the cotton candy.In this cold rain, this surging crowd, in which deeper than the darkness of the night, we can not find the right angle, take a commemorative photo and paste in memory album.For unknown scenery, we disregard the hazy night, despite the unfavorable rain, just in a small wood covered with slate or whether the way through, water stains left by pedestrians marching tell footprint.But, he will not know, I like the excitement, time to pause at the moment, I still can not learn to pose only a slight smile, happiness is so proud.On the way back, wet rain, Sky City is the most lonely tears.I think it must be very lonely, lonely for thousands of years, whether it is also waiting for a person, it gently wipe the tears blurred?Because it is old age, youth in difficulty, the crowds, who are willing to dock it slightly, listening once absolute beauty, past a section of it?Pedestrians, is always on the road, no one can listen to Xinyu city, and let their feet aground.In fact, I wish I were a reed, or you Anpang of a weeping willow in the smoke-filled, for you to continue on a column of incense, let us sippin coaching this millennium, passed out in the duckweed splendidly river.But, I can not, I can not in this troubled amidst the west window curtain with you, I followed the eaves all the way, stumbled, leaving only the back of a bear, you hang in light of the sigh.  I came out of the garden painting, or just walked into the painting, has been completely unaware.That morning, after the rain Zhan, like a gorgeous southern girl, string together a bunch of black hair, leaning against Zhu Lan, silence.I especially like such a quiet, beautiful but discreet, introverted woman, beautiful.Zhan took the tickets and the yearbook, in which the South Juanxiu private garden, doing a noble dream.I heard, western Zhejiang word and sending Yizun have a “Zhan Yu-old question”: the “prime of life trace any East West, I read all getting old empty.Drunk to read but unfortunately still fresh, great service in a small garden square bottom.”Encounter such views, the elderly have mixed feelings is a natural.As Zhongshan Wang Xu Da Ming Dynasty mansion, this courtyard has a private garden-like grace and elegant extravagance.As the balance of heaven and young East Palace West Palace, inevitably coerced a little history of smoke.Walking on the cobblestone-paved trails, breathing Yuntie breeze, appreciate his lips in a smile that touch of tenderness.Near Quan, the spring fish, squirrelfish tail number, it is truly lovely, but unfortunately enthusiastic visitors, gluttonous feeding, so that they lose the devil.There Quan on Rock Hill, not towering rock rugged, yet delicate and exquisite south of Yangtze River.Playmate in hand, walking in Dan ink rhyme Beilang’s, visited the mysterious atmosphere of calligraphy.In a corner of the courtyard of the “Peony Fairy Garden”, there are several strains of peony, rose red are the mouthwatering.Zhan had heard Taichung planted a peony called “purple sarong Jade” Peony, several hundred years of history.So Aromatic flowers, there are so legendary life experience, Zhan adds a little to the natural grandeur of the noble spirit of the.Tang Miao and quiet lush green trees, green grass Susan fast as Jin, this season is the most appropriate view of the.There is a pool of water called “ring Bishan room”, in front of houses black tiles and white walls of bluestone Zhu Lan, ocean waves, this party quiet, reflection of the house in front of vigorous trees, the pool has painted, painting also shore.  We look for the lake to own a crowded subway, in a noisy environment, imagine the scenery coming into the curtain.Heart over the long time, and finally docked at the edge of your eyebrow.It turned out that you’re Xuanwu Lake.In early summer, we see your broad chest, but seeing that a sea of red lotus of your heart.The rain you, I did not expect is so poetic, not Liu Yong’s lines, “ten flowers matched red,” the beautiful, not thousands of years of vicissitudes event in settling down.I’m from your face in, skimming over the surface like a walk, did not even stop.Rain also followed restless, more and more under too big, and it seems a little angry, we left in a hurry to catch a.Thus, he began to embark on when the road.  