Cat diary

The day before yesterday afternoon chatting with a guy online, I heard that her parents raised a black cat was cheated sold to Guangdong to go (given suffered tragic), was quite upset.I understand her parents’ mood.We countless cats, for cats have an innate favor, this psychic animal cat ah, Dairen victimized once, so why not Tongzai?  However, it is difficult to prevent the wicked evil, but it can do nothing?Unless you caught stealing cat thief, chop off his hands and feet (as if we uncivilized words, but the mind is really hard to press down anger Na), to avenge the poor cat!  He said a cat, so we have to remember the childhood joy of cats that are vividly clear as yesterday Mile.  I grew up like a lot of small animals, chickens, ducks, birds, cats (but hate the dog, too atrocious other people’s dogs, panic).Almost without exception, love, you know that life is a small bar which, so weak, so cute, people added affection.Home not rich, and good parents acquiesced my “hobby”, so I can arbitrarily small animals playing in the palm of your hand.I was also quite sensible down, just keep cat, cats, kittens do king in their own entertainment, ha ha.  Then play with the cat, I have two conditions, one must be clever, two must be beautiful, smart lovable, which pretty seductive, huh.I prefer yellow cat and carp cat, cats must be rounded Pompous slip strong, but definitely all actions obey orders, call ye it loud noise (can not say, although only the cat “meow meow”, pretty people who understand the meaning of a mile).Before school, kittens will send me back to school, kittens will meet.Meow soon called, it will jump on my hands or on my shoulders, follow me triumphantly home.My homework, kitten in the corner of the table accompanied, or four claws ground tummy, body or group of end to end in a circle, quietly, without a word (well aware that homework is not easily disturbed).Once I have a job to do, to get up, well, this small naughty cat on, hop jump legs, issued a “Gululu” sound like a baby, to hold miles, ha ha!  Then the cat, just occasionally feed some white rice, rice dishes from giving it does not require the owner (not as is now the cat, so delicate high maintenance, meal necessary cat food).And, often, it is also for the owner ah, what the fish catch point, which the powerful.I was a cat domesticated carp, as sturdy, as tigers are generally, very spiritual, the most good fishing.Close to home there are small ditch, a case of rain on the gurgling water, fish shrimp will be sailing from, A microphone on Following the sound, the cat’s eye staring sit back and wait, but once the fish to flick, then quick front paws stretched out, between a hook a catch, the fish will be in the mouth of the cat, the entire action at one go, neat, very beautiful, amazing.Caught fish, Ami thought is not exclusive, but the reward mouth, home to the owner to take credit.A microphone often renowned for whole body covered with mud not pull a few dirty looks, even the beard are covered with mud, often laughing, and look at it down the title was half dead fish in front of the owner (and sometimes the fish is not small, it is home to fish in the mouth when the mouth, a swing of a swing is also quite heavy, so there are a few on the way back to get rest mouth, unusual is that it never greedy), listening to the owner’s praise and praise, Chi was satisfied with the kind of look, in fact, no different from humans mile.It mile understand.  Animals, cat probably the most attention to their health of the.First, it is never open defecation, will find a fixed place to solve, or get it to the owner of coal ash and the like, or the quiet of it self-inflicted, and it will never let the excrement exposed, must What’s cover the soil and nose repeatedly checked the smell was assured (if it will be kept in the room, since that can not find a suitable place fouling, it will irritability to cry and shout); the second is to wash it every day with front paws dipped in saliva to wipe his face, wash Shang Hao footed patiently for a long time, especially after each meal, will no doubt wash.Usually the body is dirty, all right, it will use the tongue lick lick ah, then the body can also dirty hairy lick.So self-discipline, teach people what emotion.  Cat has many specific functions, one day at noon eyes it becomes a thin line, after noon was restored to pit shape.Its eyes glow green in the dark, so timid fear na; Second, the cat has exceptional balance, in general, it is absolutely drop dead.For example, it was sometimes angry, grabbed the cat thrown into the air, fearless in the cat screams, certainly the first floor landing legs, safe and sound; Third, the cat road silent, fast action, and therefore hateful the mice became it fall by the wayside.Cats have always been “lazy cat” reputation, the remark is true.Cat people’s eyes, the day is probably the body group in a circle, no matter Pepsi special to sleep sleep, I really do not know how it is always waking up?But I think the cat that night is day fresh doze miles, get enough sleep during the day and night in order to open eyes bright eyes full of vigor when rat expert ah, Oh.  