Part One: Glen Castle You’re a long journey, I put it parked in Jincheng Valley, a quiet man living alone.In that day the moon tree, incense and pray worship!Wish you a safe journey home, to return home!In fact, you go and not go, for me, you are in the horizon.But you can not see lit the lamp, do not see that the band composed the text for me to play more tough, wet thoughts heavier.  Tonight, my every nerve is step out your thoughts spark, had withered dried chrysanthemum, mixed with my hot tears while competing stretch, blooming in transparent glass, and fragrant.Water thoughts drift with the curl of smoke tea dance out of a silhouette in the moonlight bounce, qingyin: {I live in the Yangtze River head, You live the Yangtze River tail, day thinking Do not you see Jun, drink from the Yangtze River water; this water will subside?When only sorrow?  Night, not about to.A touch of smoke, dressed in curtains, drowned your shadow, blurred my sight.Breeze blowing, the petals fall off, fluttering Feisa, people faint of heart pain.Kapok trees growing on the habitat of a Guyan, more shattered my heart.Lonely thoughts, hidden in the darkness of dignified in.  Faced with this reality, I still do not abandon open your shadow, you dormant in my heart, I always show became a prelude to read.In such a manner that broke our hearts, but destined not to hold your hand.Why do you want to travel?So do you like travel?When the missing could not understand the voice of the text, such as flowers bloom in July, the spread of ink to spend just for you.One excited flowing text.That lingering, Acacia, page episode stretch, bold; ink in the Preface, the brush, Hongxiutianxiang; Bashanyeyu were cut candle; you smile gesture, storage in between the veins.Light scanning time you are in the process of years, carving your mind between.Numerous tidbits through the fingers, freeze into a colorful beautiful soul.Let a worldly heart, smoke filled the earth, through my heart.But the seasons, that has lost Zither Love, chaotic heart can not always portray the complete mind.This naughty elf also not satisfied with the overall arrangement of Long Short Sentence, poetic romance would not describe me as Dai Mei Yu, tempting thoughts.At the smoke, you are still far away.  I know that for you either stop or travel, I always at the origin of your memory; you never burn the lodge unquenchable candle lights; will always be your reward when such pursuits that touch of bright red.Starry summer night, you must pass through the intersection in the bloom of.I wonder if you hear the cries of the Fallen flowers when it Huakaihuaxie?When the residual fly petals dance with the wind, you do not know whether this time as last journey?I stay at this haze of summer flowers, standing fragmented moonlight, my heart I hope you come back that voice rooted in the ruins of the watch under the lintel.Do you take this heart and mind and refers in Harmony?  Right close horizon, fleeting spinning.But only your face clear so bright, hundred thousand turn back the love, how many sleepless night; the number of sunrise and sunset, wandering, free.The world of the complex, you will not be stranded on beach?Pious watch, Tasui how much moonlight, swing chaotic times breeze?I looked at the distant horizon, to watch you go back, sighed.Ask: If one day, I went to travel, you will not have me So many?We will also wait for me in this valley castle, or so melancholy as I wrote the text?Let Acacia tears, disseminated this Page Su Jian.    Part II: Dreams person’s castle life through the many large and small, twists and turns of the road.People always say, people should always be in front of the goal, only go in front of those exciting way, will have a brilliant career, but I want to say is that the only people the road ahead as a target, as a beacon , this sentence is not false, but why not many people think about it, why in their pursuit of life.Finally, she stopped to look back at the road traveled, the original is so abundant.This year’s nightlife net I to 14 years, I have had their most pure happiest day – childhood, and therefore I stopped to look back to the days of childhood reason, simply because the slogan: “Human life will do a lot of trains, it is not the destination, but the scenery along the way.”Looking back on his childhood, my mind emerges out of childish behavior childhood, where I found a moment, a smile across my face, in others it seems, I was so full of happiness as a child, listening to Mama I am a well behaved children, but fun with the aggravation of heart, I become very naughty, always trying to escape to play, at that time, I have my own partners, often out of three people do not like some of the girls thing, jump big rock, climb, have the dog.We have all done, and let us the most joy is not these, but compared to those ladies of the castle Design.Castle, so literally, it is like a palace like house, and we have that joy, sorrow, more of a dream weaving day, the castle became our dream, which is entrusted with the lofty, beautiful and happy.  ”This is not so confused, it should be readily available.”” No, this castle is not readily available, it should also be gorgeous, but also should have more ideas and dress.”Three young children because of construction of the castle and had their differences, they have completely put them as a castle, did not return to real life, they regard themselves as masters of the castle in its efforts to improve the.This place I think we should get hold of the bed, to the place we should get hold of the kitchen, okay, there’s also, this place is the living room.Oh, well, what this place is it, or else we are here to plant a tree, until many years later, we have grown up look at it to see if it is no taller.They completely longing, did not come out from their dream of living in the past, they’ve been looking forward to hoping that the castle three people live together, but they are only in front of their vision of the castle, did not think, in fact, they the castle is worth nothing in the eyes was a pile of sand in the heart of others, but in their hearts but precious.  That lost a beautiful childhood dream is like countless stars, they will only blinked, but can not speak, only time forward, not backward.Only recollection of childhood memories and.Part three: the one where the castle is one of the castle, there is no historical record of the town, a short in the economy of birth, frequent, fast developed new town.Surrounded by a siege, often apricot season, overcast clouds, dark, accompanied by chilly wind, shrill, almost no light, darkness.  Patriarchal style, reject any incoming news spread, the decree also prevents leakage of the castle, fooling his magic and meek is his ideal, only two, leading to the outside window to the world, the royal control hands, is the so-called, own courtiers.Here reared either I, or is striving to become slaves of people, whenever there is a hint of rebellion, not by brutal violence, is to be ruthless shield, like a drum Guzhuo, dark, not see afar.  I live here.Neither royal nor I, refused to cater to, do not want to take orders, there is no luck, I did her best to escape, in exchange for the punishment is scarred, battered body wrapped in a unyielding and unwilling to kneel heart of the kneecap, so my fate twists and turns since then, there is no royal road, one will be put in the ice, will be placed in a fire, often living death feeling, can I teeth hold on, does not fall, do not back down.Although, I do not know what I insist, stick to what, exactly what to expect, I just know that these despicable can not be defeated, can not bow in front of them.  To live, we must have a way, every road of the castle are covered with thorns and stones, do not wear their hair with shoes, it is difficult to move, Ge feet thorn heartache.I use thick cotton tangles, regardless of others walked quickly looked down upon, ridiculed waves raging, given to the results of only one, lonely, lonely; only a untimely fate, poverty, and out; do not cooperate unconditionally, ending obviously It is overthrown, and again set foot on a foot, trampling.These, I can put up with the evil eye despised torture of my people, Looking grim laugh with a noble soul.No way possible, it is trapped in place, is better than a group of migrating swarm of minions, every step is a deeper sad and pathetic.  I do not hate them, but since not belong here, do not associate with them, actually were not allowed to leave quietly, but also to cram thinking monarch castle, brainwashing strong, uniform, uniform standards, and I refuse to fight, though insignificant in the castle, having no waves, I can count on, to me is a powerful, robust, indestructible, hastened to ask me to yield, rather the decapitated me, thrown into the toilet, but also smelly and hard, sharp stones What, what of dirty words broken language.I was out of tune with the whole castle, even deviant, and I dare to single-handedly block, single potential thin body and I do not back down, do it their thorn in the flesh, at least there is the slightest Qieyi in the shady deal, did not dare openly ; some fear when the unspoken rules, not airs.  I have been cast them in the muddy pond, and then also how to clean up muddy pond, Huochu topple the Emperor’s courage, even if the fall, deep into mud, fearless.Significant is that they either I’m a busy officer, responsible for managing family planning, this is my prickly man, now turned into a hedgehog, the less pro few friends, and now it is lonely, in fact, I know their tricks, their attempt, but Yu Zhi to kill me, so I can not stand feet, not to steal life, let me escape, alive to starve, do not want to stand up, it is their tacit conspiracy.  They want to maintain the precepts of the castle, the castle is in their eyes to heaven, hell is real, I have become a ghost, they consider themselves become gods, all of them woke me alone drunk, they have their values, albeit fault no inheritance, greed is no awe, is blinded no Honesty and honor, but it was their day, their land, their entire world, my vision is a hole, a furrow, is insignificant a canal, I see bustling crowded, mistaken wide sea diving world, is the wind that sent me on the Albatron, drink a pot on Wangliaoshishui, to cloud our ancestors do not know, this is the real castles.  Let them enjoy, to indulge, I would just fled, faded, go back, cast aside, world war one inch, head, looking Yimiyangguang, castle party, fear.