Probing the sun was shining even prayer than a dream, from the moment Motel 168 out for the first time to enjoy the city’s most generous sunbathing.Stifling a little chuckle, looking at me carrying a bag he took, how I wish, to see his smile.The kids do not like the rain, the sun used to being pampered into nasty look.There are times when only rain quiet, in order to give me a sense of security.The transfer of sunshine day, I always think that other people than I am happy, so always a lonely person.But, at the moment he has, whether sunny rainy day, if he well, is sunny the.In ancient times polished and distance, I feel more and more, love gives happiness, is a mysterious force.Strange journey, destination unknown, everything is two people with the measured pace of scenery.Hoofs listening Qiongyin on the mountain, thinking of Zhen “error” of the poem Li Dada.We are passing the south, and just want a little strange land contaminated landscape flavor.Used to seeing mountains hometown, the southern hills of this, the idea is particularly lovely, perhaps a few more traces of man it.Seven Wonders of the natural light faded, as if a little more sophisticated artificial polish up.And I, migraine is like the exquisite scenery of the South.Unfortunately, I tired, his leg muscles is not expected is so good, so climbing hand in hand, well-balanced breathing in this vast mountain pondering.In a fork in the road, there are two roads, like poetry as written, we do not know which one to select.That a final choice, after reaching, know that this is going Purple Mountain Observatory.He looked a little expression of regret, again suggesting that I do not provoke him, and then a man pretending to be angry.The first time I feel the world is so vast, no longer care about where our real place to go, but two people catching hand in hand, now standing place, is the best destination.Mountain sunlight that fills the eye, with golden eyes overlooking the city of Nanking, a kind of love at first sight dazzling blur.He took a lot of pictures for me, wandering in the trees and the sun kiss, I think of “Lament” in the “fold if the wood to whisk Day Come and talk with Happy to walk back and forth.”Down the mountain, we walked the plank of wood, so rhythmic texture, they feel what is real easy down the mountain difficult.Nature landscape cleanse the earth and miscellaneous floating dust, and wash away my troubles and interlinked.In this embrace of the mountains, life is so bound up with the right of.  Never go back to see butterflies lightly, but still you can imagine, in my hat, stay sweet smile of a butterfly.I did not like that he was very calm, more grown up, the more I want to return a child of their own crazy.Li song of the time, I was sunset, the fun is not willing to go home to eat dinner Huangmaoyatou.Back to a familiar place, a familiar scene, but according met with different expressions.I can not and he said, I just how to accept defeat, I always do, it is easy to generate love of a thing.I always like self-righteous careful, because the taste of not being understood, makes me feel wronged.However, this time, I feel the idea is surprisingly clear sky, as if under the sky, Dangqi swing, fluttering dressed in floral dress.Sitting on the D5679 train, I still see him looking at travel magazine’s shot from the side, hit a nap time in the azalea flower children, the Hunhundundun, just do not know what a film clip ever.So familiar, so warm, the body waterfall Trinidad sweetness.He found that this is what a sweet?In fact, I think, our eyes flowing out of the window at the same place, in the most tacit freeze posture, long after the memories of comfort.But, he just buried his magazine look, I just see more and more deep evening ended.  Huixiu always remember there is such a poem: the parting of the ferry, too late to send you a flower, purple forget-me-not in your skirts…..I never never thought that this would be a parting.At the moment, I naturally do not want to recall, and I admit that he is so timid girl, failing will only tears.You turn away, bit by bit, all the tears fall to the United States.Since then every second of time, is a kind of prison, long suffering, gnaw my tears and wishful thinking.Three in the morning, the body and mind began a melancholy bumps, heading for the night, towards dawn to get wet rain.Finally sleeping in their own little nest, between sleeping and waking, clear any memory of playing, shy of the rain, the skies nowhere dense, many-tiered green trees safflower, flickering, he vaguely good-looking shot from the side of the arc line, Mimi brewing one by one dream.  Postscript meaning of travel, not only to gain recognition, relax, for me, more importantly, want their favorite people, hand in hand to see the flowers bloom, drifting dead.Even vast world, moon and dark, we also benefit from each other’s heart in the lines, I saw the most beautiful scenery.Two people in love, destined to need to see the same scenery, same way.Life bloom again until we dependent on old wicker chair, there is always the same story, only in order to understand each other.     