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Clear exception.    If sleep is not shameless eleven, twelve is not life without sleep, the point of it?    Recently more feminine, like to see some of the more beautiful and some sad words, I was thinking that it would be like a real woman, like a delicate, just as has been naive to think that if I stay long hair is a quiet lady, and It turns out that was too naive.From these beautiful and sad words jumped out, I am still in the eyes of many people as cheerful man like a man child.    There was a time once like a complete change themselves to meet this makes me feel not good understanding of the world.Seem wise when it becomes witty, so that his communication with others; to become a little lady, so you think you are great accomplishment; matured a little, so you like this psychological maturity uncle woman.So many places need to be changed, I suddenly felt a big pressure that he is there in the end times, only need to do this, it is undeniable that when these are set out, when it would have been confident of insufficient heart, completely collapsed once.He began to doubt their own meaning, their own existence.Tangled with low self-esteem for a few days, various plug all kinds of heart block, and finally relaxed: control how you see, I am me!You may not like me, I feel arrogant and overbearing, I think the Countrymen, I feel nervous mentally, I feel ridiculous, so what!Nightlife Network ears stood a song has been song cycle for four days, still like to not work, either the lyrics or singing, like to the bone.If people have to go through some misfortune to mature, then I really want to go on forever childish, still like laughing and joking with you, and still likes to chase my favorite cartoons is still only a short memory will forget’ve seen the movie, it remains a pieces of pure heart, still do not like concealment and deception, still enjoy the simple life, love does not love you grasp liberalized, are still reluctant to force will not want to, but still not perfect enough to do the real me.Today, the sun is good enough for the US Star!    Tomorrow, just how they change, wear cool, do the positive tone of their own vain!