Cat Toffee

Alone girlfriends recently raised short purebred English, the size of two months, it is truly lovely.Girlfriends a man came to Beijing from the field, at the conservatory to study music, playing a good hand piano, people look beautiful, strong personality, is quite a bit of Reiki modern girl.Earlier this year, she encountered some people quite unhappy things, for depressed for a long time, and then later, she would only hold back her own words and her hit it off little cat, and played a very nice name, called toffee, and as is her daughter to raise.    The first time I saw toffee girlfriends at home, and I imagined a far cry.She often because of toffee upload photo’s sake, would have thought it would be at least a medium-sized cat, who knows, girlfriends into the home if a large living room, and even stalk are not renowned for cat hair.She can not help but cried out: “Hey, your daughter does?”, She replied:” It Daner small, family next life people have to hide it, you say nothing ignores it, now own it appeared.”So, I under-resistant temper, ah, etc., finally a small, small figure appeared, it was a Orecchiette children from tip to tip of the tail are not a small one-third of my long arms chubby gray cats, pointy little ears, billowing fat little faces, round eyes were rolling, are constantly, a very careful look.It cautiously came up to me, we were sitting down and looked at each other, as if, like compare who is more patient.Okay, I admit I could not help myself, I slowly stretched out his hand, seeing you can reach it, this naughty little guy child turned a lightweight, so went ahead and ran away, it looked smooth on the ground even with Chu Liu ran, like a large gray rat, all of us can not help but laugh.Girlfriends said: “It may be cheap, and it is the more you move it, the more it pretends arrogant, ignore you.You alone sit, ignore it, wait a minute it started for you around Minato.”We hear that remark, I looked around the room, know that the sofa is toffee favorite place, I would in a big kind of sat up, eyes closed bunk, In a few minutes, I came around a small grunts, eyes open look, this furry little guy children really getting in the way, is a circle around me round and round it.After it I do not know how many laps the turn ah turn, as if the last check-up is completed, and this woman is very familiar with its mother trusted, it began to close up to me.I have one leg straight and one leg bent half-lying on the sofa, toffee kept in the gap between my legs darting in and out, drill enough and went to the foot with its head gently chubby head seeds rub my feet, while Cengceng side also looked up what I have no response.I looked down and smiled at it, it seemed encouraged by, jump up and push lightly on the ground with the back of the sofa children, bobbing and children to the ground in front of me, and 大半个身子 little ass back lying on the couch, fluffy little Yiwei fat head was on my Jianwo, forming a bizarre upside down posture, with a pair of round yo eyes unblinking look at me.Moment, my heart as if it were the eyes to melt, and could not help out his hand to touch it thin thick hair, and this time it did not reject me, but like squints enjoy pleasant playing a loud call children.    Since girlfriends raised toffee, in my eyes like a changed man, all day, eyes, mouth, and my heart is only one main character, is her beloved daughter cat Toffee, still on the living room couch and put on the next toffee’s favorite toy, watching every day swoop toffee toy play was enjoying themselves, she took the opportunity to take a variety of adorable photos toffee, and then uploaded to the internet for all to share.On the floor of her living room at home, not only has a litter box in position against the wall side of the yard is also a small slip eating toffee Bowls enough to have five or six as much as.I said, why put so much Yeah, she said you do not know, toffee mouth Diao very picky eaters, put me a cat a bowl, eat what kind of look at it later is it, and also on a regular basis to small toffee buy canned kitten to improve their lives.Sometimes I feel too spoiled toffee, and advised her toffee can do Do not feed the greedy, good support, and guess what, she said, she would say greedy greedy chant, so I a daughter, why do not take it.I stay up late every day this original play all kinds of crazy girlfriends ah, now for toffee, early hours every day, life becomes very regular, there is time to accompany toffee play together, saying to speak chat, and then toffee, as if really understand a general, staring at her as very serious.Now Toffee Yeah, really disappointing to her long face, not only looks chubby fat, body hair healthy profit, but particularly close to her, if she would mount daily in small toffee she tired of her, chasing her everywhere, and play with her.As for those of us outsiders, little children, but vigilance is high enough, if you do not like it from time to time will be wrinkled little face Ziyaliezui scare you, this “differentiated” Let my girlfriends very proud Xin Wei is also very.    Now girlfriends because of the cat Toffee, had to be freed from among those who are not happy, not only the whole people than ever before more and more to the sun, positive, upward, and have more of a sense of responsibility.Cute little toffee, not only to cure her depression, but also to her life has brought endless joy, she became the most intimate part of the family.Let us all work together to witness the growth of cat toffee, bless this cute “meow star people”, although it is small now, but I believe that under the meticulous care of girlfriends, small toffee no doubt will grow into a very nice “girl,” and my girlfriends live happily together.