Part II: Castle in the Sky to chase the dream of a permanent go forward, tired, we all want to find a haven to stay when gray skies thrown milt belly, the kind of happiness gone, I do not know in order to live bustle how many have gone through the road, sometimes back, they were so tired, have, leaving only the appearance of age no longer stand the wind and rain, only seemingly blossoming spring, no longer belong to us, we have a world of their own yearning, like his own world out of the window, that can be a long time but do not know when good things left in the vicissitudes of the years, the look back, our skies continues to rain , we can only count with the kind of feeling of anxiety every night, wonderful music and wrapping my mind, I do not know that wonderful strings can tease a young heart, my mind always emerges a mixed past and present of the past, can waking dream, or standing still, without the slightest change in the present life, learned to care about too many things, I do not know is sensible or life is so fragmented people, still have to shuttle past this Years, good things can only appear in my mind, the reality turned out the old rules are futile, we always aspire to the sky turned into clouds, vanished, only the last vivid once had, through much of the road, seemingly we have a lot of strong, weak heart may be true that we do not know, only in my heart, slowly fade over time, can make us forget the night a lot of unhappy things, so each of us regard the night likened spiritual sustenance harbor, likes to rely on the green carpet of grass on the ground, facing the sky away, but we still have many people in Stargaze, not the sky is not brilliant, nor are we tired heart no more look at the sky mood, just face the reality of society, we kind of lost innocence are the night lights, also with the kind of pure longing for a society gone, sometimes we walk in the brightly-lit city, I do not know where is their settled place, but I do not know where to go, at the foot of the road traveled along with the drop curtain of the night is gone, just remember where I was Stay off.Why do so many people like to survive in the past, the past bit by bit, regardless of good times and bad, going back to the past, there is not too much pressure on the past, and I do not have much and fraud, no so much of the pursuit of material, but there are not many hard road to go, can go back that are past, never go back, yes ah, life tired enough, the face of problems large and small, in the face of all everything we do nothing, only the face of the world will not forget, the road is still far away, the next long way to go, even without a night’s companionship, life did not have to let us each other’s choice.We all yearn nightlife net me a sky, without much trouble, there is not much dirty, there is not much well-being, as long as we can live quickly, fortunate blessing of happiness through the day, not tomorrow noisy awakened, will not have too much love and sadness, there will be no lost bustling city, there are not many lies and deception, you can have that piece of sky?  I do not know how many times looking for, I do not know how long way to go, followed by heart also tired, rest continue to go as long as there have their own piece of paradise beautiful, we stopped waiting for the time to bear fruit, but this is life the inn nor would eventually freeze in here, men come and go, those who have been disoriented, still looking at the moment will not spring back, the past will swallow flying to the North, the tide will when there is ebb tide, and if lost heart, but also to find a way back it back?  Look at this beautiful flowers in the spring, I do not know how many people on this road still can not find the direction, where is happiness, not happiness by this material world we yearn for the good of those who are lost, we always like to taste this this good or bad thing, there are too many people to taste delicacies to enjoy their grandchildren, how many people can look back at the parents’ hardships and sweat, they are not without much pursuit, not their world without sky , but they let their baby sky happiness, happiness is their greatest satisfaction, we have gone almost 20 years, look back to their past and present, we do not seek more, our sky is not it colorful, but each of us will have different desires, likes to wear with brands, like to eat delicious, but also likes to play with style, but we will it rain sky City?  ”Sky City” in the background is the European industrial revolution of the 19th century, pure beloved little girl Hita (Hedo) in good brave little girl Paso (Bath), accompanied find themselves lost homeland, in sky City at the end of the journey, after all, Ming Wu, regardless of the advancement of technology and human development income, people are unable to leave the land, all of our hearts, sky City, after all, there will be no real.  I wish parents who find their own happiness, and happy ? posts per day of three: Laputa years like an old door, which is endless darkness.I stood in the doorway for a long time wandering, but always a step not that heavy step, constantly changing the scenery around, it is like a one-man show.Habit, tired, so I left the place, the next to find one of their own pure land, to recuperate.  