Cat small body, appetite is small, it is “cat food” (meaning every meal eat a little) said.But how clever cat in fact, our family cat, in addition to its own work – catching mice (three good cat pipe, our family did not rat, the neighbor will follow benefit), but also both the number of “duty “I say it’s pretty hilarious.  I remember once, it probably festival, the family placed a table at the restaurant ready to please look ancestors, walked out of busy adults, told me do not let chickens fly up watching stealing.I was go out for fun children what, quickly call: “Ami, Ami!”Little ha, but I do not know where to sleep Ami ‘Meow’ in crashed, I immediately ordered it:” To prison, do not let chickens eat!”A microphone seems to understand, ‘whoosh’ sound on the free hip on a stool, dragging its tail sitting on a bench.My mother turned around to see me bugger, call the only cat in the pipe that, although good and angry, funny, but not surprising, because the cat’s self-discipline for all to see, that there are cats in the tube, can be assured.  Sure enough, the family chicken children see the owner to leave, mouth water right, flap its wings and wanted to serve, the cat will he?It is a stare, say “Meow”, the hair bristling, his mouth issued a terrifying “whirring” sound, but the attack was like, chicken nor Bena, saw early wits, and quickly call out in panic sound fled.At this point, the dog next door just want the door are constantly at the door, the cat then quickly jumped off the stool, rapidly ran to the door, body hair stand on end, “whirring” sound attacked the dog, the dog learned that cats are most afraid of this move, a large who have not lost a fight turned and fled.Originally this, the cat has won, did not think it actually clever, not to let down our guard dog, the dog was afraid it would not pass through the front door into the back door to sneak in, and quickly ran to the front door to look around, see if that dog Zeitouzeinao wandering around the front door which, ha ha, cat again show a lot of the technology it’s all words, the dog will eventually fled.  This scene, see who are all amazing.  At that time, people are not uncommon cats, but some cats is not always smoothly, the cat is not a thin crack listless Pakistan is missing or dead for no apparent reason, while others are dry stealing activities so that the owner hated, I home the cat is no such inferiority, natural notoriety, once the cat whelp, is certainly to be cat people line up, we would be happy to be a good ready-made.But honestly, every time you see young cute, slip strong rounded send cat people, I was always in every possible way to accept defeat.However, due to parents’ majesty, I can only reservations, Who we just a villain, no decision yet?Besides, if you do not give it away, the family will be rapid expansion of the number of cats, but it is regrettable?  Once, not long ago the family cat, a neighbor may have given me want to go home to discuss a cat, say their son’s home in the mountains mice disaster, has been harassment was not a normal life.To show sincerity and urgency, they carry a basket full of mountains Fan Shi as a gift.Fan Shi has always been my favorite, especially in the mountains yield Fan Achillea dried, then steamed fragrant and sweet, the taste ah, think of it all people drool (neighbor caught me in my weakness to attack weaknesses ah).I desperately want to restrain the greedy, flatly refused, because the family was the only mother and two cats, big Ye Hao small worth mentioning, are my baby, could not bear to part with.But parents really fail to beat people, I repeatedly mobilize support for an out.After repeated ideological and political work, and later agreed, regardless of the size of the cat, the neighbors considered a matter of luck catch a.Cat spiritual ah, a stranger-to-door to see them manhandled, paresthesia fled long ago, the last moment, or I come forward to reclaim the cat, yellow cat eyes closed grab his arm and pay to neighbors.That time, the neighbors look brilliant smile, my heart is crying, so what can I can help it?  Not wanted, the next morning, a neighbor came to our house, he said to be yellow cat sleepless night screaming, scream their hairs stand on end can not sleep, I was lucky, deserve, Who told you to insist on the?And immediately ran to his house to see a cat spent the night.Hiding in the corner of a small cat saw me, immediately pounced, and tearful eyes, but also lick me again, “Gululu”, the affectionate ah, but I like to tell their grievances, so I can not wait He flew home to hold it!I saw its job, really nothing to say, quite poor in the material life of years, the new owner gave it up treatment, but it is actually a hunger strike, do not move nothing, which shows how a man of character!  