Like a person lying on the flowers, dreamy reverie, the real eye-catching, it seems always to hear a bunch of flute, like the makeup of the Iraqi people singing softly, as if from another ancient city.No lyrics, just for a familiar rhythm.She listens, he forgot his own where you are, where the front is not important, because at the moment my heart has been silent, such as the flame was buried sea, when the last bit of Mars are gone when, whether it will sad?Whether it will be willing to dream of exile in the horizon?  Walking among all kinds of people, the dream ran aground when coming on the road, aimlessly walking on this desolate land, sky lost its color, the world’s only black and white, perhaps only at the moment the heart is the most ethereal, because God allow me to put down all at the moment, along with the familiar music, dancing lightly.Try to clear with gorgeous dance to the world with his extraordinary, the result is always submerged in a magical place, a poetic rendering ultimately no match for the soul Acura.  Who struck a chord with me?Who my body began to sway?Who my heart silence on the other side?Why listen to sometimes become so lingering, why love at the moment will become as simple, unadorned blot, like a meteor across the sky.You are looking at the stars, and who see the smiling faces?  Meteor place, carrying our desire to look at the stars of the sky, my heart became swagger.I want to peep through the deep night of heaven, but found themselves silly then, to find a corner, his head with a full moon, to sleep.  I dream of a place, a place so far away, not a sad place.I do not know where is it children, I only know that I yearn.Perhaps no one match too, maybe this is just a fantasy dream actually, I call it the “Castle in the Sky”.Once, I slowly carries the expectations, eager to have a pair of wings, you can fly to that place.Even though my eyes are covered, even if at the moment when I could see the reflection of their own not to go, even though I became a ray of soul.I have to cross the boundaries of time and space, and there met, not because of memorable, but because hope.  What was desperate hope.When will the predictable, what can you do the end of time.I started not words, would the urgent desire for more and more light, until the dust and turned it into a bowl of tea.  Yet so far away, it was just a pawn, insincere own, why had caused deep inner resonance?How many people with their own share of yearning came, but left disheartened.We are all human, why hold a big vision.With this silk cold, I lay in the dark, the light began to fear, willing to face growing old in this long night of manipulation.  Had such a nightmare, woke up and found himself in the abyss Guling.Dream Angels dancing, hand holding a magic wand seems to be trying to introduce my city in the sky, I looks into the distance, but a clear sight all.Such sleep and wake up to, just like a song cycle, always lingering, haunting.  The night is so dark, like a prehistoric monster devour the world.A match, I really hope you can light up?Can really open the dusty city in the sky it?Bitterly cold north wind, blowing in my face, there is a chill was scratched knife.My whole body curled up in there, I slowly lost consciousness.When I began to share imperceptible cold, I feel as if I went to another world, there are fresh flowers and a white horse, standing here, I feel overwhelmed, unlimited dependence, so I do not feel that familiar The story is just a fairy tale.Dreams can not last long, I was awake, lying on the crossroads, I go from here.I can not step out that step, because my heart is broken, I do not count the time waiting, waiting for that moment quickly approaching, waiting for the Sky City again I open.Years, unremarked, corrosion my simple idea.This is, in fact, just a bustling!  We get through the day, have to endure the loneliness of the night.I looked at the stars, thinking about which one belongs to me.I do not know where my destiny in?Where I come from?All this I can not remember.Red troubles, where is the end; come and gone, but nothing to take away.  I live in the illusion, after all, left this world, just as a bright Bana, wither in the wind, the body bathed in blood.I dry the tears on the cheeks, and the only remaining still lonely night,.Much later, I remember that time if anyone looks?Does anyone shed tears for me?Does anyone willing to put in my grave a bouquet of Bana?If someone will write a chapter for my immortal?All in all, I do not know.I only know that my heart will always remain in the “Sky City”.Lifetime of love and hate have become dust, scattered in the air, without a trace.  The world, who tears the sky, just for a distant dream, put all their.Until that moment to leave, do not meddle trace of a dream atmosphere, maybe it’s just a nostalgic song, just warned us that want immortality, only to stay.  Life eventually exhausted that moment, I hope there Verge of fall.To chase everything is so unpredictable, my heart gets hesitations.Perhaps it was just a dream close to the height of smoke into the misty painting in.