That night, the wind and rain, I immersed in thoughts of kittens, and I feel very depressed, I know it’s going to be the next “charge” to the people in the mountains.Unexpectedly, the scene about eight or nine, rear window wooden home is “bang” sound to break open, the dim light I saw the cat covered in mud and came in even later, even went with the little yellow cat, is also covered dirty mud, biting the neck as well as a length of rope na.God, that moment, the whole family was overawed!We can not know how the cat to save the child, the rope is no way of knowing how they are biting?But there is a very strong feeling: This cat will certainly be unable to give as gifts!  Kitten finally lucky to escape unharmed, but the neighborhood for friendship, parents or cat will be sent to the people, the scene is very tragic.The poor cat is that, although well done its mission, but others strayed into the rat trap set up after the February innocent killed, let me sad for quite some time, alas.Non-vegetation, how can a ruthless?This remark is conclusive, raising kittens will certainly be a long time feeling.At that time small ah, do not know what health, met with playful, obedient and clever little cat, how we resist not Qubao it, tease it, it does affectionate?  I remember, I like to let the cat lick fingers with his tongue, because it’s very rough tongue, licking up and feel very comfortable.As long as I say “Ami, lick!”The cat will wind blows it will extend a little red tongue, on my finger very patiently lick lick ah, changing the angle around the direction of the finger licking, but it must be the eyes closed, as if the very intoxicated appearance.As for me, it is proud, because a well-behaved kitten.  Oh, now I look back and think, let the cat to lick your fingers how dirty ah, how to make it lick it?That is tantamount to being scratched or bitten by a cat, that fight rabies vaccine!Besides, the number of bacteria cats!Some cats can easily fleas, if you unplug find plush, fleas are often found crawling around quickly, teach life goose bumps.And I was young, ever understand these principles?Parents occasionally criticized, Once my dad also get special training fierce, I was really agreed not to play, but then what, huh, huh, nature is never to turn over to admit mistakes.  Cat cold, into the winter, more like a sticky, crawl in your legs warm during the day, at night you got into bed to sleep.This thing, I did less scolded, especially cat owners got into bed at night, “Gululu” light bones voice, it is most likely to be beaten, but I do not, I will come in secretly allowing the cat.Cats are smart, it probably also know that in fact is not very health, usually consciously drill after your feet, leaning your feet to sleep.Sometimes, bed stuffed tight grip, it does not drill into it Gululu on the quilt, how you tease it in the bed below, it would not escape.  I remember once, at home to the guests, was a young girl (my aunt called her), I stayed home at night.Teng told me to make way for adult bed, resolutely obey my mouth, but my mind was laughing.Sure enough, do not know when, maybe it is late at night, panic-stricken aunt who all scream awakened dreamer, my mother how fast reaction which immediately understand Editor’s Note, and quickly get up to comfort: “Do not be afraid fear, it is certainly my cat, so my little guy spoiled child, always go to bed.”Auntie voice trembling in tearful:” I have touched the covers how hair repair repair things, there Gululu voice ah, scared me!”So, the cat off at midnight interference, became a joke among relatives.  Yang proud cat, and I just let the cat skills training.In addition to its function of rat instinct, I like to let the cat dragged its tail upright walking, namely: to maintain the natural state of the front paws extended forward, the hind paws to walk.Sometimes give it to eat such as bones and the like, I deliberately placed in the hands, hand it to pick exactly the right height is a cat standing position.In order to eat the cat, consciously keeping away the natural walking upright posture, you move with it step by step, you move a move it move a bit, but for a long long while, actually trained a function, the cat can walk upright?Minutes.Sometimes barely, and it will gently stretch forepaws resting on your hands, and then remain upright.That is particularly funny scene in particular, the presence of strangers met, most of the fuss: “Odd evil, cats can be trained to like this?”I am proud to be, it is undoubtedly one of the most joy in my childhood sense of accomplishment, ha ha.Yes ah, in fact, the cat scenery mile.Keep cooked, Fun, huh.